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Nasdaq grumbles at Dell . . . again

Pulling Dell off the Nasdaq would be as criminal as prying a billionaire away from his brain glaze. But that's exactly what might happen if the computer maker fails to get its book in order.
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Porn suit is reinvigorated by US appeals court

Silicon Justice Perfect 10 makes porn. (We're sorry - "adult entertainment.")
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Sun, Unisys pledge to tailor dropped memory chip suit

Sun and Unisys both plan to file a new lawsuit against Hynix Semiconductor and six other DRAM manufacturers after a federal judge dropped a previous suit due to a lack of information from the server vendors.
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Fifth space tourist docks with the ISS

The latest space tourist has reached the International Space Station. Billionaire Charles Simonyi docked with the ISS yesterday evening (GMT) after lifting off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome at 17:31 GMT on Saturday.
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Do large projects silence osmotic communication?

Comment Put a bunch of people together in a room and they'll be able to communicate more easily than if they were in different rooms. Walls place barriers between people, after all.
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Boffins cook up ultimate bacon sarnie

The UK's universities are fast forging a reputation for the kind of ground-breaking research which can only leave lesser seats of learning looking on in awe.


Movie review There's an old adage that science-fiction movies tell us more about today than tomorrow. Sunshine, from Trainspotting and 28 Days Later director Danny Boyle, arguably goes further: it has its eye on the past as much as the future.
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Wales, O'Reilly censorship charter porked by blogosphere

The Victorian blogging code mooted last week by Jimbo "Wiki" Wales and Tim 2.0'Reilly has been given short shrift by web users.

MS cursor patch fix pushes into Patch Tuesday litter

Microsoft plans to release five patches on Tuesday as part of its regular Patch Tuesday update cycle. Redmond is also to release a fix to address application conflict problems with last week's "emergency" cursor security update.
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NASA buys in $719m worth of Russian space support

NASA has signed for $719m worth of extras on its contract with Russian space authorities for "crew and cargo services" until 2011.

Apple iPod sales surpass 100m

Apple has sold 100m iPods, more the company tacitly claimed, than Sony's equally iconic Walkman personal cassette player had in the first five-and-a-half years it was on the market.

Microsoft brings instant messaging to Xbox Live

Updated Microsoft has announced that Xbox Live users will soon be able to access Windows Live Messenger. It will be added free through an Xbox 360 Dashboard update enabling Xbox owners will be able to chat with PC users.
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Dell waves goodbye to Axim

Dell has quietly stopped selling its Axim X51 handheld computer, effectively bringing its range of pocket PCs to an end.

Intel rolls out faster gaming CPU

Intel has rolled out its fastest gamer-centric processor yet, the four-core Core 2 Extreme QX6800, three months earlier than anticipated.

AMD preparing Turion challenger for next-gen Centrino?

AMD looks set to challenge Intel's upcoming 'Santa Rosa' Centrino launch with a faster dual-core notebook processor of its own, the Turion 64 X2 Tl-66, it has been claimed.
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UK's lags bemoan Freeview channel blackout

The UK's lags are none too pleased about losing a raft of TV channels they currently enjoy through their Freeview boxes, the Evening Standard reports.
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BT's new network heralds engineer job carnage

BT says its new network technology, currently on trial in Wales, will allow it to slash its engineering staff by thousands.

Cracked HD-DVD and Blu-Ray app keys revoked

A next-generation DVD security group has responded to hack attacks that allow unfettered access to Blu-Ray and HD-DVD content by pulling the encryption keys of PC applications associated with the attack.
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Hollywood hinders HD DVD, Blu-ray hack

The battle between hackers and the minds behind the security technology built into the Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD next-gen optical disc formats has begun in earnest. A trick used to tease out disc encryption keys has been blocked.
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Lost until translation: a book on maths and magic

Want to learn how to wash your hands in molten lead? Fancy making an egg dance, or writing appear on rose petals? For such tricky trickery, who would you turn to but the man who taught Leonardo da Vinci his numbers?

LG rolls out Beetle-branded MP3 player

LG has shown off a Volkwagen-branded digital media player designed to appeal to fans of the car company's iconic second-generation Beetle.

How to get your Wi-Fi working again

Plenty of people who link computers and other devices to the internet over a wireless network are finding they can no longer connect quite as easily as they once could. That's certainly my experience and, if the many, many emails I received after grumbling about it in public are anything to go by, it's a problem many Register Hardware readers face too.
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Washington goes to WTO over China counterfeiters

Beijing lashed out at the Bush administration today after Washington went whining to the WTO about China's record on combating piracy.
Joe Fay, 10 2007

NextWave buys IPWireless

Mobile communications company NextWave Inc is to buy IP Wireless for $100m in cash and shares, paying another $114m over the next few years if revenue milestones are reached.
Bill Ray, 10 2007
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Scouts use lie detectors to undermine DRM

Letters Easter's been and gone, and to help you recover from the sickly sweetness of it all, we thought we'd jump straight in with something a bit sour - namely, the UK government's sinister plans to deploy lie detectors in the hope of catching benefit fraudsters:
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Contractors suffer payday strife

Parasol IT hit a spot of bother late last week when its payment system left 100 contractors out of pocket over the Easter weekend.
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Amazon's patent attorneys sup from forbidden Wiki

Analysis Amazon.com has adopted an unusual and potentially self-destructive legal tactic in its defense of its 1-Click patent family.
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UK.gov tells websites to stop bullies

Videos of schoolyard bullying should be blocked from websites, secretary of state for education and skills Alan Johnson said today.
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Pipex sale 'on the brink of collapse'

Reports over the Easter break said the sale of ISP Pipex was near collapse, with only Carphone Warehouse still interested.

Mozilla seeks security researchers to look at alpha code

Mozilla Corporation wants to get the security community involved in ironing out possible bugs with the next version of Firefox at an earlier stage.
Free Software Foundation

Open sourcerers do battle for GPLv3

Open source luminary Bruce Perens has come out fighting in defence of the latest draft of GPLv3.

Hack exposes AACS 'hole'

Hackers appear to have figured out how to access one of the crucial HD DVD encryption keys without having to authorise the data - potentially rendering the latest attempt to block such activity useless.

Iona buys LogicBlaze

Iona, the Irish software house, continued its acquisition spree with the purchase of LogicBlaze on Tuesday.
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Utah bans trade mark keyword ads

The US state of Utah has outlawed the use of other people's trade marks to generate business through search engines. The plan has been called unconstitutional and impractical.

Sun CEO shows off Rock ahead of Fujitsu launch

So, it's April 2007 and Sun Microsystems has just popped one of its 16-core Rock chips on CEO Jonathan Schwartz's desk.

Microsoft and Cisco eye Iceland for green server farms

Both Cisco and Microsoft will investigate the possibility of establishing server farms in Iceland powered fully by renewable energy.

Trial in 419-related murder under way

Nigerian 419 scams have bilked untold billions of dollars from people who have more hope than sense. A trial underway in the US will detail how one scheme claimed the life of a Tennessee minister whose wife is accused of gunning him down after it came to light she fell victim to Nigerian-style swindlers.
Debian GNU/Linux

Debian 4.0 secures packages

The Debian Project has finally released its long-awaited Linux update, featuring changes in security and systems management.
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IBM's new server targets the 'i' in SMB

IBM has released what it claims is an all-singing, all-dancing box designed for the industry's craze-du-jour, the SMB market.

Salesforce.com plays content management card

Salesforce.com is turning to enterprise content management (ECM) with its latest partner purchase and software-as-service (SaaS) announcement.

Seagate stock sinks after earnings stink

Seagate shares took a hit today after the HDD manufacturer cut its third quarter revenue expectations.
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WoW players learn value of Windows updates

Subscribers playing World of Warcraft on Windows machines continue to find their accounts stolen more than eleven months after hackers first began targeting them using a Trojan attack, according to posts on the game's official website.
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Sun and Fujitsu to release 256-thread (M)onster

Exclusive Longtime mainframe hater Sun Microsystems has borrowed big iron rhetoric to pitch its upcoming line of midrange and high-end servers built with Fujitsu.