9th April 2007 Archive

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  • What would a 'software guarantee' look like in practice?

    Staged payments

    Developer 09 06:02

  • Chemical weapons are not WMDs

    Let's all calm down a bit, shall we?

    Science 09 07:02

  • DRM-free music: EMI calls the tune and Apple takes the credit

    Dangerous times for the record labels

    Media 09 07:02

  • IBM and Higgins

    Age, shoe size: IBM thinks you should only disclose as much of your identity as you want

    Security 09 08:02

  • AMD's Q1 revenue goes missing

    Cost structure and large bunny blamed

    Hardware 09 14:38

  • Birthplace of Silicon Valley in shambles

    Shockley pitted

    Bootnotes 09 15:41

  • Vendors causing confusion on business intelligence

    Is the marketing getting out of hand?

    Business 09 17:30

  • Absolutely SFW

    A sermon on modern safety

    Verity Stob 09 17:43

  • John Awesome's porn crime-spree busted

    Maintenance worker games NYC bank account

    Security 09 18:20

  • Laptop thefts expose 40,000 Chicago teachers

    Identity crisis

    Security 09 19:08

  • SGI hires serial CEO

    McKenna wants to spend more time with something

    Storage 09 21:31

  • Xyratex to vendors: dense RAID is 4U

    Bigger box, packed to the brim

    Storage 09 21:53

  • Senator demands US create morally superior light bulbs

    We'll not follow China, Bush

    Science 09 23:17