6th April 2007 Archive

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  • Autonomy drops ACID test for copyrighted media

    'Tagging is like car parks in the wilderness'

    Applications 06 00:05

  • Companies propose Ethernet/SAN love-in

    New standards promise hot network-on-network action

    Storage 06 00:24

  • Spreadsheet security? What spreadsheet security!


    Applications 06 08:02

  • An alternative to going to camp. Previewing VMWare's Fusion

    Hardware 06 08:02

  • Samsung YP-T9 MP3 player

    Come in, iPod - your time is up

    Hardware 06 09:08

  • Reg called more balanced than Wired

    Bite your tongue!

    Letters 06 12:02

  • BOFH: What do you mean the system's being audited?

    Thrown to the wolves

    BOFH 06 12:02

  • Don't forget the ‘C’ in Objective-C

    Runtime efficiency issues in Mac Cocoa programming

    Developer 06 13:02

  • Plenty of Sun users to skip Fujitsu march

    Ready to be Rocked instead

    Servers 06 14:48

  • Too many users fending for themselves on BI

    Reg Workshop roundup

    Business 06 15:15

  • Court bars Vonage from signing up new customers

    'Cutting off oxygen as opposed to a bullet in the head'

    VoIP 06 16:54

  • Verisign wastes no time jacking up domain prices

    Sweetheart deal with ICANN ready to pay dividends

    Law 06 17:13

  • Acer up, Dell down in laptop sales

    Acer overtakes Toshiba

    Hardware 06 18:41

  • NetAppX rebrandsX TopioX

    Data Protection Suite now ReplicatorX

    Storage 06 21:25

  • ANI takers for Asus website virus?

    Taiwan's Typhoid Mary

    Security 06 22:18

  • Our patents are bigger than yours, Nokia tells Qualcomm

    But here's some money, anyway

    Broadband 06 22:47

  • Microsoft shows its hand to stay in the mobile web war

    Shallow waters for Deepfish

    Broadband 06 22:48

  • (Agence) France(-Press) surrenders to Google

    French kissing in the USA

    Law 06 23:04