5th April 2007 Archive

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  • SCO tries to grok Pamela Jones (again)

    Come out, come out, wherever you are

    Law 05 Apr 00:06

  • Software testing? Not likely

    Getting free and easing with the truth

    Developer 05 Apr 05:02

  • UK.biz still reluctant to report cybercrime

    No publicity please

    Security 05 Apr 06:02

  • Intel eyes big biz with Centrino Pro

    Centrino + vPro = 'Santa Rosa' with all the options

    Hardware 05 Apr 07:47

  • Intel 'Robson' renamed Turbo Memory

    Add-in Flash cache rebranded

    Hardware 05 Apr 08:01

  • Advertising Standards slap down BT complaint

    Sky's 'free' offer gets thumbs-up

    Broadband 05 Apr 08:02

  • Adobe takes UK price hikes to new level with CS3

    Not just pounds for dollars any more

    Applications 05 Apr 08:02

  • Gear4 pours out 'liquid rubber' iPod case

    Hardware 05 Apr 08:30

  • Windows Media Player sends music site silent

    Say hello, wave goodbye

    Applications 05 Apr 08:55

  • UK Gov deploys lie detectors on benefits claims

    Voice risk analysis

    Government 05 Apr 09:02

  • Solar flares ate my GPS

    Worse to come in 2011?

    Hardware 05 Apr 09:33

  • Harassed employees: dispute resolutions are failing

    Victims tend to suffer even more

    Business 05 Apr 09:39

  • EU court rules monitoring of employee breached human rights

    UK gov coughs up £3,000 damages and costs

    Law 05 Apr 10:00

  • CCTV nails sheep-shagging Turk

    Suspicious farmer mounts surveillance op

    Bootnotes 05 Apr 10:00

  • HMRC pushes online tax filing

    Small firms offered £150 incentive

    Small Biz 05 Apr 10:10

  • Griffin ExpressCard 5:1 Card Reader

    Fit a memory card reader into your reader-less laptop

    Hardware 05 Apr 10:37

  • Nintendo nudges sales forecast upward

    Higher Wii, DS demand than expected?

    Games 05 Apr 10:51

  • Orange to carry Blyk network

    Free service finds itself an operator

    Mobile 05 Apr 11:04

  • Indonesia's Playboy 'not pornography', judge rules

    Editor cleared of indecency charges

    Bootnotes 05 Apr 11:05

  • Polar caps wane as Mars tries global warming

    All those little green men in their 4x4s

    Science 05 Apr 11:06

  • Britney fears used as ANI exploit lure


    Security 05 Apr 11:08

  • Vista upgrades not so 'express' after all

    Irredeemable wait?

    The Channel 05 Apr 11:32

  • Channel looks on the bright side, Woolies goes soft and Cisco aims small

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    The Channel 05 Apr 11:52

  • IPPR wants health warnings for planes

    'Flying causes climate change'

    Science 05 Apr 11:56

  • 419ers take Kent minister for £12k

    Put not your faith in false windfalls

    Law 05 Apr 11:57

  • Apple/EMI, compulsory blogs and corduroys

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    Business 05 Apr 12:22

  • Don't do a Bush on stem cells, urge MPs, scientists, doctors

    Ban on hybrid embryos 'unacceptable', slams report

    Science 05 Apr 12:28

  • Sacred Joan of Arc relics actually from Egypt

    Mummy, not martyr

    Science 05 Apr 12:47

  • Vodafone turns to Sagem for handsets

    Sagem brand moves further into the shadows

    Mobile 05 Apr 12:57

  • Brussels rolls coppers over rights barrel

    Rearguard action to restrict police data sharing

    Law 05 Apr 13:12

  • HP makes PC gaming play

    But still more shiny shoes than sneakers

    Hardware 05 Apr 13:27

  • Linux gets squeezed

    Smaller, faster PDA apps the target

    Developer 05 Apr 13:32

  • Smut-swapping sailors leak secret missile specs

    Japanese naval porn ring probed

    Security 05 Apr 14:09

  • Astronomers peel back layers of Cloudy Venus

    New pics from ESA

    Science 05 Apr 14:13

  • Ukrainian woman smuggled dope in vibrator

    'Thorough' search foils cunning plan

    Bootnotes 05 Apr 14:15

  • Thai King video wag pulls YouTube clip

    Site still blocked, however

    Bootnotes 05 Apr 14:16

  • Aussie bike bandits may be packing rocket launchers

    Army officer busted for flogging weapons on black market

    Security 05 Apr 14:37

  • Are you a Top Gear Tiger or an iPod Babe?

    Part 1: Modern mobile marketing explained

    Mobile 05 Apr 14:38

  • Virgin Media chucks rocks in 'unlimited' debate

    From atop a fibre optic tower

    Broadband 05 Apr 14:52

  • Nokia coughs $20m to Qualcomm

    But legal battle continues

    Financial News 05 Apr 14:56

  • EU tells Microsoft to open its Windows

    Don't expect much compensation though

    Operating Systems 05 Apr 15:05

  • Transatlantic police data roadmap laid

    Looking a bit sketchy

    Law 05 Apr 15:09

  • Regulator lays down the law for TV quizzes

    Attempts to regain trust

    Broadband 05 Apr 15:32

  • Anarchist blog boy freed

    Emma Goldman 2.0

    Law 05 Apr 16:16

  • Amazon patents Citizens' Sweatshop

    Democratising Drudgery for Nodes

    Law 05 Apr 16:27

  • UK boffins are going on an alien hunt

    Going to catch a big one...

    Science 05 Apr 16:31

  • Quantum won't stoop to de-dupe coup?

    Friendly fire aimed at NetApp and EMC

    Storage 05 Apr 16:51

  • Linux malware for iPods poses little risk

    Proof of pain in the a**

    Security 05 Apr 17:31

  • In the wake of RegisterFly, is ICANN taking flight?

    Only the paranoid survive

    Law 05 Apr 17:53

  • Software AG acts on webMethods customer envy

    Feel the width...

    Financial News 05 Apr 19:40

  • Cray starts pimping BlueArc's storage Titan

    Pair go nuclear

    Storage 05 Apr 19:47

  • Google funds $500k evil-blocking forcefield for CEO

    Family hopes it's out of beta

    Financial News 05 Apr 21:11

  • IBM hurls confident 'to come' ship date for late Power6

    Abandons years

    Hardware 05 Apr 23:51

  • Borland swaps out CodeGear CEO

    Four months too long for Smith

    Applications 05 Apr 23:58