4th April 2007 Archive

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  • Phones on a Plane: FCC still says no


    Broadband 04 Apr 00:27

  • Windows Vista marketing 'deceived' consumers

    Classy action

    The Channel 04 Apr 01:02

  • Police data sharing plan faces the chop

    Confusion over database plans

    Government 04 Apr 07:02

  • Most SMBs will be virtual by 2020

    Reality is overrated, says Rackspace report

    Small Biz 04 Apr 08:42

  • Home Office rethinks call data plans

    Proposes 12 month retention period

    Government 04 Apr 09:07

  • PS3 UK sales rocket... then plummet

    Official sales monitor charts console's curved trajectory

    Games 04 Apr 09:09

  • IBM donates Arabic translation devices and software to US gov

    Aims to get Iraq talking

    Government 04 Apr 09:18

  • Who's the fastest mobile user in town?

    Take aim at mobile quick draw

    Mobile 04 Apr 09:26

  • Intel to launch 'Steeley' UMPC CPU on 18 April?

    'McCaslin' mobile platform too

    Hardware 04 Apr 09:33

  • Accessibility: the benefits and challenges of Web 2.0

    Design, design, design

    CIO 04 Apr 09:44

  • Patientline ups charges

    Bleeding patients dry

    Broadband 04 Apr 09:47

  • VESA adds anti-piracy tech to DisplayPort

    Digital monitor connector updated

    Hardware 04 Apr 10:06

  • Boy Scouts to model for UK ID checks

    CRB gets first dib dib dibs

    Government 04 Apr 10:11

  • The Twitterati - ten Twitter spin offs and mash ups

    Micro blogging mania starts here

    Applications 04 Apr 10:28

  • Children to nag adults through CCTV

    Grown-ups to be 'pestered' with kindergarten morality

    Government 04 Apr 10:32

  • O2 confirms XDA Zinc zapped

    HTC-made XDA Trion the replacement?

    Phones 04 Apr 10:33

  • Carphone Warehouse leaves caller hanging on telephone

    And bills him for the privilege

    Mobile 04 Apr 10:40

  • Timico snaffles KeConnect

    IPswiched up

    Broadband 04 Apr 10:41

  • Official: Powerpoint bad for brains

    Menace of slideware

    Applications 04 Apr 10:46

  • D-Link first to offer 802.11n ExpressCard for laptops

    Single-band only

    Hardware 04 Apr 11:06

  • Teachers left blubbing by cyber abuse

    Forum posts devastate beak's self-image

    Law 04 Apr 11:13

  • Quantum gets NASty with shared SAN software

    De-cluttering through clustering

    Storage 04 Apr 11:15

  • 419er miners go for gold

    African chief seeks sponsor with shovel

    Bootnotes 04 Apr 11:17

  • Register Books' Easter sweetener

    40% off tasty titles

    Site News 04 Apr 11:24

  • MS releases emergency cursor bug fix

    Double-plus critical update triggers glitches

    Security 04 Apr 11:25

  • Samsung pitches 'ultra-silent' HDD

    Ring my deciBel

    Hardware 04 Apr 11:27

  • Orange SPV M700 Windows Mobile smart phone

    Is it really any different to the M600?

    Phones 04 Apr 11:28

  • Channel biz in good health, says survey

    Smiling dealers flash ring of confidence

    The Channel 04 Apr 12:02

  • Thailand blocks YouTube

    Google declines to remove royal skit

    Law 04 Apr 13:00

  • Kenneth Williams tops funniest film one-liner poll

    'Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!'

    Bootnotes 04 Apr 13:05

  • Swedes battle to name daughter Metallica

    Authorites unrocked by 'inappropriate' moniker

    Bootnotes 04 Apr 13:13

  • Vantage edges closer to Proxima

    Centauri not in Vantage till Q3

    Developer 04 Apr 13:24

  • Apple announces octo-core Mac Pro

    Last month's AppleStore cock-up comes true

    Hardware 04 Apr 13:49

  • Mobile survey uncovers staff ignorance

    Dozy workers fall into knowledge gap

    Mobile 04 Apr 13:58

  • Google thwarts al-Qaeda kamikaze strike on US embassy

    London consulate cunningly disguised

    Bootnotes 04 Apr 14:18

  • Cisco goes for small, small business

    Product bundles and reseller certs

    Small Biz 04 Apr 14:21

  • MS pulled over for 'dangerous driving' Xbox ad

    Political correctness gone Mad Max

    Games 04 Apr 14:22

  • Brando hogs limelight with pig-shaped card reader

    Hardware 04 Apr 14:55

  • Avoiding the 'rogue power user' problem

    Have your say

    Business 04 Apr 15:27

  • WEP key wireless cracking made easy

    Gone in 60 seconds

    Security 04 Apr 15:43

  • Why I won't buy a Dell next time

    Or, Reason #11 to buy a Mac

    Hardware 04 Apr 16:33

  • Orbitz TLC campaign leads to online booking bloodbath

    Reg hack in serious condition as inscrutable itinerary blows up in face

    Media 04 Apr 16:50

  • Virtual FBI jackboots to march into Sadville?

    FBI probing virtual gambling in virtual world

    Law 04 Apr 17:23

  • TIBCO open sources testing

    Not all testing, of course, just a bit

    Developer 04 Apr 17:26

  • Sun breaks omerta for UltraSPARC IV+ speed bump

    Server chief still hiding under Rock

    Servers 04 Apr 18:01

  • Researchers unpick Vista kernel protection

    From boot kit to 'root kit'

    Security 04 Apr 19:01

  • Microsoft calls on UK public to raise the Office standard

    Sign our petition

    Applications 04 Apr 19:15

  • Seagate ships hardware-encrypted notebook drives

    Should be popular

    Hardware 04 Apr 19:30

  • AMD kicks dual-core Opteron to 3GHz

    Trades apples with Intel

    Servers 04 Apr 20:51

  • UCSF computer security breach affects 46,000 (maybe)

    Stable door, horse, bolted

    Security 04 Apr 20:52

  • Wall Street grossed out by Rackable's dwindling margins

    Feeling the competitive strain

    Financial News 04 Apr 22:30

  • Best Buy amps up Apple volumes

    Plants seeds in 200 stores

    The Channel 04 Apr 23:19