2nd April 2007 Archive

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  • Ten Reasons why you should upgrade to Windows Vista

    In case you need persuading...

    Hardware 02 Apr 07:02

  • SMEs harbouring 300 pirate fonts

    Typeface maker gets tough with licensing

    Small Biz 02 Apr 09:22

  • Privacy prevails in McKennitt case

    Lords deny author's request to appeal

    Law 02 Apr 09:43

  • YouTube chops Mexican beheading vid

    Drug cartels' online war escalates

    Bootnotes 02 Apr 10:07

  • EU spoils Blair's energy saving party

    Renewables, renewables, renewables

    Science 02 Apr 10:10

  • Tech sympathisers join ex HP boss in head-shaving protest

    The mad, bad world of April foolery

    Government 02 Apr 10:17

  • Is BSM entering the mainstream with a software guarantee?

    Developers take note

    Developer 02 Apr 10:20

  • MS plans emergency update to fix blinking cursor bug

    .ANI port in a storm

    Security 02 Apr 10:33

  • EMI and Apple ditch DRM

    All you need is 20p

    Media 02 Apr 10:49

  • Day dawns for Metasploit 3.0

    H D Moore unveils the latest release

    Security 02 Apr 10:52

  • Sapphire Radeon X1950 GT-based graphics card

    Cheaper than the X1950 Pro - but potentially as powerful?

    Hardware 02 Apr 10:52

  • Enthusiastic power users still a danger?

    How much freedom is too much?

    Business 02 Apr 11:00

  • Telford dumps OAPs in garden waste

    Council will collect your unwanted grannies, on request

    Bootnotes 02 Apr 11:04

  • Wii wins in US during February

    Big sales lead over rivals

    Games 02 Apr 11:10

  • AMD RD790 gets PCI Express thumbs-up

    Unannounced chipset confirmed

    Hardware 02 Apr 11:32

  • VLT brings whole sky into focus

    Wider horizons for adaptive optics

    Science 02 Apr 11:46

  • BetonSports founder arrested

    Bookie booked

    Law 02 Apr 11:48

  • Broadband Britain connects silent majority

    Bundles of fun

    Broadband 02 Apr 12:10

  • Brit plans world's highest mobile phone call

    Hello mum, I'm on the summit of Everest

    Mobile 02 Apr 13:12

  • Blokes talk about sport and sex: official

    Pub chat poll shocker

    Bootnotes 02 Apr 13:32

  • Disney expands mobile vision

    Despite Mobile ESPN failure

    Mobile 02 Apr 13:38

  • Games firm woos ISPs on shopping file sharers

    Wants standard grass fees

    Broadband 02 Apr 13:51

  • Spam: it sucks like a tarpit

    Trapping the pump'n'dumpers

    Security 02 Apr 14:10

  • Glastonbury online ticket sales fiasco

    Mud, mud, in-glorious mud

    Bootnotes 02 Apr 14:20

  • ESA wants to send you to Mars*

    *A simulation of Mars, anyway

    Science 02 Apr 14:27

  • Tech support costs Carphone dear

    £15m budget blowout

    Financial News 02 Apr 14:43

  • UK gov mulls child porn changes

    Watch out anime fans

    Law 02 Apr 14:44

  • Masturbating woman shakes Michigan Uni frat house

    Bushwhacking intruder makes herself right at home

    Bootnotes 02 Apr 15:10

  • CTIA: Handset vendors flaunt their wares

    Under shadow of market squeeze

    Mobile 02 Apr 15:17

  • EMI and Apple say DRM is so yesterday

    High quality downloads are go - 'cept for the Beatles

    Media 02 Apr 15:38

  • Surfers protest wave power project

    You're killing the surf!

    Science 02 Apr 15:51

  • Virgin undecided on Sky court action

    Stalemate continues

    Networks 02 Apr 15:52

  • Blog refuseniks facing the sack?

    Sony BMG UK adds blogging to the job description

    Media 02 Apr 15:54

  • US nuclear security agency missing 20 PCs

    Bombs away!

    Security 02 Apr 17:09

  • Comodo snags PSC anti-malware tech

    Desktop security push

    Security 02 Apr 17:56

  • Google demolishes New Orleans - again

    Swift Google Earth update restores post-Katrina images

    Science 02 Apr 18:07

  • CDW to vend StoreVault SMB box

    Just a phone call away

    Storage 02 Apr 18:09

  • Keeping Lisp alive and practical

    Conference report

    Developer 02 Apr 20:40

  • Transmeta declares war on employment

    Former CEO Ditzel dissed

    Financial News 02 Apr 22:11

  • Sun's Solaris success paves way for next-gen OS push

    Do tell

    Servers 02 Apr 22:21