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Is Gartner's Magic Quadrant really magic?

Database myths and legends (Part 8)In this series we're looking at the myths and legends of the database world; some are true, some false. The myth under the spotlight today is whether Gartner's Magic Quadrant really is magic.
Mark Whitehorn, 31 Mar 2007

Spitzer spies potential planet-harbouring binaries

Astronomers using the Spitzer space telescope have discovered that, contrary to expectations, twin-star systems are actually more likely to have indictors of planetary systems than single stars are.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Mar 2007

Tim Berners Lee: The readers speak

LettersIt's no fault of Sir Timothy Berners Lee that he's been knighted and feted as The Greatest Living Briton™. It's no fault of Sir Timothy that he's paraded before the world at every opportunity, with every gnomic utterance greeted as Chance The Gardener from Being There.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Mar 2007

Will there ever be a real 'Lie Detector'?

ColumnLie detectors figure prominently in the sauciest dramas, like espionage and murder, but they deeply polarize opinion. They pit pro-polygraph groups like the CIA, the Department of Energy and police forces against America's National Academy of Sciences, much of the FBI, and now the US Congressional Research Service. The agencies in favor of lie detectors keep their supporting data secret of obfuscated. The critics have marshaled much better arguments.
Bill Softky, 31 Mar 2007

The Screwpole Emails: Fytte the Fourth

Despite being left in a position of near-victory, Screwpole’s calamitous nephew Mugwort somehow failed to lead his project manager’s payment engine project into disaster.
Phil Rice, 31 Mar 2007

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