30th March 2007 Archive

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  • Exploit for latest Windows vuln already animated

    Curse the cursor

    Security 30 00:27

  • BEA unveils cubefarm 2.0 trio

    More sharing

    Applications 30 00:35

  • SugarCRM aims big with developers

    Simplified tools

    Applications 30 05:12

  • ICANN ready to shut up and move on

    Bye-bye bureaucrats

    Law 30 05:23

  • Dead dinos no help to emerging mammals

    Challenging conventional wisdom

    Science 30 05:31

  • Boeing to test fuel-cell powered publicity plane

    Reveals distinct lack of interest in fuel-cells

    Science 30 06:02

  • LG is next major to take a licence to Intertrust DRM

    Breaks deadlock around OMA patent pool

    Mobile 30 06:02

  • AMD updates Catalyst graphics software

    Hardware 30 06:02

  • Orange puts the Beeb in your pocket

    Mobile TV gets 'stenders

    Mobile 30 06:02

  • Expect a wave of Apple TV imitators waving Atheros chips

    More to come

    Networks 30 07:02

  • Spend £100k+ and save £0.02!

    Amazon UK makes cashtastic offer

    Bootnotes 30 08:55

  • Forget WiMax, Stockholm's got cable to spare

    Red Ken, take notes

    Broadband 30 09:12

  • What's the quickest route from California to Stockholm?

    Turn right then swim the Atlantic, according to Google

    Bootnotes 30 09:15

  • Government may back down on 'neutering' of FOI

    Possible U-turn on widely-opposed plans

    Government 30 09:18

  • Sony hints at 80GB PS3

    No future for the 20GB model?

    Games 30 09:21

  • ICANN rejects .xxx

    Gets back into the content regulation business

    Law 30 09:38

  • Google rebuilds New Orleans

    Hurricane? What hurricane?

    Bootnotes 30 09:41

  • Bluetooth 2.1 promises painless pairing

    Power savings too

    Phones 30 09:50

  • Brown blames foreigners for small.biz tax hikes

    Eastern Europeans get savvy with tax dodge

    Small Biz 30 09:52

  • Payday delayed for 400,000

    BACs cockup means empty pockets and pubs tonight

    Financial News 30 10:00

  • Retailer sues registrars in $12m domain tasting suit

    Neiman Marcus bemoans 'willful and malicious' acts

    Law 30 10:02

  • Technobullies on the rise in school yard stripping games

    Exploiting anonymity

    Law 30 10:07

  • Visa takes a punt on m-payments

    Invests in dotMobi

    Mobile 30 10:07

  • In-car iPod handling hinders driving ability - study

    Impacts driver performance as much as phones do

    Hardware 30 10:18

  • British blogger wins dismissal case

    Victory for la petite anglaise

    Law 30 10:47

  • US military tests ground-penetrating monster bomb

    Now why would they want one of those?

    Science 30 11:00

  • MS dangles desktop-like browsing for mobiles

    Trawling for Deepfish

    Applications 30 11:14

  • Asus auctions unique red laptop for Comic Relief

    Red nosebook?

    Hardware 30 11:35

  • Show me the way to go home: GPS on test

    Ten gadgets to get you from A to B

    Science 30 12:05

  • Chinese space force developing fast, Congress told

    Commie black-hats brewing mischief, too

    Science 30 12:43

  • A week of bots, Blunkett and rotting teeth

    To subscribe to The Register's weekly newsletter - seven days of IT in a single hit - click here

    Business 30 13:05

  • Grum worm poses as IE7 beta

    Spamvertised malware spreading fast

    Security 30 13:20

  • Busy day at DSG HQ

    Fraud in Paris, photo biz acquisitions, and Vodafone deal

    The Channel 30 13:22

  • Vote now for your fave Reg headline

    Stiff competition for 'Black Cocks' title

    Bootnotes 30 13:48

  • The Lizard People are after your Linux distro

    Only Ubuntu, though

    Letters 30 14:34

  • Football hooligans to get data protection rights

    The referee's a spammer, the referee's a spammer

    Law 30 14:41

  • Scart issue: transforming the Apple TV

    The week's hottest personal technology stories

    Data Centre 30 15:02

  • Brits pay 73% more for a PS3 than Hong Kong buyers do

    Tax and spend

    Games 30 15:06

  • Woolies enters home software market

    Get your pick 'n' mix apps here

    The Channel 30 15:08

  • Fifty foot Michael Jackson robot to stalk Vegas

    Lasers, cyborg army, the whole bit

    Bootnotes 30 15:21

  • Secpoint touts Portable Penetrator

    Are you ready for the next step?

    Security 30 15:23

  • DVD copier scales to thousands

    What every demagogue, pirate, and aspiring popster needs

    Storage 30 15:25

  • Swarm of file sharers spurred UK crackdown

    Earth 2160 - straw that broke the camel's back

    Law 30 15:58

  • Solar-powered cell phones are on the horizon

    TI step-up chip can drive electronics on as little as 0.3v

    Phones 30 17:16

  • MoD announces air-to-ground upgrade for Eurofighter

    Makes superjet useful; doesn't make it cheap

    Government 30 17:34

  • Italian police raid 'major pirate' P2P site

    Discotequezone shut down

    Law 30 18:48

  • Will the RIAA kill net radio?

    Taking control

    Media 30 19:04

  • Can Big Telco do Perestroika?

    Part 1: Wrestling with IP-zilla

    Broadband 30 21:23

  • Your song's in the cloud

    Mercora looks to the skies

    Media 30 22:06

  • Brocade readies 10Gbit/s warchest

    Regrouping after Cisco pinched McData clients

    Storage 30 22:21

  • California's $1.4bn IT boondoggle

    More dollars than sense

    Business 30 22:45

  • Symantec Backup Exec gets Vista-tized

    Fresh release Exchanged and x64ed too

    Storage 30 23:47