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Exploit for latest Windows vuln already animated

A vulnerability in the way Windows handles animated cursors puts users at risk of being pwnd, and several nefarious websites are already trying to exploit the flaw, according to the SANS Internet Storm Center.
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BEA unveils cubefarm 2.0 trio

BEA Systems has been stoking up the hype for a trio of long-promised technologies that add Web 2.0 capabilities to its middleware.
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SugarCRM aims big with developers

Developers will feature big in SugarCRM's plan to penetrate the enterprise, through greater customization capabilities and scalability for its software.
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ICANN ready to shut up and move on

ICANN Lisbon "Turistas, if you cannot respect the silence of the Portuguese, go to Spain" - graffiti spotted at the entrance to the midieval Alfama neighborhood of Lisbon
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Dead dinos no help to emerging mammals

The triumphant rise of the mammals had nothing to do with the extinction of the dinosaurs, according to new research, published in the journal Nature.
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Boeing to test fuel-cell powered publicity plane

Boeing's European research centre has developed an experimental fuel-cell-powered manned aircraft, which is about to begin testing.
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LG is next major to take a licence to Intertrust DRM

LG Electronics has licensed Intertrust's patents for its mobile voice and data products.
Faultline, 30 2007

AMD updates Catalyst graphics software

AMD has posted the latest version of its ATI Catalyst graphics chip driver package. The new release, 7.3, allows OpenGL applications to run in CrossFire mode under Windows Vista whatever ATI Radeon X1000-series graphics cards they're working with.
Hard Reg, 30 2007
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Orange puts the Beeb in your pocket

L'Orange has done a deal to put selected BBC content onto some of its handsets.

Expect a wave of Apple TV imitators waving Atheros chips

Comment All the talk this week about Apple TV has been highly entertaining. Will it or won't it create a new genre for watching TV wirelessly? But there are two problems with all the talk. Firstly, most of it is about the wrong product and, secondly, much of it is about the wrong company.
Faultline, 30 2007
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Spend £100k+ and save £0.02!

Those of you who'd been thinking of splashing out a few quid on albums or books could have availed yourselves yesterday of a sensational offer which wowed customers down at the UK tentacle of etailer Amazon:
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Forget WiMax, Stockholm's got cable to spare

Column You could not think of a better place to demonstrate the wonders of WiMAX. A district, 84 kilometers across, divided into 24,000 plots of land with open, deep water between each plot. It's the Stockholm archipelago, East of Sweden, and almost every island is inhabited. Intel, Cisco and Stockholm Cable (Stokab) have turned this into the biggest showcase of WiMAX wireless you will find.
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What's the quickest route from California to Stockholm?

Google Maps seems to have got itself a sense of humour, if its recommended route from Stanford, California, to Stockholm is anything to go by.
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Government may back down on 'neutering' of FOI

The government has stepped back from controversial plans to change the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. It has launched a supplementary consultation (pdf) that could result in a U-turn on some of its widely-opposed plans.
Sony PlayStation 3

Sony hints at 80GB PS3

Sony is to introduce an 80GB version of the PlayStation 3, documents filed earlier this month with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reveal.
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ICANN rejects .xxx

ICANN Lisbon In an unusual open board meeting today, ICANN once again rejected the establishment of a .xxx top level domain (TLD). The vote was 8-4 with a single abstention, that of CEO Paul Twomey.
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Google rebuilds New Orleans

Google has casued a bit of a kerfuffle down in New Orleans by apparently rebuilding the city overnight and removing post-Katrina satellite images from both Google Maps and Google Earth, according to an Associated Press report.

Bluetooth 2.1 promises painless pairing

A new version of the Bluetooth short-range wireless connectivity standard has been published. The update promises to boost battery life and make pairing gadgets a doddle.
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Brown blames foreigners for small.biz tax hikes

Chancellor Gordon Brown blamed pesky foreigners for the increased tax burden imposed on small businesses in the Budget, when speaking to the House of Commons Treasury Committee yesterday.
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Payday delayed for 400,000

Nearly half a million people will not be paid their salary today due to a spectacular cock-up with the UK's key banking processing system.
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Retailer sues registrars in $12m domain tasting suit

US retailer Neiman Marcus is suing two domain name registrars for more than $12m over their registration of names containing variations of its brand. The two linked companies are accused of improperly registering more than 40 domain names.
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Technobullies on the rise in school yard stripping games

Canadian researchers studying online bullying have found that teenagers are happily exploiting emerging technologies, such as texting, emails, and social networking sites in their playground power struggles. The ease with which a bully can hide his or her identity is also changing the game.
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Visa takes a punt on m-payments

Visa is pushing for closer collaboration between the wireless and credit card industries and has invested in the Dublin-based dotMobi domain registry.

In-car iPod handling hinders driving ability - study

A US university has proved what most of us realised already: using an iPod while driving makes you more likely to have an accident. According to a study conducted by Philadelphia's Drexel University, it's as dangerous as handling a mobile phone.
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British blogger wins dismissal case

The English woman sacked for blogging by the accountants she worked for in Paris has won her case for unfair dismissal.
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US military tests ground-penetrating monster bomb

The US military's effort to build what may become the largest conventional bomb ever used is making progress.

MS dangles desktop-like browsing for mobiles

Microsoft has taken the wraps off a prototype version of a browser for mobile devices that it claims will make it easier and faster to view full-fat web pages on a small screen.

Asus auctions unique red laptop for Comic Relief

There's literally only one red Asus S6F laptop on the planet, and if you want to avail yourself of the opportunity to win it - and do some good into the bargain - visit eBay or Harrods this weekend.

Show me the way to go home: GPS on test

Group Test Gone are the days of thumbing through your dog-eared 1988 AA route map while trying to navigate the fast lane of the M25 in search of your pal's new London pad. For now is the time of satellite navigation.
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Chinese space force developing fast, Congress told

China is developing impressive high-tech military capabilities, according to analysis given to an American congressional commission. And, unsportingly, the inscrutable communists refuse to tell anyone what they're up to.
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A week of bots, Blunkett and rotting teeth

EMC's RSA hangover A relatively quiet week on the acquisition front, with Cisco the only one of the big boys to make a swoop. It coughed an undisclosed sum for IP networking chip start-up SpansLogic. Perhaps everyone was given pause for thought by EMC CEO Joe Tucci's admission that he paid well over the odds when he splurged $2 …

Grum worm poses as IE7 beta

Hackers are trying to trick prospective marks into loading malware that poses as a "beta" version of Internet Explorer 7.
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Busy day at DSG HQ

Electrical retailing giant DSG said it has identified "a significant fraud operation" at its Paris-based Fotovista warehouse.
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Vote now for your fave Reg headline

Poll Well, you've had plenty of time to nominate your all-time fave Reg headline in our "Black Cocks" awards and the time has come for you, our beloved readers, to decide the winner.
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The Lizard People are after your Linux distro

Letters We hope you are all sitting down, for this first page is all about Linux. See, we told you. Take a seat.
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Football hooligans to get data protection rights

Police across Europe are being urged to respect the civil liberties of suspected football hooligans when they stalk them over the run-up to the 2008 European Championship in Austria and Switzerland.

Scart issue: transforming the Apple TV

Register Hardware Register Hardware - it's just like The Register, only harder - brings you the hottest personal technology news and reviews every day. The gadgets that grabbed the headlines this week:

Brits pay 73% more for a PS3 than Hong Kong buyers do

Where's the best place to purchase a PlayStation 3? Hong Kong, according to the Wall Street Journal. No prizes for guessing the worst: London.

Woolies enters home software market

Woolworths, the UK-based family and entertainment retail behemoth, is set to release its own range of home PC software.
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Fifty foot Michael Jackson robot to stalk Vegas

Michael Jackson is considering the construction of a 50 foot robot replica of himself, it has been reported. The idea is for the droid colossus to promote concerts Jackson might give in Las Vegas.

Secpoint touts Portable Penetrator

The spirit of Frankie Howerd lives on in the marketing department of Danish security appliance vendor Secpoint.

DVD copier scales to thousands

There's a new reason to fear the chief executive's annual pep-talk to the company – being sent away with a CD, or better yet a DVD, of the event so you can enjoy it again at home.
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Swarm of file sharers spurred UK crackdown

Pinball game publisher Zuxxez decided to chase down British file sharers after discovering that illegal downloads of its best-selling Earth 2160 outstripped its retail sales 35 times, clocking up nearly one million Jolly Rogers.
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Solar-powered cell phones are on the horizon

TI has developed an ultra-low-voltage DC/DC booster chip that could lead to mobile phones and other electronic devices that never need recharging.
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MoD announces air-to-ground upgrade for Eurofighter

The Eurofighter Typhoon combat jet is to receive a major update, gaining the ability to effectively attack ground targets – a thing it currently cannot do. The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced today that the governments of Britain, Spain, Italy and Germany have agreed to pay the Eurofighter consortium £830m to sort out the controversial wonder-plane.
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Italian police raid 'major pirate' P2P site

Discotequezone, a big Italian file-sharing site, has shut down in the wake of police raids this week.
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Will the RIAA kill net radio?

Analysis If this movie looks familiar - it's because it is.
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Can Big Telco do Perestroika?

Analysis While the CTIA Wireless jamboree took place in Florida this week, European telcos were drawn in a huddle in London at one of the most intriguing events of the telecoms calendar.
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Your song's in the cloud

Mercora, the P2P internet radio service, is borrowing a trick from MP3Tunes. The service already allows users to access their music collections from any web browser, a feature offered by Sling Media and Orb.

Brocade readies 10Gbit/s warchest

Brocade is confident their regime in the storage switch market assures a place as a leader in the upcoming 10Gbit/s Ethernet push.
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California's $1.4bn IT boondoggle

California, with its booming computer industry and an economy that ranks among the world's top 10, has wasted almost $1.4bn over the past decade because it can't build a statewide network to administer child support payments.

Symantec Backup Exec gets Vista-tized

Symantec Backup Exec users waiting patiently for Vista compatibility can now brick their systems while enjoying the style of Window's Aero glass effect.