29th March 2007 Archive

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  • Florida data center loses its cool

    Faulty chiller knocked nerve center offline

    Storage 29 Mar 00:02

  • HP ProCurve dangles free Gigabit switch chassis

    ...If you buy the port modules to go in it

    Storage 29 Mar 05:02

  • Making Progress in a pragmatic way

    Building and testing SOA organically

    Developer 29 Mar 07:02

  • New York online gambling racket goes postal

    Squawking like canaries on crack

    Law 29 Mar 09:03

  • Apple Windows-on-Mac tool now works with Vista

    So much for the Leopard delay claims

    Hardware 29 Mar 09:03

  • ICANN fires back with stern threat of legal action...again

    ICANN still shooting blanks?

    Law 29 Mar 09:08

  • Why can't a computer be more like a brain?

    Or even better?

    Science 29 Mar 09:23

  • AMD launches laptop-friendly 690 chipset

    Variants offer HDMI, Display Cache tech

    Hardware 29 Mar 09:25

  • SiS flags down Intel 1333MHz bus

    Core 2 Quad chipsets coming

    Hardware 29 Mar 09:41

  • Business Intelligence - live on El Reg

    Reader feedback via video

    Business 29 Mar 09:43

  • Walmart puts out for online gaming

    Virtual benefits abound

    Law 29 Mar 09:45

  • EC broke rules over passenger data, Parliament told

    As data sharing deal nears renewal

    Law 29 Mar 09:49

  • Retailer offers DAP-disclosing Easter Eggy

    Hardware 29 Mar 09:59

  • Ten jobs that robots are eyeing up

    Sadly, not the England football manager...

    Science 29 Mar 10:02

  • Family converts dead dad into diamond

    Fitting memorial for 'diamond geezer'

    Science 29 Mar 10:04

  • Developers' secure-coding skill put to the test

    Flaw reduction push gets industry backing

    Security 29 Mar 10:09

  • Dell pricks up its ears

    Pre-installed Linux soon coming to a desktop near you

    Data Centre 29 Mar 10:36

  • Critics swarm new GPL draft

    How free is free under GPLv3?

    Software 29 Mar 10:42

  • US loses top tech spot

    As Denmark climbs to number one

    Science 29 Mar 10:44

  • Nokia gushes over colourful phone threesome

    An 'artful balance between technology and nature'. Apparently

    Hardware 29 Mar 10:56

  • Motorola Motofone F3 e-ink handset

    Can a phone this basic, this cheap be any good? Yes it can

    Phones 29 Mar 10:59

  • Conspiracy theorists: Feds, web hosts conspire against us

    And the Illuminati are in on it too

    Law 29 Mar 11:07

  • PeakStream puts apps development on Windows

    HPC on a PC

    Developer 29 Mar 11:47

  • Falling debris was no space plane, says NASA

    Go about your business

    Science 29 Mar 11:49

  • Cisco wraps up against VoIP DoS bugs

    You've been served

    Security 29 Mar 11:50

  • European Commission beats telco open access drum

    BT: a model free market?

    Networks 29 Mar 12:13

  • Tower of Google uses stats for translation

    Number crunching our way to understanding

    Software 29 Mar 12:44

  • BAE offers super-intelligent underwater robot

    Claims revolutionary breakthrough, but then calms down

    Science 29 Mar 12:57

  • VoIP providers reined in by regulator

    999 rules loom

    VoIP 29 Mar 12:59

  • Dimension Data integrates MS end-to-end service

    Hopes for 'technology maturity'

    The Channel 29 Mar 13:00

  • US to issue Star Wars stamps

    The Force is strong in this one

    Bootnotes 29 Mar 13:01

  • Spotting tomorrow's criminals in today's pushchairs

    We can predict outcomes and change them, says Blair crime review

    Government 29 Mar 13:28

  • Fawkes, Phoenix potty over ICM, as PC World goes to dogs

    The Channel 29 Mar 14:05

  • iTunes tempts single-buyers with album-purchase carrot

    No more paying for singles twice

    Hardware 29 Mar 14:15

  • MPs pay themselves £10,000 website allowance

    Short debate that one

    Government 29 Mar 14:58

  • Vodafone.net's connection woes continue

    Voice network playing up too

    Mobile 29 Mar 14:59

  • Teens get way harsh on MySpace

    Airing dirty laundry in public

    Bootnotes 29 Mar 15:08

  • China bans mucky text messages

    No more handheld filth

    Mobile 29 Mar 15:10

  • Apple TV-to-SD TV adaptor price cut 40%

    Only viable option?

    Hardware 29 Mar 15:18

  • Singapore invests in TIA snake oil

    Poindexter's dream comes true

    Government 29 Mar 15:21

  • Enterasys aims for the core

    But what comes after gold, platinum and diamond - adamantium?

    Data Networking 29 Mar 16:12

  • Amazon: is this the best deal ever?

    Astounding discount offer

    Bootnotes 29 Mar 18:06

  • Indiana man jailed for selling counterfeit software on eBay

    Why are we not surprised?

    Small Biz 29 Mar 18:44

  • US gov kicks out Sprint, doles out $20bn to rivals

    Notice to quit

    Broadband 29 Mar 19:01

  • Intel frees up $275m after settling with the tax man

    Audit saga continues

    Financial News 29 Mar 19:30

  • Naming some identity standards

    Politics could be the biggest identity issue

    Developer 29 Mar 20:14

  • Use case driven object modelling with UML: Theory and practice

    Making software from use cases

    Developer 29 Mar 20:39

  • TJX lost up to 45.6m card numbers

    King of breaches

    Security 29 Mar 20:40

  • Evidence of accounting chicanery at Dell

    Restatements possible

    Financial News 29 Mar 22:16

  • Supermicro's IPO not so super

    Fat cats saddened

    Servers 29 Mar 23:40

  • Red Hat deflates Wall St expectations

    Fails to show us the money

    Financial News 29 Mar 23:47

  • ICANN urged to cut phishing trawl with banking domain

    .Safe harbour

    Security 29 Mar 23:53