28th March 2007 Archive

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  • MySpace sues Spamford Wallace

    Gone Phishing

    Security 28 Mar 00:03

  • Intellectual property debate heats up, as ICANN looks to the future

    The future's better late than never

    Law 28 Mar 05:02

  • AppForge 'goes titsup'

    Rival offers helping hand to customers

    Mobile 28 Mar 05:14

  • Hospital laptop theft sparks concerns

    Kids' details at large

    Security 28 Mar 06:02

  • WStore wants to wow public sector

    Recruits dedicated sales team

    The Channel 28 Mar 06:02

  • Microsoft: a successful low-maturity company?

    Like a fine wine

    Developer 28 Mar 08:02

  • Microsoft buys into cross-browser development

    Catches on

    Developer 28 Mar 08:57

  • DCA stands by postal vote software

    Reported problems 'not an issue'

    Government 28 Mar 09:06

  • EU proposes greater data sharing between police forces

    One body to rule them all

    Government 28 Mar 09:22

  • Code surgeons transplant Apple TV OS

    MacBook mutates into set-top box

    Hardware 28 Mar 09:29

  • Elton John free to menace Tobago

    Church ban request denied

    Bootnotes 28 Mar 09:35

  • Toadzilla conquers world's media

    Major triumph for El Reg headline-writing department

    Bootnotes 28 Mar 09:38

  • MS confirms black Xbox 360 Elite

    Homage to wireframe space-trading game of yore?

    Games 28 Mar 09:52

  • Accounting probe costs iSoft its co-founder

    Heads roll at health provider

    Government 28 Mar 09:57

  • Gambling Commission consults on data protection for punters

    Match fixing clampdown could breach Act

    Law 28 Mar 09:59

  • Regulators probe Vodafone - Hutch Essar deal

    Indian mobile operators for Indian people

    Financial News 28 Mar 10:00

  • Installing desktop Linux

    Does it pass, or should I?

    Operating Systems 28 Mar 10:07

  • Japanese net suicide pact murderer to hang

    Suffocated three victims

    Law 28 Mar 10:28

  • Mexican cops offer Xboxes for guns

    Ne'er-do-wells trade shoot-'em-ups

    Bootnotes 28 Mar 10:33

  • Sony to bring last year's Blu-ray Disc player to UK this year

    Hardware 28 Mar 10:50

  • TI to demo 'pico-projector' tech at CTIA

    Company sees the light...then has to turn it off

    Mobile 28 Mar 10:55

  • Pop-up ads told to pop off, as online ad spend soars

    MySpace gets milked

    Small Biz 28 Mar 10:57

  • McCain 'comes out for gay marriage on MySpace'

    Revenge prank pokes fun at presidential hopeful

    Security 28 Mar 11:00

  • Samsung shows self-adjusting phone display

    Hardware 28 Mar 11:12

  • Norwegian nutter skis 300ft down Tube escalator

    London Underground unimpressed by YouTube vid

    Bootnotes 28 Mar 11:19

  • Palm to bring HSDPA to 3G Treo 750

    Windows Mobile 6 into the bargain

    Phones 28 Mar 11:37

  • HANNspree HANNSlounge designer LCD TV

    Style over substance?

    Hardware 28 Mar 11:39

  • Yahoo! email! unlimited!

    Keep! spam! forever!

    Media 28 Mar 11:42

  • Small biz loves VoIP

    Smaller the biz, the bigger the love

    Small Biz 28 Mar 12:09

  • Ricoh extends SLR-wannabe compact camera line

    Hardware 28 Mar 12:11

  • Lift-off for Adobe's Apollo

    One giant leap for webapplicationkind...

    Developer 28 Mar 12:50

  • DLO flips for dual-cover iPod case

    Hardware 28 Mar 12:52

  • Topless roadsigns tackle Danish speeding menace

    'Speed Control Bikini Bandits'

    Bootnotes 28 Mar 13:05

  • Lotus gets a virtual IP PBX

    System-i mini runs IP PBX as a virtual Linux machine

    Broadband 28 Mar 13:22

  • Ten things Sony execs may regret saying about the PS3

    'It's probably too cheap'. Apparently

    Games 28 Mar 13:23

  • Scammers target domain name owners

    Warning over domain appraisal spam

    Security 28 Mar 13:31

  • Dell woos Yahoo! and Amazon with cloud making service

    The evolution begins

    Storage 28 Mar 13:51

  • Bebo squeezes Orange in exclusive deal

    Friends with benefits

    Mobile 28 Mar 14:01

  • MoD: seized personnel were in Iraqi waters

    Here's the proof

    Government 28 Mar 15:03

  • Computacenter keeps BT contract

    Five-year deal

    The Channel 28 Mar 15:06

  • Games firm pursues 500 pinball 'pirates' through UK courts

    18 ISPs served with court orders

    Hardware 28 Mar 16:05

  • Phoenix flies higher with ICM bid

    Fawkes waits and watches, City goes Potter

    The Channel 28 Mar 16:06

  • UK government slated by own boffins on nanotech policy

    Teeny stuff, big issues

    Small Biz 28 Mar 16:12

  • Dell in Vista RAID debacle

    Not very Dimensional

    Hardware 28 Mar 16:24

  • Microsoft to 'acquire DoubleClick'

    Makes perfect AdSense...

    Financial News 28 Mar 17:56

  • Spyware Doctor 5 bug reports are storm in a tea cup, PC Tools says

    Jumps into bed with Google

    Security 28 Mar 18:27

  • Intel 45nm CPUs to clock above 3GHz

    More 'Penryn' beans spilled

    Hardware 28 Mar 19:02

  • Intel Hyper-threading to return with 45nm 'Nehalem'

    Memory controller, GPU to be added too

    Hardware 28 Mar 19:02

  • Intel to complete AMD impression in 2008

    'Nehalem' has 8 cores, 16 threads and CSI

    Hardware 28 Mar 19:28

  • Circuit City fires 3,500 'overpaid' staff

    Cheap but not cheerful

    The Channel 28 Mar 20:38

  • Acer draws sting from HP's patent fury

    We're looking into it, OK?

    The Channel 28 Mar 21:31

  • Vista launch: a 'resounding' success?

    Millions and squillions

    The Channel 28 Mar 21:34

  • HP unveils AMD small-business servers

    Special bonus: worm poop mentioned

    Small Biz 28 Mar 22:09

  • ICANN sued by irate RegisterFly customer, as class action rumble begins

    And let's not forget the $6,000 chihuahua

    Law 28 Mar 22:24

  • So who sent you that spam? HP or Oracle?

    Fortune 1000s host bots in the perimeter

    Security 28 Mar 22:45

  • EFF Pioneer Awards: And the winners are ...

    Read on, gentle reader

    Law 28 Mar 23:10

  • Adobe gets Creative with its Suites

    Macromedia tools are Borged at last

    Applications 28 Mar 23:30

  • Microsoft and EMC go both ways with new tool

    Redmond gets some Smarts

    Storage 28 Mar 23:34

  • And now we are 10: MS goes to work on Visual Studio

    Roadmaps for Orcas and Rosario

    Developer 28 Mar 23:48

  • Cisco borgs SpansLogic

    Cisco hungry. Cisco eat company

    Data Networking 28 Mar 23:57

  • SAP wunderkind Agassi abandons code for clean energy

    Hits pageant circuit

    Applications 28 Mar 23:59