27th March 2007 Archive

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  • Netezza stock on the block

    Seeks position as cash warehouse

    Servers 27 Mar 00:01

  • Bertelsmann settles over naughty Napster

    AT&T goes free with 'Napster the Good'

    Law 27 Mar 01:08

  • Bulgarian 'stole $350k' from Americans in eBay scam

    Whistling down the wire fraud

    Security 27 Mar 01:15

  • Microsoft’s software factories

    We talk to Jack Greenfield about the future of Visual Studio

    Developer 27 Mar 06:02

  • No 10 urged to throttle 'unlimited' broadband claims

    Fair use still ain't fair

    Broadband 27 Mar 07:02

  • Make way for the 64 bit revolution

    Let the memory live again

    Developer 27 Mar 09:22

  • Nintendo acts against Wii modchips?

    Console internals rejigged

    Games 27 Mar 09:38

  • Canada sticks the boot into Neteller

    As it gets stuffed by Turkey

    Law 27 Mar 09:39

  • The Doors open online

    'I use iTunes and stuff'

    Media 27 Mar 09:45

  • Businesses show renewed confidence in IT

    What a difference a year makes...

    CIO 27 Mar 09:54

  • It's as easy as A, B, C#

    Scrub up your programming prowess

    Developer 27 Mar 09:59

  • HTC unveils Windows Vista handheld

    Vendor Shifts up a gear

    Phones 27 Mar 09:59

  • RM satisfied by performance

    Meets expectations

    The Channel 27 Mar 10:09

  • Boffins pave the way for DNA photography

    Metamaterials make super lenses

    Science 27 Mar 10:22

  • Sony Ericsson reveals its first 'super 3G' phone

    Phones 27 Mar 10:42

  • AMD 690G integrated chipset

    The best integrated graphics money can buy?

    Hardware 27 Mar 11:02

  • Atos to 'explore strategic options'

    Touts for bidders

    The Channel 27 Mar 11:04

  • Samsung doubles solid-state drive capacity

    Now at a whopping 64GB

    Hardware 27 Mar 11:10

  • New Jersey mulls driver text ban

    Bigger fines, more powers for the coppers

    Mobile 27 Mar 11:40

  • Oz vigilantes capture Toadzilla

    Poisonous amphibian the 'size of a football'

    Science 27 Mar 11:42

  • GPL 3: Open source to open closed shop

    Delayed license release goes public

    Software 27 Mar 11:44

  • GSK runs out of juice over Ribena claims

    I don't see any vitamin C in here...

    Science 27 Mar 12:01

  • Bold Gaza croc-smuggling ruse ends in failure

    Suspicious border guards pull snappy dresser

    Bootnotes 27 Mar 12:02

  • Ofcom cuts mobile charges

    Number porting consultation announced

    Mobile 27 Mar 12:10

  • Security can boost privacy

    No trade-off needed, say academics

    Security 27 Mar 12:38

  • easyJet.com files elderly passengers under 'livestock'

    Refreshing honesty

    Bootnotes 27 Mar 12:54

  • De-scratch your DVDs for $250, firm offers

    Hardware 27 Mar 13:05

  • IBM jumps on board the mortgage ship

    As everyone else jumps off...

    The Channel 27 Mar 13:10

  • Geneticists report 'semi-identical' twins

    Egg and sperm three-way

    Science 27 Mar 13:17

  • Ofcom bankrolling mobile operators, alleges BT

    EU examining new charge regime 'extremely closely'

    Mobile 27 Mar 13:34

  • Cluster spies turbulent reconnection

    Plasma is as plasma does

    Science 27 Mar 15:07

  • Tech Data abandons Middle East

    Expects up to $7m loss

    The Channel 27 Mar 15:16

  • Brussels downbeat on US passenger snoop plan

    PNR deal yet to take off

    Law 27 Mar 15:35

  • Blair crime policy review proposes fingerprint activated iPods

    Biometric-bonkers wonks ahoy..

    Government 27 Mar 15:43

  • Blunkett mobilises sheep army to fight global warming

    Pick and mix

    Letters 27 Mar 15:49

  • Watermark buys Cedilla

    MS Dynamics dealer consolidation

    The Channel 27 Mar 17:26

  • Sun NEBS Opteron box

    Look but don't buy

    Servers 27 Mar 17:36

  • Beer reporter drinks crow

    Beer aficionados demand clarity

    Letters 27 Mar 17:37

  • One in ten Brits is victim of online fraud

    Surfing proficiency test idea surfaces

    Security 27 Mar 18:00

  • Start-up goes mad over Windows app for multi-core chips

    PeakStream's beta love for Redmond

    Servers 27 Mar 18:10

  • Software is never done… Or is it?

    The Agile Iconoclast gets things done

    Developer 27 Mar 19:59

  • Sun creates new chip unit out of Yen

    Open means open for business

    Hardware 27 Mar 21:59

  • Best Buy swallows Speakeasy whole

    Last bastion of independence, ISP gets borged

    Financial News 27 Mar 22:30

  • University website peddles Adobe warez

    Get it while it's hot

    Applications 27 Mar 22:37

  • ITT fined $100m for shipping night vision goggles to China

    Begins studying better goggles

    Government 27 Mar 23:35

  • HP looks to teach Acer about Texas Justice

    Fires off PC patent suit

    Law 27 Mar 23:44