26th March 2007 Archive

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  • Rackable goes after Sun's white trash data center biz

    Meet Concentro

    Servers 26 Mar 08:39

  • Satnav plunges £96k Merc into river

    Lucky escape for misguided woman driver

    Bootnotes 26 Mar 08:53

  • Dispute resolution procedures are failing, says DTI

    'Well intentioned, but flawed'

    Small Biz 26 Mar 09:10

  • Experts dampen mobile mast health fears

    Tinfoil hats unnecessary

    Mobile 26 Mar 09:15

  • Tiny moon ruining Saturn's day

    Measuring it, anyway

    Science 26 Mar 09:26

  • US lifts lid on world's largest toilet

    33-metre convenience spotted from space

    Bootnotes 26 Mar 09:28

  • How green is my vendor?

    Not very, in many cases

    Business 26 Mar 09:50

  • Relisys has stopped trading, administrator confirms

    Went into administration on 21 March

    The Channel 26 Mar 09:57

  • WIN a Sony PlayStation 3

    Your chance to win with Register Hardware

    Games 26 Mar 09:57

  • Laptop-lob 'paparazzi scum' sue Denise Richards

    Claim 'emotional stress' over Canada rumpus

    Bootnotes 26 Mar 09:59

  • Centagenarian secures 25-year mortgage

    Last payment due at a venerable 127

    Bootnotes 26 Mar 10:02

  • Canada puts its mounted booties down

    To give the Chinese a run for their virtual money

    Law 26 Mar 10:23

  • Tiny iRiver media player flows into UK

    Hardware 26 Mar 10:34

  • Blunkett cashes in on ID card experience


    Government 26 Mar 10:37

  • iTrip updated for second-gen iPod Nano

    Hardware 26 Mar 10:57

  • Aussie boffins warn on glacial melting

    Invest in wellie boots

    Science 26 Mar 11:09

  • Fire marshal quits over psychic emails

    Didn't see that coming...

    Business 26 Mar 11:13

  • UK gov to control the causes of crime

    Surveillance society as panacea

    Law 26 Mar 11:18

  • Dragon's Lair revamped for Blu-ray play

    Laserdisc de nos jours

    Games 26 Mar 11:20

  • Symbian speeds up smartphone OS

    Version 9.5 apps load 75% faster

    Mobile 26 Mar 12:06

  • LG Prada KE850 touchscreen phone

    Ab fab - or drab?

    Phones 26 Mar 12:27

  • PC World repair job leaves family seeing blue

    'Brand-spanking new' hard-drive contained animal porn

    The Channel 26 Mar 12:39

  • BT 'secures regulatory approval' in Pipex carve-up

    While others circle

    Broadband 26 Mar 12:45

  • Mozilla: security researchers have too much power

    Time ain't on their side

    Security 26 Mar 12:55

  • Foundry launches high density WLANs

    Forges capacity and security boost

    Data Networking 26 Mar 13:01

  • Ericsson deals blow to unified 4G dream

    Pulls out of WiMAX

    Data Networking 26 Mar 13:37

  • IPS explains plan to make copied biometric passports useful

    Not deliberately or as such, of course...

    Government 26 Mar 13:51

  • CMMI, practically speaking

    Process improvement conference keeps it real

    Developer 26 Mar 14:01

  • Intel chooses China for new chip plant

    Washington chooses howls of protest

    Financial News 26 Mar 14:29

  • DMCA architect lambasts music moguls

    It's your fault we're back to the Mozart era

    Law 26 Mar 14:35

  • Verizon wins injunction against Vonage over patent battle

    Vonage must stop using tech covered by Verizon's patents

    VoIP 26 Mar 14:46

  • Researchers link human skull size and climate

    Hot head v cool head v Mr Potato Head

    Science 26 Mar 14:58

  • UK kids to get free calls and texts in return for ads

    No sir, I don't believe you are 16

    Mobile 26 Mar 15:11

  • Compuware launches overseas model factory

    Heading offshore for a little Q&A

    Developer 26 Mar 15:17

  • Image spam fattens junk mail

    Does my bum look big in this?

    Security 26 Mar 15:19

  • Nvidia launches nForce 680i LT SLI chipset

    Hardware 26 Mar 15:28

  • Fayrewood sells shares in ComputerLinks

    Expects healthy proceeds

    The Channel 26 Mar 15:59

  • SRS confirms unannounced O2 media player handset

    XDA Flame on

    Phones 26 Mar 16:24

  • Rival bid forced EMC to 'pay too much' for RSA - CEO

    How do you define gouged?

    Storage 26 Mar 19:09

  • SANS to certify programmers for security nous

    SANS of time

    Security 26 Mar 19:49

  • NEC and Stratus find fault tolerance with each other

    Four-core Xeon box gets hard

    Servers 26 Mar 20:51

  • California cuts off aid to ID thieves

    Other states continue

    Security 26 Mar 21:27

  • As gold fever hits Macau, Ho's still in the money

    MGM Mirage sees the green as evangelicals see red

    Law 26 Mar 21:51

  • RIAA invites students to settlement barn dance

    One-stop-shopping for lawsuit avoidance

    Media 26 Mar 22:30

  • Of ICANN and the registrar zombies

    Or, how I stopped worrying and learned to love our internet overlords

    Law 26 Mar 22:54

  • Sun's dim grid a developer thang now

    Clickle me, Elmo

    Servers 26 Mar 22:58

  • Vista's long goodbye

    Deleting files can take forever

    Operating Systems 26 Mar 23:57