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Adobe targets developers with Apollo

Adobe Systems is opening a new phase in the rich client wars, releasing code that could help developers change notions of what a PC interface looks like.
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Black Duck floats GPL 3 safety line

Black Duck software today announces the latest edition of its license sniffing software, primed and ready for General Public License Version 3.0.
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China displaces Britain as botnet epicentre

China has displaced Britain as the home of the greatest concentration of compromised (zombie) PCs.

IE7 phishing bug nets concern

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 7.0 that might lend itself towards the creation of more convincing phishing attacks.
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Oz policewoman in topless mobile snap shocker

The Victoria arm of Oz's boys in blue has been enjoying a topless snap of a female officer apparently distributed by her copper boyf through the internal email system, The Age reports.
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UK boffins uncover more secrets of the gamma ray burst

New observations of one of the largest and most violent explosions in the universe have provided valuable clues for intergalactic sleuths seeking to understand the physics of Gamma Ray Bursts.
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BA upgrades corpse

A first class British Airways passenger got short shrift from cabin crew after expressing his displeasure at waking up to find them manoeuvering a corpse into the seat next to him, the Daily Mirror reports.

Nvidia to unveil line-leading gaming GPU next month?

Next month will see the arrival of a new top-of-the-line Nvidia GeForce 8 series GPU, the 8800 Ultra, along with a host of lesser products, it has been claimed.
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Google confirms Adscape buy

Google has confirmed it has bought in-game advertising company Adscape Media.

Intel names 'Bearlake' gaming PC chipset

Intel launched its next-generation performance desktop chipsets last week, announcing version of the platform codenamed 'Bearlake' for games machines, mainstream PCs and budget systems.

Gentleman thief takes Dutch bank for £15m

A "smooth-talking" thief has taken ABN Amro bank in Antwerp for £15m worth of diamonds, making off with 120,000 carats despite using nothing more than chocolates and charm in the audacious blag.

T-Mobile UK prices up Ameo UMPC-style communicator

HTC's UMPC-like smart phone, Athena, is now available in the UK in its guise as the T-Mobile Ameo priced at a mere £120 - provided you pick the right airtime package, of course.
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German Gmail blocker wouldn't sell up for millions

The German businessman behind trade mark cases that could wreck Google's email branding across Europe would refuse millions of dollars for the G-Mail trade mark he owns, according to his lawyer. The man has already turned down a Google offer of $250,000.
Sony Vaio VGN-TX5XN laptop

Sony Vaio VGN-TX5XN laptop

Review If you like the idea of a laptop that you can cart about with you, but want something with a bigger screen and keyboard than the tiny Sony UX1XN, then the TX5XN could be just what you're looking for. It's small enough to accompany you most places you go, but still has a decent sized screen and keyboard so you can get some proper work done.
Will Head, 19 2007
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Reding threatens Euro TV regulations

CeBIT Viviane Reding sent a chunk of the mobile TV industry reeling when she threatened to impose standards on the industry and publicly backed the DVB-H standard.
Joe Fay, 19 2007
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Channel rumours round-up

Atos Origin and Getronics are the targets of rumoured takeovers this morning sending shares in both soaring.
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EPO says UK patent law is clear enough

The president of the European Patent Office has turned down a request by three English judges to have the EPO clarify a tricky section of European and UK patent law.
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A380 heads for US of A

Airbus A380s will later today touch down at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), marking the maiden transatlantic flights for the troubled superjumbo.

Toshiba to bring HD DVD to Satellite laptops

Toshiba will begin adding HD DVD drives to its mainstream laptop line-up, the Satellite series, in Q3, the notebook maker revealed last week.
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MPs guide Fujitsu workers back to talks

Fujitsu is to return to talks with disgruntled IT staff after MPs offered to mediate in the long-running dispute and staff called off strike action.
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Average Brit scoffs 2,960 spag bols

The average Brit will work his or her way through 2,960 portions of spaghetti bolognese in a lifetime - "the equivalent of a plateful every day for more than eight years", as the Evening Standard puts it.
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Page after page on the QCon Conference

March 12-16, 2007, saw the Qcon Conference take place at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, London. Yours truly, here at El Reg, sponsored the event that was advertised as "organized by the community, for the community."

Samsung shiny laptops to sport next-gen Nvidia GPU

Samsung has announced a pair of glossy black laptops, the South Korean giant's bid to build a look as iconic as Apple's MacBook machines and the original IBM - now Lenovo - ThinkPad. Into the bargain, it let slip Nvidia's GeForce Go 8000 GPU. Whoops.
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Naomi Campbell hits the mop and bucket

Naomi Campbell this morning began her five-day stint mopping New York floors as punishment for chucking a mobile phone at housekeeper Ana Scolavino, AFP reports.

BT hit by St Patrick's Day system failure

BT's UK billing service was halted nationwide for 24 hours on St Patrick's Day due to a major system failure.
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Racing games increase real world crashes

German researchers reckon that playing computer driving games encourages people men to take more risks when driving in the real world. Researchers carried out three studies using three racing games - Burnout, Midnight Racer, Need for Speed - and three non-racing control games - Tak, Crash Bandicoot and Fifa 2005. All games were played on a Sony PlayStation 2 using a 72in TV screen. One study also used Medal of Honour to see if a violent shoot 'em-up would have the same effect.

TPC debuts brokerage benchmark

The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) has announced a new set of benchmarks to measure the speed of servers.
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Father's smallpox jab puts son in hospital

A two-year old boy is in hospital today having become critically ill after his father received a smallpox vaccination.
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Breathe rescues some Biscit customers

Internet Service Provider Breathe is taking over V21 customers from crashed ISP Biscit.

HMRC gets new tool to battle VAT fraud

Computer chips and mobile phones will be subjected to a "reverse charge" VAT regime from June 1 this year in a bid to slash missing trader fraud.
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Sunspots linked to Aussie droughts?

An Australian scientist has proposed a link between the solar cycle of sunspots, and rainfall in the eastern region of his native land. He says that data going back 100-years show a correlation between solar activity, the polarity of the sun's magnetic field, and periods of drought.

Secure64 taunts hackers with 'DNS immunity'

Like most vendors in the Itanium realm, Secure64 has come to market slowly and with scaled back ambitions. Nonetheless, the start-up’s initial play - a super-fast, super-secure DNS (domain name service) server - looks promising.

Overland makes low-end REO grand

Overland Storage today launched an upgrade for the entry-level REO series of disk-based backup and virtual tape library systems.
Debian GNU/Linux

Debian founder crowned Sun King of OS

Ian Murdock, the father of Debian, is joining Sun Microsystems, to head up the company's operating systems platform strategy.
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Red Hat and Intel channels beat as one

Red Hat is fast-tracking reseller accreditation to anyone with an Intel Premier or Associate badge.
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FBI: Internet crime pays

Cyber-crime is alive and kicking in the USA, and playfully swimming through its riches like Scrooge McDuck in a money vault, the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center annual report reveals today.