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AMD praying ‘Barcelona’ makes up for four-core mistake

ExclusiveBruised by a resurgent Intel, AMD wishes it had tackled the four-core era with a different approach. The chipmaker stands behind the technical merits of pumping out a so-called native four-core chip with all four cores on the same piece of silicon.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Mar 2007
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Only 326 lines of code said to be at issue in SCO-IBM flap

The Mount Everest of evidence proving IBM's Linux contributions infringed SCO's intellectual-property rights amount to little more than a mole hill, according to a lawyer for Big Blue, who recently told a federal judge SCO has identified only 326 lines of offending code, compared with more than 700,000 lines of IBM's GPL'd code in the Linux kernel. (Note: an earlier version incorrectly said out of a base of 700,000 lines.)
Dan Goodin, 17 Mar 2007

Ofcom, dividends, and Sky stocks

ColumnIt's now (almost) too late to submit your comment on what should be done with the "digital dividend" - which is to say, if you think Sky should have a monopoly on High Definition TV, then you'll be smiling.
Guy Kewney, 17 Mar 2007

A postcard from SunLIVE07

Sun's jamboree was held in the magnificent Methodist Central Hall in London to the sound of the Beatles' Revolution (Evolution, plus Innovation equals.... geddit?).
David Norfolk, 17 Mar 2007

Dutch FOI disclosures reveal the odd business of evoting

Freedom of information disclosures in the Netherlands have revealed details of a bizarre dispute between Dutch electoral authorities and the supplier of the software used to administrate the elections.
Lucy Sherriff, 17 Mar 2007

ICANN terminates RegisterFly with extreme prejudice

ICANN yesterday gave notice to terminate RegisterFly.com's right to handle domain transfers.
Drew Cullen, 17 Mar 2007

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