15th March 2007 Archive

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  • Red Hat to pack punch on Oracle clustering?

    More than just a Linux distro

    Servers 15 Mar 00:36

  • Google to anonymize user data

    It's about time

    Security 15 Mar 00:40

  • Smut set still teaching retail crowd

    Pay to play

    Media 15 Mar 00:47

  • Douglas Coupland on bloggers, YouTube and Bubble 2.0

    Generation X, Microserfs author spooked

    Media 15 Mar 01:20

  • Lego, Superman and the US Army

    Reg done messing with Texas

    Media 15 Mar 04:47

  • Vodafone moves to flat-rate data on roaming

    €12 per day for 50MB of data

    Broadband 15 Mar 07:02

  • Linksys side-steps Wi-Fi limits with powerline kit

    Backs HomePlug AV standard

    Hardware 15 Mar 09:36

  • Amazon 1-Click to rule 'em all? Not if Kiwi has his way

    The prior art of shopping

    Law 15 Mar 09:46

  • SOA key to survival for businesses

    Adoption will make you stronger and faster, expert says

    Business 15 Mar 10:03

  • Regulator gives 'home-zone' services the go-ahead

    Mobile calls at cheaper, fixed-line rates

    Mobile 15 Mar 10:31

  • Samsung unveils usable UMPC

    Q1 Ultra adds keyboard, decent screen

    Hardware 15 Mar 10:48

  • Samsung tight-lipped about UMPC's 'new' Intel CPU

    Core 2 Duo ULV or 'Steeley'

    Hardware 15 Mar 11:01

  • ICANN: we can help Registerfly mess

    ICANN shows its frownie face as carnage continues

    CIO 15 Mar 11:05

  • Galileo PFI delayed by revenue fears

    Euro satnav project wanders off track

    Science 15 Mar 11:16

  • Rare flaw sighted in OpenBSD kernel

    Thar she overflows

    Security 15 Mar 11:23

  • Agencies mull global plans for space exploration

    A United Federation of, er, Planet?

    Science 15 Mar 11:26

  • Work permit fears doused

    Still smouldering

    Business 15 Mar 11:56

  • EC chucks RFID regs back to industry

    Smart chips too hot to handle

    Law 15 Mar 12:01

  • Commodore specs up Cxx games machine

    C64 emulator on board

    Hardware 15 Mar 12:04

  • Brits dubious of UK data sharing plans

    They don't have all the information

    Business 15 Mar 12:30

  • AMD steams into world chip maker top ten

    ATI purchase lifts chart position

    Hardware 15 Mar 12:34

  • Microsoft gives pirates thumbs up, and open source gets thumbs down

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    The Channel 15 Mar 13:03

  • Biofuels plant announced for Teesside

    As US boffins reckon to turn industry upside down

    Science 15 Mar 14:05

  • Who needs a PC? 'Amazon Unbox on TiVo' debuts

    Sticks everything on your telly

    Media 15 Mar 14:05

  • Yahoo! can! help! jail! Chinese! dissidents!

    Chinese journalists still in jail

    Law 15 Mar 14:22

  • Reding puts roaming cuts on ministers' conference table

    You can't trust the industry to do it itself...

    Mobile 15 Mar 14:33

  • Galactic fog cloaks magnificent fossil stars


    Science 15 Mar 14:50

  • Toshiba to bring 'budget' 1080p HD DVD player to Europe

    Hardware 15 Mar 15:05

  • MoD opens urban-warfare compo

    Design ambush-sniffing tech and win a barrel of pork

    Data Centre 15 Mar 15:13

  • Mail widget bug stumps MS

    Live.com and Let Die

    Applications 15 Mar 15:16

  • Fujitsu Siemens chief predicts the empty desktop

    Is that a virtualised environment in your pocket?

    Data Centre 15 Mar 15:22

  • Cisco Borgs WebEx

    $3.2bn conferencing play

    Networks 15 Mar 16:04

  • Blogger.com 'riddled' with malware


    Security 15 Mar 16:06

  • NASA boffin outlines asteroid mission

    Early stages, but possible

    Science 15 Mar 16:10

  • T-Mobile sings to My Opera

    Incorporates online community to web 'n' walk

    Mobile 15 Mar 16:22

  • Architectual insights

    A second postcard from Microsoft's Architect Insight conference

    Developer 15 Mar 16:41

  • DWP told to come clean on IT

    'We've told you before'

    Government 15 Mar 16:46

  • AOL flees TradeDoubler

    Shareholders snub offer

    Financial News 15 Mar 18:30

  • Truths, half-truths and Wikipedia

    Journalists play with loose facts

    Media 15 Mar 18:31

  • Congressman Frank slams online gambling ban

    Calls for repeal

    Government 15 Mar 18:39

  • IBM cuts up HP's cool blade claims

    Your air flow is, like, so unflowy

    Servers 15 Mar 18:49

  • Homicide trial delayed by lost remote control

    Weary cops unable to copy CCTV footage

    Security 15 Mar 18:51

  • Man used S&M website to incite rape of former mistress

    Ordered to stand trial in fiendish plot

    Security 15 Mar 21:05

  • Informatica glues new and old data for salesforce.com


    Developer 15 Mar 21:41

  • Folding@home comes to the PS3

    Help frag cancer

    Games 15 Mar 22:45