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Free Stob tome for every reader ...

Site offer Our good friends at Apress have very kindly offered us another batch of Verity Stob's best selling collection of amusing stories and anecdotes to give away free with every book bought.
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Even wee companies must adhere to WEEE regulations

Even small companies must provide free, environmentally-sound disposal of the electronic equipment they sell, according to new government guidelines (PDF) intended to clarify the WEEE Regulations.
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Atari can appeal because law may change before hearing

A claim in a court case over payment discrepancies to the author of Atari computer games can proceed because the law may have changed by the time the case gets heard.
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Buddhist video game aims to teach morals

We hear a lot about violence in video games being to blame for all the ills besetting the youth of today. Now, a Thai games developer has decided it is time to right the balance and has developed a snappily titled Ethics Game to teach youngsters about being good, decent and teetotal.
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UK's biometric passports go jumbo

The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) has produced a larger version of the biometric passport.
Kablenet, 13 2007

Oracle buys another database

Comment Oracle and IBM are both competitors and partners. In the case of databases they are certainly rivals, with Oracle 10g and DB2 going head-to-head at many sites. However, it has occurred to me to wonder if Oracle is seeking to rival IBM's crown as the owner of the most different databases.

IBM produces smaller Cells

IBM has beguin punching out a 65nm version of the Cell processor used in Sony's PlayStation 3. Gamers should not get too excited: Big Blue's Broadband Engine - to give Cell its full name - is aimed not at consoles but slimline servers.

Apple slip exposes eight-core Mac Pro

Apple may be about to equip its Mac Pro desktop with Intel four-core Xeon processors, if an inadvertent posting on the company's UK online store is to be believed.
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Non-glamorous gambling ads to hit UK from September

Ads for online and traditional gambling will hit the UK's airwaves from September, the government has confirmed.
Joe Fay, 13 2007

Ten reasons why you should buy a PlayStation 3

Tech Digest Is that the wind of changed opinions blowing? Since last week's Games Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, the buzz about Sony's PlayStation 3 has taken a turn for the better.
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IBM chief puzzles over payslip

Puzzling over your pension statements and worried about chomping your way through this year’s tax return?
Joe Fay, 13 2007

BSA fires off writs against online resellers

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has begun an international clampdown against people selling illegitimate software online.

Seagate ships free-fall detecting laptop hard drive

Seagate has said you can now buy the world's first 7,200rpm notebook hard drive that uses perpendicular recording technology to boost storage capacity and can detect when it's being dropped.
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Radio phone-ins might be dodgy too

Another day, another flurry of stories about dodgy phone-ins.
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ORG to enlighten music industry on DRM's limitations

The Open Rights Group (ORG) is developing a new paper to inform the music industry about the technical suitability of Digital Rights Management (DRM) as an aid to enforcing copyright.
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Beyoncé backs Samsing Ultra Music phone

Beyoncé Knowles is the face of Samsung's F300 Ultra Music handset. The actress and Destiny's Child will appear in ads promoting the phone, and the South Korean giant will sponsor her latest world tour, which kicks off its European leg next month.
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Guards to stake out Milosevic grave

Vampire hunters wishing to prevent Slobodan Milosevic rising from his grave will now have to deal with security guards posted to prevent them driving a stake through his heart and thereby thwarting any ambitions the Serbian dicatator may have for a Dracula-style political comeback.
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Disney launches interactive site for mums

Disney is launching a new website, Disney Family, aimed specifically at mums. The media giant says the site will host user generated articles, and will eventually form a "Parent Pedia", with information on hundreds of subjects of interest to mums and dads.

Sony set to shrink PSP

Remember claims made in August 2006 that Sony is planning to redesign the PlayStation Portable? It turns out they were true. Sony Computer Entertainment UK chief Ray Maguire yesterday confirmed a "smaller, lighter" version is on its way.
Pirates ahoy!

If you must pirate, use counterfeit Windows

A senior Microsoft exec has admitted that some software piracy actually ends up benefiting the technology giant because it leads to purchases of other software packages.
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Al Gore brings TV for Guardianistas to UK

Yesterday saw the UK launch of yet another TV-on-the-internet company - only this one is also TV-on-the-internet-on-TV.

ECS to fly Flybook wannabe into CeBIT

Taiwanese hardware maker Elitegroup ECS yesterday revealed it's going to be demo'ing at Germany's CeBIT show this week. One offering caught our eye: the G200 laptop, which sports an "ingenious... smart neck that allows the screen to be lifted, tilted or swiveled to a comfortable level for the user".

Computacenter product business stages comeback

Computacenter has managed to tighten its belt a couple of notches and turn its infrastructure business into its headline feature - for the right reasons.

Intel 'Bearlake' chipsets to get CeBIT outing

Intel may be preparing to launch its 'Bearlake' chipset series later this week. Well, motherboard makers are going to be showing off boards based on the upcoming silicon at CeBIT on Thursday.
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Viacom sues Google for $1bn

Viacom's patience with Google has finally run out, and the entertainment giant has filed a $1bn copyright infringement suit against Google.
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Storage market spins out of control

Research house IDC reckons the worldwide storage market reached $4.8bn last year - a six per cent growth on last year.
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NEC warms up unlaunched storage grid

NEC has announced the imminent arrival of its grid storage system which it claims will remove the need for planned downtime, amongst other things.
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The Holy Grail of services: SCA

How many times lately have you come across a column on Service Oriented Architecture (or SOA)? Or an article telling you that SOA is the next big thing? Or that SOA is the way we should all be building systems?
John Hunt, 13 2007
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Demonic car takes out TelecityRedbus

Letters What? Keep the lights on? Forget global warming, it's all about budget allocation?
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VSTO For Mere Mortals

Book review In addition to the legions of professional Visual Basic programmers, there are still more developers who use VBA and Microsoft Office for automation, customisation or the development of tailored office applications. Many of these are super-users rather full-time developers, but they have depended on VBA to extend and expand what it is they can do with Excel, Office, Access et al.

'World's first' transistor-printing plant opens

Austrian manufacturer Nanoident Technologies today cut the ribbon on the world's first factory that literally prints opto-electronic sensor circuitry and components onto virtually any surface, including plastic, ceramic and silicon.
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Breathe blows off Biscit deal

Breathe’s rescue of Biscit Internet is off, the would-be rescuer announced this afternoon.
Joe Fay, 13 2007
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Intel on sale for $20

Fanboys everywhere can now buy Intel by the bit.

Once again, 'Vladuz' impales eBay defenses

For at least the third time in as many months, a malicious hacker has gained unauthorized access to parts of eBay's network despite the best efforts of the company's security team to fortify its system against the embarrassing breaches.

Cisco Borgs NeoPath

Cisco is buying NeoPath, a small Silicon Vallley storage management software vendor. Terms for the privately-held company are undisclosed.
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Y2K7 bug causes isolated glitches

Clockwatch We may have been little premature yesterday in declaring that America survived Sunday's Daylight Saving Time (DST) switch unscathed.
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Dutch reject USB flash drive tax

Dutch justice minister Hirsch Ballin has rejected calls for a copyright tax on USB Flash drives.
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Last.fm puts video through the scrobbler

Last.fm, the popular music website, is to apply its social recommendation technology to video, as it prepares to do battle with Pandora for the internet radio station market.
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Sun NetBeans phones home

Sun is taking advantage of a NetBeans feature that phones home twice each month to record numbers of active users.
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Blanket discovery for stolen laptops

Comment Bad things happen online. Trade secrets are lost or stolen. Personal information is compromised. Copyrights and trademarks are infringed. Bloggers post confidential information, defamatory information, or just annoying information. Websites host stolen credit cards, hacking tools and techniques, or other things that you might not want.