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FBI agents 'abused Patriot Act powers'

The FBI repeatedly broke the law by secretly accessing information about US citizens under a law passed to curb terrorism, according to the Justice Department's Office of Inspector General in a report that prompted a sharp rebuke from legislators and civil libertarians.
Dan Goodin, 10 Mar 2007

US Gov warned on messed up e-voting systems

As the UK braces for electronic voting trials in the next round of local elections, the US Government Audit Office (GAO) has warned that e-voting systems could undermine the integrity of the whole election process if not properly managed.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Mar 2007

IBM touts mainframes to India

IBM is trying to sell mainframes to companies in India, Russia and China, promoting them as ways to reduce power and cooling costs. It said that the power grid in places such as Mumbai is creaking under the strain of server sprawl, as companies plug in more and more Wintel boxes.
Bryan Betts, 10 Mar 2007

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