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Pound Sterling

Former Wipro salesman sues for £1m in commission

A salesman who helped Wipro, India's largest outsourcing firm, win the "mother of all outsourcing deals" to supply IT services to Shell is suing the firm for unpaid commission on the deal.
Mark Ballard, 09 Mar 2007

Vultures circle South by Southwest

SXSWFor the first time in its esteemed history, The Register has deigned it appropriate to despatch journalists to cover the South By Southwest interactive, film and music conference in Austin, Texas.
Christopher Williams, 09 Mar 2007

Driving on the right side of the code

ColumnPerhaps one of the most interesting things about TDD is not the specification-oriented and design-centred role in which testing is employed, but the amount of explanation it requires as a term. And I don't just mean expanding the abbreviation to Test-Driven Development or Test-Driven Design, as opposed to, say, Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (That said, I have heard it mistaken for Top-Down Design.)
Kevlin Henney, 09 Mar 2007

Last month's root-server attack revisited

Last month's attack on at least six of the net's root servers was formidable, but thanks to the implementation of a technology designed to protect the infrastructure, only two were affected, according to a factsheet issued today by ICANN.
Dan Goodin, 09 Mar 2007

Gateway duo found guilty of ancient securities fraud

Two senior beancounters at Gateway cooked the books in 2000 in an attempt to keep Wall Street analysts happy. John Todd, the ex-chief financial officer, and Robert Manza, the PC maker's fomer controller, also illegally swept bad news about the company under the carpet.
Drew Cullen, 09 Mar 2007

Britain's Tories love open source (true)

George Osborne, Britain's shadow chancellor of the exchequer, has stuck the Conservative Party's banner firmly on the internet bandwagon.
Mark Ballard, 09 Mar 2007

Yahoo! red-faced! over! curry! blog! ripoff!

Yahoo was left mumbling apologies in multiple languages this week after it emerged that it had lifted curry recipes from the blog of an Indian housewife.
Joe Fay, 09 Mar 2007

SanDisk downplays SDHC card speed ratings

SanDisk is to add a 8GB SDHC memory card to its Ultra II line-up in June, but it's already sowing the seeds of confusion by claiming a range of speeds for the card in addition to the standard SDHC rating.
Tony Smith, 09 Mar 2007

Management 'scared' by open source

EclipseConFear is stalking the corridors of corporate power, as executives sweat over the legal exposure caused by developers using open source software.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Mar 2007
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Microsoft admits WGA update phones home

Microsoft has admitted that the latest update to its Windows Genuine Advantage program will phone back to Redmond even if the user clicks cancel.
John Oates, 09 Mar 2007

Employers liable for workplace homophobic abuse

Employers are liable for the effects that homophobic abuse masquerading as banter has on workers, according to an Employment Tribunal ruling.
OUT-LAW.COM, 09 Mar 2007

MedTab fulfils Xerox predictions

Emanotec's newly launched MedTab has at long last realised the predictions of the future of mobile computing made years ago by Xerox Parc.
Bill Ray, 09 Mar 2007

Tech industry outlines women's day initiatives

Cisco has jumped on Thursday's International Women's Day bandwagon with the launch of F_email - a project to improve women's technology skills.
Maxim Kelly, 09 Mar 2007

IT outsourcing not catching on with small.biz

Small firms are falling behind in outsourcing IT functions, a new survey has revealed.
Ciara O'Brien, 09 Mar 2007

O2 offers smart-phone buyers Graphite

O2 has begun selling the XDA Graphite, the Asus-made Wi-Fi and 3G Windows Mobile smart phone that emerged way back in October 2006 in US Federal Communications Commission filings.
Tony Smith, 09 Mar 2007

EC agrees to cut carbon, fumbles renewables deal

The European Commission has agreed to reduce carbon emissions by 20 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020. The agreement was announced at a climate change summit in Brussels.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Mar 2007

Act on accessibility now, before it hurts

CommentThere are two cases, that I am aware of, moving through the courts in the US relating to accessibility of IT solutions.
Peter Abrahams, 09 Mar 2007

Symantec buys compliance firm

Symantec is buying 4FrontSecurity, a small compliance company based in Reston, Virginia, which was started by British-educated Christopher Parker and Steve Crutchley.
John Oates, 09 Mar 2007

Palm hires iPod guru

Three weeks ago, Palm CEO Ed Colligan described Apple's iPhone as "a highly developed media player, which happens to include a phone". But that doesn't mean he's being complacent. According to the New York Times, Palm has hired former Apple alumini Paul Mercer to work on a new line of products.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Mar 2007

MS skips March Patch Tuesday

Microsoft announced on Thursday that doesn't plan to issue any security updates next week in a rare break from its regular monthly Patch Tuesday update cycle.
John Leyden, 09 Mar 2007

BOFH: The wild smut chase

Episode 9
Simon Travaglia, 09 Mar 2007

Aliens shun GM crops

The reason why visiting aliens tend to abduct American citizens but only trample on corn fields in Europe has been blamed on genetically modified crops.
John Oates, 09 Mar 2007

New OpenSolaris distribution for developers

CommentSun Microsystems has announced a new set of products and services targeting developers, startups, and internet companies seeking to build and deploy their web infrastructure on Solaris 10.
Clay Ryder, 09 Mar 2007

Russians ready Tsar-studded Nokia 8800

And what mobile telephone will Moscow's most fashionable oligarchs be clasping to their ears this spring? If Russian handset supplier Isse has its way, its re-styled Nokia 8800, the Monaco, that's what.
The Hardware Widow, 09 Mar 2007

School email's out across UK

7,500 UK schools using the email services of RM Plc, the UK's largest education technology supplier, have been without communications this week.
Mark Ballard, 09 Mar 2007

Beam-me-up-Scotty's home town plans memorial

The Scottish town of Linlithgow is building a memorial to its most famous, albeit fictional, resident. For Linlithgow is the birthplace of Montgomery Scott, more usually known as "Scotty", the Star Trek engineer.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Mar 2007
For Sale sign detail

Friendly fire mixup: MS identifies Windows as Mac

UpdatedIn what might be described as a "Friendly Fire" incident, Microsoft software has identified a copy of Windows as a hostile operating system - belonging to enemy Apple forces.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Mar 2007

Apple 'MacBook Mini' to lose HDD, gain Flash?

Rumours that Apple is working on a sub-notebook computer were given weight this week when a Wall Street analyst claimed the ultra-compact MacBook will use Flash storage.
Tony Smith, 09 Mar 2007

F5 expands DevCentral

Social software tools seem to be fast becoming the communications medium of choice when it comes to companies getting mindshare within the developer community. So much so that it will be interesting to see how many of them move in that direction in their approach to developing applications for others.
Martin Banks, 09 Mar 2007
Sony PlayStation 3

Sony to bring 'PS2-less' PS3 to US, Japan?

Europe may be the first region to get PlayStation 3 consoles that lack the PlayStation 2 Emotion Engine chip. It has been claimed other territories will also get the machine later this year as Sony strives to boost its profitability.
Tony Smith, 09 Mar 2007

Man claims to have made love to over 30 cars

A British man has confessed to making love to over 30 different cars and setting up a website to explain his techniques to the masses.
Joe Fay, 09 Mar 2007

Trio suspended for putting 'vagina' into Monologues

Three high school students in the US have been suspended from school for saying "vagina". This sounds silly, but gets even sillier when you learn that they said the word during a reading of "The Vagina Monologues".
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Mar 2007

HP crosses blades with IBM

The server performance battle has shifted to power dissipation. HP now claims not that its latest blade servers run database benchmarks or whatever faster than IBM, but that they put out less heat and require less airflow, thanks to "zoned cooling" and "thermal logic".
Bryan Betts, 09 Mar 2007

Sony unwraps shot-sharing Wi-Fi digicam

Sony has brought the wonder of wireless to its Cyber-shot digital camera family. This week it showed off the six-megapixel DSC-G1 with built-in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi.
Tony Smith, 09 Mar 2007

Google Earth raises hell with Mount Hitler name slip

The mayor of the German town of Bad Toelz, Germany, is angry with Google Earth for its reference to a nearby "Mount Hitler".
Jan Libbenga, 09 Mar 2007

Airbus falls to first ever loss

Airbus has posted the first loss in its corporate history, blaming delays to the A380 superjumbo.
John Oates, 09 Mar 2007

Orange votes for Big Brother sponsorship

There's been a lot of controversy about dubious premium rate phone-ins connected to TV shows this week, but that hasn't stopped Orange setting up a telephone vote for staff to decide whether or not it should sponsor the mother and father of all telephone voting shows - Big Brother.
John Oates, 09 Mar 2007

Borat scares foreigners with text messages

LettersBefore we kick off this week's musings, a couple more thoughts on the UK's plans to scrap the mooted ID card for youths.
Tracey Cooper, 09 Mar 2007

Wife of Chinese cyber-dissident sues Yahoo!

The wife of a jailed Chinese cyber-dissident has travelled to the US to sue Yahoo! for its role in facilitating his prosecution.
John Leyden, 09 Mar 2007

Arcam announces audiophile iPod dock

UK hi-fi specialist Arcam has come up with an iPod dock that has a novel way of maximising the diminutive player's sound quality - it doesn't charge the battery unless it really has to.
Tony Smith, 09 Mar 2007
Warning: roundabout

HP goes lifecycle modelling

The close relationship between HP and SAP, which led to the joint announcement of the latter's Enterprise SOA effort, has spawned a new applications development and deployment lifecycle model from HP's Bristol Labs – where much of the development work for SAP was carried out.
Martin Banks, 09 Mar 2007

PC World Wintel boxes suffer from Mac envy

UK computer superstore chain PC World clearly thinks its customers are suffering on the sly from Mac envy. How else can we explain how the pictures of PCs on its online store and in its catalogues all show Mac OS X screenshots?
Tony Smith, 09 Mar 2007

If surgery was like Wikipedia...

Re: Farewell, Wikipedia?
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Mar 2007
clock teaser

Daylight saving bug in Java eclipses Sun

Sun has warned of a bug in its Java software platforms stemming from problems involving an update module designed to address the earlier start of Daylight Saving Time in the US this year.
John Leyden, 09 Mar 2007

How to Save Internet Radio

OpinionConsumers and webcasters are outraged at the license fees that the Copyright Royalty Board (the CRB) has determined will be charged under the webcasting statutory license in the United States. Everyone except spokespeople for the record labels expect that these fees will drive nearly all independent webcasters out of business.
Bennett Lincoff, 09 Mar 2007

Breathe scoops up Biscit assets

Breathe Networks has bought the business of the collapsed UK ISP Biscit Internet. In other words, it is taking on the customers, but not the debts of the company which went into administration earlier this week.
Drew Cullen, 09 Mar 2007
homeless man with sign

How many VMs are on your LAN – and how sure are you?

Server virtualisation is taking companies back to the bad old days when they had no idea how many PCs and servers they had, because employees were buying them unchecked.
Bryan Betts, 09 Mar 2007

Blog boy Scoble crippled by BBQ crisis

SXSWPeople with little to do collapsed in a panic earlier this week when cat-feeding diarist Robert Scoble revealed that he's given up blogging for barbeque.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Mar 2007

Intel powers down four-core Xeon

Proving that it no longer aspires to making chips hotter than the surface of the sun, Intel has pushed out new, low-voltage versions of its best Xeon chip.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Mar 2007

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