7th March 2007 Archive

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  • Oracle mimics Microsoft's per socket pricing

    Low-end love

    Servers 07 Mar 00:33

  • Oracle opens arms to TopLink developers

    Take my services, please

    Applications 07 Mar 00:40

  • Could the EU provide a forum for rational gaming legislation?

    The European Court of Justice pushes for openness

    Law 07 Mar 00:52

  • Huawei-3Com taps Expand for WAN software

    Converged application-accelerating routers are on the way

    Data Networking 07 Mar 09:52

  • Eclipse scrubs up Web 2.0 credentials

    AJAX, scripting - the works

    Developer 07 Mar 09:57

  • Obi-Wan's Jedi cloak sold

    How cheap is your force?

    Bootnotes 07 Mar 10:02

  • Reuters to start MySpace for City traders

    Financial types don't like teenage girls, apparently

    Financial News 07 Mar 10:05

  • English court cannot hear SanDisk MP3 patent case

    Action needs to be taken where harm was done

    Law 07 Mar 10:07

  • Power users deserve support too

    Changing the balance on the frontline

    Reg Technology Panel 07 Mar 10:43

  • Oracle pays $3.3bn for Hyperion

    Good news for whom?

    Financial News 07 Mar 10:48

  • Samsung fields Flash cache fitted hybrid hard drive

    Load-time lowerer

    Hardware 07 Mar 10:55

  • EMC strengthens armour for SMB offensive

    Announces raft of new products

    Storage 07 Mar 11:03

  • Tesco charges punter £1 a minute for US freephone call

    And helpdesk can't help with correct rate

    VoIP 07 Mar 11:08

  • US Navy research throws up vomit ray

    See sick?

    Science 07 Mar 11:19

  • Archos über wireless movie player rides in

    The big screen... in your hand

    Hardware 07 Mar 11:32

  • Becta throws shroud over Microsoft deal

    Vista adoption in schools 'high risk'

    Government 07 Mar 11:34

  • Stormy weather for malware defenses

    Virus writers go after anti-virus vulnerabilities

    Security 07 Mar 11:47

  • Network access control with fewer delays

    v3.0 has the knack of NAC, Nevis says

    Data Networking 07 Mar 12:16

  • Mozilla patches faulty patch

    Cure worse than disease

    Security 07 Mar 12:26

  • Intel waiting for key update before going Vista

    Won't leap until SP1 arrives

    Hardware 07 Mar 12:29

  • Hit the DECT: cordless phones on test

    Ten cordless phones for your consideration

    Phones 07 Mar 12:44

  • Home Office threatens illegal immigrants with text messages

    Pls do nt dstrb da nabrs as u lv

    Government 07 Mar 13:21

  • Fortify and the Java open review project

    Is open source software better than you think?

    Developer 07 Mar 13:54

  • Babelgum - another new, new TV thing

    Joost like Joost

    Broadband 07 Mar 14:18

  • New Jersey BOFH cuffed over $10m Cisco scam

    Replacement kit 'fraud'

    The Channel 07 Mar 14:42

  • Fraud cost UK at least £13bn in 2005

    Identity fraud a hash

    Security 07 Mar 15:12

  • Readers win with Reg Hardware

    Phones 07 Mar 15:16

  • Nokia expands phone software update service

    More handsets, more languages

    Phones 07 Mar 16:21

  • ITV extends Local on-demand service

    Are you local?

    Hardware 07 Mar 16:29

  • Media blasts Cambridge undergrads' drinking habits

    From within their pint glass houses

    Science 07 Mar 16:41

  • Banks unleash paper tigers over terror data probe

    'We've written some letters'

    Law 07 Mar 17:08

  • Carmakers tout green motors in Geneva

    But where's the juice ultimately coming from?

    Science 07 Mar 17:20

  • Italy tops global wiretap league

    State of the surveillance nation

    Government 07 Mar 18:15

  • Feds fume over Microsoft anti-trust delay

    Compliance hold up

    Law 07 Mar 22:08

  • VMware adds to desktop assault with ACE 2

    Three years between betas

    Servers 07 Mar 22:51