2nd March 2007 Archive

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  • GPS tracking Feds bust Cisco reseller 'fraud'

    The network is the sting

    The Channel 02 00:41

  • SCO loses another $1m in Q1

    Unix biz rushes to vanishing point

    Financial News 02 00:59

  • Why BitTorrent is loving the US (and not loving the rest of the world)

    Contracts my dear boy, contracts

    Bootnotes 02 01:03

  • Online ads diet planned for Adobe Photoshop

    Thinks free

    Applications 02 01:34

  • US Marines stomp suburbia

    War, what is it good for? The garage door industry

    Broadband 02 02:03

  • Google removes gaybashing website

    Refuses to say why

    Media 02 02:18

  • Motorola loses Razr domain name case

    Failure to provide evidence

    Law 02 08:02

  • Lawn mowing ex-policeman cannot claim spy breach by private eyes

    RIPA does not apply, Tribunal finds

    Law 02 09:29

  • Honeybees dropping like flies

    Mystery ailment hits colonies worldwide

    Science 02 09:55

  • Torex Retail to lay off developers

    The trouble continues

    The Channel 02 10:01

  • Bournemouth Council routes internet through sewer

    As though there wasn't enough filth there already

    Broadband 02 10:13

  • Companies Act timetable published

    Steady as she goes

    Business 02 10:20

  • Eircom will 'wipe out' Irish telcos: ALTO

    Network upgrade will 'increase digital divide'

    Networks 02 10:29

  • IT suppliers overcharging UK.gov

    Says recruitment firm that wants its share of the pork

    Policy 02 10:49

  • Reclaiming a different legacy

    It isn't just COBOL you know...

    Developer 02 11:10

  • Sony showcases new video MP3 player

    Walkman for the next generation

    Hardware 02 11:34

  • Mercury Telecommunications feels Ofcom's wrath

    But complains of impossible operating conditions

    Broadband 02 11:38

  • Samsung ships 60nm 1Gb DDR 2 DRAM chip

    Two years in the making...

    Hardware 02 11:46

  • Irish donkey sex case shocks net

    Galway court invokes Unlawful Accommodation of Donkeys Act

    Bootnotes 02 12:18

  • EC balks at MS pricing, loses Swift to the US

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    Business 02 12:43

  • Maynor reveals missing Apple flaw

    And claims underhand play

    Security 02 12:44

  • The rise of zero-day patches

    The experts speak

    Security 02 13:01

  • PingWales says hwyl

    That's goodbye...

    Media 02 13:20

  • Intel 'Bloomfield' to intro 1,366-pin socket?

    HyperThreading back too, apparently

    Hardware 02 13:32

  • Nokia E65 mobile phone

    Looks good. Feels good. But how does it actually perform, hmm..?

    Phones 02 13:46

  • UK councils in email meltdown madness

    New Forest without mail as Cambridge launches spam blizzard

    Policy 02 13:47

  • AMD chipset roadmap does include Intel

    ATI acquisition changes nothing

    Hardware 02 13:53

  • Reg hacks scorched in nuclear flame blitz

    'You are such an anti-semitic turd'

    Bootnotes 02 14:06

  • Cassini eats Saturn

    How else to explain the pictures?

    Science 02 14:11

  • Armed robber offers bank customers loans

    Surrounded blagger mans the phones

    Security 02 14:21

  • Blindside to mull potholes in road to e-government

    What can go wrong?

    Policy 02 15:19

  • Morse all smiles despite turnover slide

    Post-tax profits looking healthy

    The Channel 02 15:51

  • Take That menace UK comms infrastructure

    Websites crash, phone lines go dead

    Broadband 02 16:06

  • UK.gov probes foreign IT workers

    After allegations the industry imports cheap labour

    Government 02 16:11

  • British porn domain mastermind fights US Government

    .xxx blocked by US Gov, Lawley claims

    Law 02 16:14

  • BBC promos go GooTube

    Trailer park

    Media 02 16:16

  • Bruce Willis ousts Deep Purple for Eurovision title

    But which is more of a threat to humanity?

    Letters 02 17:00

  • Scotsman wins £1,300 settlement against spammer

    Website shows how you can hit back, too

    Law 02 17:31

  • Blu-ray backer Samsung shows HD DVD laptop

    Onto the format fence?

    Hardware 02 17:36

  • MacRumors vigilantes nail UK teen scammer

    'Max on Macs' took cash, didn't stump goods

    Hardware 02 18:00

  • Bogus Wikipedia Prof. was blessed then promoted

    The Counterfactual History Man

    Media 02 18:08

  • Novell posts drop in revenues and profits

    Pleased with Linux progress

    Financial News 02 18:28

  • EMI rejects Warner bid

    'Too slow, too low'

    Financial News 02 19:15

  • There is life beyond .NET, says Microsoft (really)

    Rest of world discovered

    Developer 02 19:28

  • Wanted: social workers (Klansmen preferred)

    Council needs racism coordinators

    Bootnotes 02 20:27

  • Vista product activation unpicked

    Broken by brute force and swiped from shelves

    Operating Systems 02 20:28

  • eBay plugs hole in sign-on page

    Persistence pays off

    Security 02 20:35

  • Office 2007 bug delights Francophiles everywhere

    Others less amused

    Applications 02 21:52