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FTC: Thumbs up for America's online child protection laws

America's laws protecting children's privacy online are working just fine, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). But just to make sure, it will slap violators with bigger fines.
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Antigua throws life preserver to DOJ in search for missing money

House of Cards The fugitive former COO of BetonSports.com (BOS), Clive Archer, announced last week on the BetonSports website that the company had reached an agreement with the government of Antigua to institute an orderly return of funds to its jilted customers.

AMD launches ATI RS690 chipset at long last

AMD today introduced its first chipset products to be released only under its own brand rather than ATI's: the integrated 690G and 690V.
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Privacy slights should prompt lawsuits

Seek compensation if someone breaches your privacy, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) urged today.

Call for Blair to challenge Windows Vista price

British computer users are demanding Tony Blair stand up to Microsoft and stop them being ripped off over Windows Vista pricing.
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Naomi Campbell says sorry for mobile assault

WSA Battling supermodel Naomi Campbell has expressed her remorse for the phone-throwing incident which cost her maid Ana Scolavino four stiches in the head and the Streatham clotheshorse five days' community service.
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Seven-day session kills Chinese gamer

A Chinese man who spent "almost all" of the seven-day Lunar New Year holiday glued to a computer game finally dropped dead at the end of the marathon session, Reuters reports.
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Compel interims strong

Compel increased turnover by 10 per cent to £45m in the six months ended 31 December 2006.

Software as a service needs a clear service level agreement

Software houses must create a whole new kind of service level agreement (SLA) if they start selling their software as a service rather than a product, according to a body which represents software developers.

MP3 players hit by patent infringement suit

The world's major MP3 player manufacturers have been sued in a patent infringement case by a company that began the case the day after it acquired the patent.

Dell to offer Linux with its desktops and laptops

Dell users may soon have the choice of having Linux pre-installed on their machines, according to a statement on the technology company's website.
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Sony models Spring digicam lines

After last week's splashes from Pentax and Canon, it's Sony's turn to row out a raft of new digital cameras, including compact and SLR models.
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US Superfighter software glitch fixed

Significant new capabilities have been added to the US Air Force's latest superfighter, the F-22 "Raptor". The USAF's Raptors cost more than $300m each, and are generally thought to be the most advanced combat jets in service worldwide. However, until recently they were unable to cross the international date line owing to a software bug in their navigation systems.
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MPs criticise NAO's efficiency scrutiny

Members of Parliament's Public Accounts Committee have shown a reluctance to accept a report on the progress of Whitehall's efficiency campaign.
Kablenet, 28 2007

Dell to offer Linux with desktops, laptops

Dell users may soon have the choice of having Linux pre-installed on their machines, according to a statement on the technology company's website.
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Philips, Intel design PDA for medics

Philips and Intel are to develop a tablet computer for doctors and nurses, in the process creating what they claim is a new category of device: the Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA). Presumably, Portable Doctor's Assistant* is already taken...

Sony preps ever ready USB battery charger

Sony will ship a USB-connected rechargeable battery power supply unit later this year, the consumer electronics giant pledged this week. The device, dubbed Energy LINK, ships with a pair of AA batteries that slip inside to be charged when the unit's plugged into a computer.
Samunng i70 digital compact camera

Samsung shows off i70 compact digicams

Samsung has announced the newest addition to it's digital compact camera range: the i70. The 7.2-megapixel camera is available in a choice of four colours: silver, black pink and gold.
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China to purify cyber gamblers, build harmonious society

Due to its proximity to mainland China, gambling development in Macau has exploded - recently even surpassing Las Vegas' legendary Strip in revenue terms - and international players, such as Ladbrokes, have been positioning themselves to expand into the mainland itself when the time is right.

Logica sees profit growth

Logica CMG says profits grew by 30 per cent in 2006 and revenues were up 45.3 per cent.

Motorola revamps StarTAC for Koreans... again

Motorola has revived its olde StarTAC brand in a bid to win the hearts and wallets of Swinging Sixties-obsessed South Korean trendies. The phone maker this week re-launched the line with the StarTAC III MS900 clamshell.
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Watchdog boss blasts Britain's e-voting plans

The chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life yesterday delivered a stinging attack on attempts to modernise the British voting system.
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Middle England battles Strategy Boutiques

Readers of the Daily Telegraph have got themselves into a bit of a tizz over alleged abuses our our beloved English language.

Ms Pac-Man celebrates 25 years with Apple

Namco has released the hugely-popular Ms Pac-Man for the fifth-generation iPod. Like an old college mate who refuses to accept the world has moved on, Ms Pac-Man is still out there night after night, popping pills and running from ghosts down warp tunnels whilst listening to repetitive music.
Bill Ray, 28 2007
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Korea orders Google to rewrite 'unfair' AdSense contracts

The Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) has told Google to rewrite sections of its AdSense contracts which empower Google to unilaterally cancel any deal, and are considered unfair under Korean law.
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Japan scrubs Antarctic whale hunt

Japan's Antarctic whaling fleet has called it a day for this season following the recent fire aboard its main vessel the Nisshin Maru, Reuters reports.
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Europe enjoying broadband by light

There are now over one million fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband connections in Europe, according to an Informa report.
Bill Ray, 28 2007
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NASA moves fast on hail damage, astronaut madness

NASA has postponed a shuttle launch planned for 15 March after the space vehicle was damaged by a launch-pad hailstorm on Monday.

Northamber holds tight

Distributor Northamber has reported how it has managed to sit out a "disappointing" period for the IT sector by keeping a tight reign on costs and cashing in some investments.
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Airbus to lay off 10,000

Airbus CEO Louis Gallois this afternoon announced 10,000 lay-offs of "overhead staff" across the company's European operations in the wake of the A380 debacle.
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Star Trek XI logged for Xmas 2008 launch

Paramount Pictures has confirmed the next Star Trek movie will be released on Christmas Day 2008.
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N-Gage makes play at Elisa

Nokia has started trials of its latest N-Gage platform with Finnish operator Elisa.
Bill Ray, 28 2007

Orb turns MySpace into personal radio station

Exclusive Just as you thought the MySpace phenomenon was running out of steam, tomorrow will see the biggest innovation to the site since it launched.
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UK gov scraps youth ID card

The government has scrapped its carrot and stick id card for yoofs after realising that the costs of developing its computer system were beginning to outweigh the benefits it could deliver.

Sony pledges to balance PS3 supply, demand by May

Sony has said PlayStation 3 production will match demand by the end of May, in North America at the very least.
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US yawns at Wi-Fi enabled phones

Market watcher Ovum reckons that only one US mobile phone subscriber in 50 will have a Wi-Fi enabled phone by 2010. Dual-mode phones that support both WLAN and cellular are already a familiar sight in the Europe and Asia markets. Most of Nokia's E series, and its N80 consumer smart phone, feature both standards.
RIM BlackBerry 8800

RIM BlackBerry 8800

Review RIM is on a roll with another new BlackBerry that leans more toward a consumer construct than the previous devices. It takes the form factor of earlier models, adds in a welcome tweak here... and creates a device that borrows from both the consumer and corporate worlds.
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Britain's broadband punters more pissed off than last year

Broadband customers, who tend to be a bit Victor Meldrew at the best of times, are getting unhappier with the service they receive from internet service providers.
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Microsoft proto-being stirs into Live

Microsoft's Live isn't, well, live - at least not in a "here it is with a full set of bells and whistles" sense. But it is here, as a proto-being, and the company wants developers to go and try it out, find out what it can do and, from there, get some ideas on what they might want to do with it.
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US Army unable to afford translators, bomb-proof trucks

The US Army's planned budget for the 2008 financial year is in excess of $130bn – more than double the budget of all three UK armed services combined – but even so the American soldiers believe they are short of what they need.
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Warezov worm fiends target Skype

The authors of the prolific Warezov worm are targeting users of Skype.

Dell gets new Euro head

Dell has appointed David Marmonti as its new European boss.
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UK supermarkets fingered in crap petrol probe

Supermarkets in the south-eastern UK presented a fresh target for motorist anger today, as reports circulated that the grocery chains had been selling contaminated fuel.
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Spontaneous human combustion: Skype to blame?

Analysis A Voice over IP service was to blame for a man in Massachusetts bursting into flames at the weekend.
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HP's blades go virtual - six months late

Like Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top, HP has turned its cap backwards and pushed the relatively new c-Class blade products to the next level.

CompUSA jettisons 126 stores

CompUSA today sounded the Big Retreat, announcing plans to close more than half of its US stores.
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Sky goes dark for Virgin Media

Sky and Virgin Media have failed to reach an agreement on renewing the contract under which Sky channels have been available to Virgin Media (the supplier formally known as NTL) customers, resulting in those channels no longer being available from midnight tonight.
Bill Ray, 28 2007

RFID security presentation pulled after legal threat

A presentation on the security shortcoming of RFID technologies was pulled at the last minute from a Black Hat conference this week.
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Website immunity spreads with impunity

Silicon Justice February has been a banner month for website immunity in the US.

AMD blasts 'devious' Intel

AMD today attempted to rescue some initiative in its battle with Intel with pot shots aimed its rival's server, desktop, and even developing world strategies.

Intel warming Wall Street once again

Intel and AMD have embraced a divide and propaganda approach to tout their upcoming server chips. The two vendors today held press events in San Francisco at the exact same time, forcing journalists to pick between the giant and the underdog.