23rd February 2007 Archive

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  • Sprint Nextel more reliable than Cingular, Shock!

    Call-dropping like flies

    Broadband 23 00:57

  • Microsoft told to pay Alcatel $1.5bn in MP3 patent spat


    Law 23 01:19

  • Chimpanzees sharpen spikes for bush baby killings

    Chimpy Spears

    Science 23 01:29

  • Rushing to the defense of the Baghdad Sniper

    'If you were smart you would keep your mouth shut'

    Letters 23 01:35

  • BEA sales supremo exits as regions fizzle

    WebLogic flat

    Business 23 02:02

  • Mysterious 'Vladuz' again hacks eBay employee servers

    He's ba-ack

    Security 23 04:40

  • ICANN rides to the rescue in Registerfly meltdown

    Touched by an Ombudsman

    Small Biz 23 04:58

  • Ebuyer caught pinching content from rival site

    Naughty, very naughty

    The Channel 23 08:02

  • New Europol powers need new protection, says watchdog

    Consistency is key

    Government 23 10:08

  • Man due in court on letter bomb charges

    Back in court later today

    Law 23 10:20

  • Doctors back controversial NHS IT system

    But say 'no more cash'

    Policy 23 10:21

  • EU endorses flexible frequency use

    Just buy a license, and do what you will

    Broadband 23 10:34

  • Torture and '24' - because it hurts us less than the real thing?

    The fiction is that it makes any kind of sense

    Law 23 10:42

  • Trojan phishing attack claims multiple victims

    From Russia without love

    Security 23 10:56

  • Bruce Willis thwarts cybergeddon

    Haxploitation opus set for summer release

    Security 23 10:58

  • DSG 'consults' on future of French operation

    Preps 'Chere Jean' letter for PC City

    The Channel 23 11:27

  • Murdoch buys online ad firm

    Popups for everyone

    Financial News 23 11:28

  • BOFH: The takeover

    Who's your Daddy?

    BOFH 23 12:02

  • In-car entertainment by LG

    Ladies and gentleman, we're currently cruising at a speed of 70MPH...

    Hardware 23 12:04

  • MoD extends procurement to fire services

    Expected to cut phone bills by 20%

    The Channel 23 12:10

  • KGB trumped OS on UK mapping

    Thames Valley was top of target list

    Policy 23 12:24

  • British council prepares action on Dell

    Wolves circles in insider dealing case

    Financial News 23 13:31

  • eBay fingered in cash for honours scandal

    Fancy a peerage? Click here

    Bootnotes 23 13:34

  • UK forces tested, rejected psychic techniques

    Remote viewing far-fetched

    Science 23 13:57

  • The Screwpole Emails- Fytte the Third

    Uncle Screwpole goes into project estimating...

    Developer 23 14:02

  • Letting users loose on system integration?

    Is that really such a good idea?

    Reg Technology Panel 23 14:08

  • Sagem shows off Uhura-style earpiece

    Hailing frequencies open Lieutenant...

    Hardware 23 14:22

  • DiVitas turns mobiles into enterprise clients

    Presence and email on your phone, and seamless VoIP roaming

    Mobile 23 14:35

  • NASA and Virgin Galactic ink space deal

    Future collaboration

    Science 23 14:41

  • Bad week for Redmond and Reding

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    Business 23 14:58

  • Comic Relief cans Jade Goody sketch

    'Out of date' skit binned

    Bootnotes 23 14:59

  • Airline revamps 'unlucky' logo

    13 dots spook superstitious fliers

    Bootnotes 23 15:02

  • Reduced backwards compatibility for European PS3

    Why it should be any different is anyone's guess

    Games 23 15:42

  • Reg reader trapped in Vista network folder hell

    The good, the bad and the folder with no name

    Operating Systems 23 15:52

  • US trawls Second Life funny money

    We will, we will solution you!

    Letters 23 16:17

  • Microsoft seeking SaaS, Web 2.0 partners

    Not even a club with no rules...yet

    Developer 23 16:42

  • UPS threatens to cancel A380 order

    Any more delays and the deal's off

    Science 23 16:43

  • FAST acts against corporate file sharers

    Controls not enough

    Software 23 16:53

  • India's wave of e-waste

    Subcontinent covering itself in WEEE

    Data Centre 23 16:54

  • Samsung showcases super speedy memory card

    Data transfer speeds increased by two thirds

    Hardware 23 17:03

  • Intel and Microsoft plug into the Green Grid

    Group adds muscle and white papers

    Servers 23 18:24

  • Canadian hockey geeks now courting Sun's McNealy

    'We puck you'

    Bootnotes 23 19:01

  • New Yorkers get an eyeful of beaver

    It's been a while

    Science 23 19:53

  • Pro golfer sues over Wikipedia postings

    Fuzzy takes swing at wikiality

    Law 23 21:44

  • Overstock director picks Wall Street over crusade

    Fisher tossed back

    Financial News 23 22:01