22nd February 2007 Archive

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  • Microsoft supports rival SWsoft by answering the phone

    'Is that you, Serguei?'

    Servers 22 00:04

  • Salesforce.com profits plunge, commits to investment splurge

    Builds own sales army

    Financial News 22 01:56

  • Veritas digs out $30m to bury dotcom ghosts

    Creative accounting, as well as resume writing

    Financial News 22 01:57

  • GPL advocates urged told to pay for love

    Freedom is just another word for $7,000

    Applications 22 02:14

  • Registerfly files suit against ousted CEO

    ICANN snaps to attention

    Law 22 02:44

  • eBay security conspiracy catches on with readers

    Backdoor man

    Letters 22 02:52

  • Microsoft fights AT&T before US Supremes

    Judges weigh IP liability

    Law 22 04:55

  • Google to charge to keep balls in the air

    Adds Docs & Spreadsheet to Apps, spells out SLA

    Applications 22 05:02

  • TV show delays drive Oz viewers to distraction

    Taking matters into their own hands

    Law 22 06:02

  • BPI seeks damages from CD WOW!

    'Flagrant and systematic breach'

    Media 22 08:02

  • Jesus appears atop mobile phone mast

    Ugandan second coming wows the crowds

    Mobile 22 09:44

  • ViSOR numbers creep towards 100,000

    As Pito looks to share data with other gov depts

    Government 22 10:13

  • Apple and Cisco kiss and make up

    Agree to share iPhone name

    Financial News 22 10:21

  • Cisco pays $135m for Reactivity

    Fourth buy of the year

    Data Networking 22 10:22

  • Mobile operators taken to task on roaming

    Accused of 'twisting the truth'

    Mobile 22 10:28

  • Wi-Fi terror menaces Vancouver

    City cops braced for laptop jihad

    Security 22 11:06

  • NZ fishermen hook 'biggest ever' squid

    10-metre, 450kg colossus

    Science 22 11:41

  • Capita ups turnover

    World's favourite outsourcer

    The Channel 22 11:43

  • First female Turing Award winner named

    Computing gong for Fran Allen

    Software 22 11:47

  • Mexican students adopt robobabies

    Computerised deterrent to teen pregnancies

    Science 22 11:54

  • Road pricing - Blair's shock 'privacy guarantee'

    Stronger than the usual 'safeguards'?

    Government 22 12:52

  • Ex-judge jailed for child abuse

    Vigilante hacker claims scalp after six year legal wrangle

    Security 22 13:12

  • Egyptian blogger jailed for four years

    Insult Islam at your peril

    Operating Systems 22 13:17

  • C2K offers online Microsoft licenses

    First distie to offer Open Value

    The Channel 22 13:25

  • What's happening in the world of data warehouse appliances?

    Releases and re-launches

    The Channel 22 13:33

  • Biscit says no trouble at the mill

    As executive director departs

    Broadband 22 13:46

  • US killer robots take jobs from flyboys, dolphins

    Breadline for Flipper

    Science 22 14:05

  • Europe beams out UWB roadmap

    Agrees on the need for harmonisation

    Broadband 22 14:48

  • Data watchdogs write then bury transparency plan

    We'd love to tell you about it. But we won't

    Law 22 14:53

  • Iraqi bombers use chemical-based psych strikes

    Industrial chlorine cylinders make comeback

    Science 22 15:21

  • Symantec subscription glitch derails users

    False early expiry flap

    Security 22 15:55

  • Quantum crypto backdoor closed

    Cambridge boffins patch photon-splitting vuln

    Security 22 16:07

  • Canon fires off volley of new cameras

    From printers to projectors, cameras to camcorders

    Hardware 22 16:17

  • Pentax pushes out new products

    Seems to be the day for digital camera launches

    Hardware 22 17:52

  • TJX security breach fears grow

    How deep does the rabbit-hole go?

    Security 22 19:23

  • Closed Skype wants open networks

    Pot, dial Kettle

    VoIP 22 19:36

  • Mandriva courts 419 scammers

    Go East and then West, young penguin

    The Channel 22 20:07

  • Canadian geeks snub Sun's McNealy

    Would prefer a RIM job

    Bootnotes 22 20:28

  • Sun's top Solaris sellers bail out

    OS under attack from families

    Servers 22 21:20

  • Man pleads guilty to spreading Trojan via IRC

    Up to five years in prison

    Security 22 23:01

  • Sun's servers resurgent in 2006 - Gartner

    Dell's pungent

    Servers 22 23:09