21st February 2007 Archive

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  • HP profits propagate

    Puts pressure on pesky pensions

    Financial News 21 00:32

  • CodeGear polishes Delphi jewels

    RAD scripting, man

    Developer 21 00:52

  • Dell hits Rollins with $5m slap to the face

    Golden umbrella

    Financial News 21 00:56

  • Vista: Gates backs Ballmer against confused analysts

    Only Disconnect

    Operating Systems 21 05:57

  • Iraqi sniper claims soldiers' lives on Google Video

    Google Video serves up anti-American propaganda

    Media 21 06:01

  • Blog: Kalido updates MDM tool

    MDM, what's that all about?

    Developer 21 06:30

  • SNIA promises new push for IP SANs

    iSCSI seems to be the hardest word...

    Storage 21 07:02

  • Microsoft relaxes virtual SQL Server terms

    Flexible friend

    Developer 21 07:02

  • CBS and YouTube decide against marriage

    Proposed content deal collapses

    Bootnotes 21 09:41

  • Email addicts offered 12-step detox

    First up: admit you have a problem

    Bootnotes 21 09:50

  • AirMagnet bids to analyse Cisco

    'Vell...Cisco's just zis guy, y'know?'

    Broadband 21 09:54

  • eBay gives Britney's hair the chop

    $1m locks delisted

    Bootnotes 21 10:00

  • Whitehall should share digital dialogues


    Government 21 10:05

  • Hornet death squads menace France

    Honeybees massacred by oriental assassins

    Science 21 10:48

  • EC unveils strategy for spectrum liberalisation

    Industry given more proactive role

    Broadband 21 11:01

  • Mac or PC? You've seen the ads, how do you choose for business?

    Practical issues

    Hardware 21 11:11

  • Ticket-dodging Oz boy racer boasts of exploits online

    Chat room crowing ends in court

    Bootnotes 21 11:11

  • Lexar launches 45Mbps UDMA cards

    Promise of less transfer time

    Hardware 21 12:04

  • UK wiretap watchdog wants MPs tapped

    Report casts spotlight on surveillance Britain

    Law 21 12:22

  • US drones to pack crowd controlling strobe beam

    Flying robots impose peace and tranquility

    Science 21 12:37

  • Blair spams road protesters

    Petition answer pops up in inboxes

    Policy 21 12:38

  • HTC P4350 Communicator

    Simplicity seems to be the selling point

    Phones 21 13:07

  • New Zealanders flock to AdultSheepFinder.com

    'The World's Largest Sheep Sex Personals Community'

    Bootnotes 21 13:38

  • Whopping widescreen Wii

    Games played on 388in cinema screen

    Games 21 13:43

  • AMD wants to be seen as green

    Chip maker rolls out energy-efficient processors

    Hardware 21 14:03

  • Committee blasts delays to new UK armoured vehicles

    Chaos at MoD continues

    Policy 21 14:36

  • IBM/PSI legal wrangle may give Itanium new life

    Way to go

    Developer 21 15:05

  • MSN punts 'scareware'

    Rogue banner ads pulled

    Security 21 15:12

  • Vivianne Reding named 2006's 'villain of the internet'

    .eu palaver tipped the scales

    Bootnotes 21 15:39

  • Alienware upgrades to warp speed

    Area-51 7500 desktops to ship with Q6600 processor

    Hardware 21 16:09

  • Cisco books up for grabs

    Get Cisco certified

    Developer 21 16:40

  • Viacom boost for Joost

    SpongeBob SquarePants snubs Google

    Media 21 16:42

  • Dutch demand ban of virtual child porn in Second Life

    'School for paedophiles'

    Law 21 16:45

  • Microsoft shakes up the UK channel

    One day, my son, we'll all be Microsoft resellers

    The Channel 21 16:47

  • ASA slams 'misleading' eBay ad

    Testy bargain-hunter unable to find specified tat

    Small Biz 21 16:48

  • MoD auction site looks to spice up couples' sex life

    Peddles 'His 'n' hers' uniform sets

    Policy 21 17:15

  • iPhone: A walk down Memory Lane

    What's in a name?

    Mobile 21 18:17

  • Sticky tape USB stick holder

    Keep clutter at bay with a Sellotape dispenser/USB hub

    Hardware 21 18:32

  • TSA makes a hash of 'no-fly' redress site

    I'm not a terrorist and you know zip about net security

    Security 21 18:55

  • Google patches critical desktop flaw

    Integrated attack

    Security 21 19:07

  • Gutenberg comes to mobile

    Wattpad pads out copyrighted material

    Mobile 21 21:58

  • Linux breakthrough for Visual Basic developers

    Mono choice

    Developer 21 22:14

  • IBM preps UK job cuts

    Global services for global people

    The Channel 21 22:23

  • Microsoft's SAM carrot

    ello ‘ello ‘ello, save some money

    Small Biz 21 22:32

  • NASA spies on dry, dusty worlds

    Tooling up in the hunt for aliens

    Science 21 22:38

  • MS dirty tricks archive trickles back to life

    Good hosting men needed

    Software 21 23:08

  • Police bust 300-strong 'paedophile ring'

    Members based in UK, Australia, Canada and US

    Security 21 23:09

  • Sun unsheathes mysterious multi-threaded NIC

    100-man team working on name

    Servers 21 23:26