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Microsoft's dirty tricks archive vanishes

Last week Microsoft settled its only outstanding anti-trust case, a class action lawsuit brought in Iowa.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Feb 2007

Neteller waves goodbye to 250 staff

House of CardsNeteller canned 250 employees this week, as the crippling seizure of Neteller funds by the Department of Justice last week continued to impact the company's bottom line.
Burke Hansen, 20 Feb 2007
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SanDisk cuts 250 jobs on falling prices

SanDisk is to axe 250 staff - 10 per cent of the payroll - to combat plunging memory stick prices.
ElectricNews.net, 20 Feb 2007

Carphone Warehouse in pr0n demo outrage

Somebody has been making merry down at Carphone Warehouse, and no mistake. The mobile phone outfit has thoughfully provided a demo of its MyMobileAccount facility (hit "view demo") which offers a rather interesting account name and phone number:
Lester Haines, 20 Feb 2007

BT Rakes in new chair

BT's current chairman Sir Christopher Bland will be replaced by Sir Michael Rake, the current chair of accountants at KPMG.
John Oates, 20 Feb 2007

Collar the lot of us! Blair adds whole UK to police suspect list

The National Identity Register will allow police to add the entire adult population of the UK to their suspect list, giving them the opportunity to check fingerprints left at scenes of crime against those collected from ID card and passport applicants, says Tony Blair. Nor are fingerprints in other EU countries necessarily safe - the introduction of biometric technology, he adds, will "improve the flow of information between countries on the identity of offenders.
John Lettice, 20 Feb 2007

Larry Page unweaves the rainbow his coloured balls

AAASLarry Page, the most reclusive of Google's ruling triumvirate gave a rare public speech at the AAAS meeting in San Francisco on Friday. During an hour long session he revealed an instinctive allergy to the firm's political significance.
Christopher Williams, 20 Feb 2007

Police track 100mph urban joyrider

A man has been accused of driving his motorcycle through a built-up area at over 100 miles per hour, filming the ride and posting the footage on the internet. Jeremy Parrott, 37, of Somerset, was questioned by police after they saw the video on YouTube.
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Feb 2007

Microsoft's WGA changes today

Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage is being updated today, in what the company claims is response to customer feedback.
John Oates, 20 Feb 2007

Hampshire fights misguided HGV menace

Hampshire County Council has been forced to erect signs warning HGV drivers to stay out of a narrow lane - despite their satnavs' insistence it's a full-fat link road.
Lester Haines, 20 Feb 2007

Sex offenders' register to include senders of indecent email

The sending of emails of a sexual nature could earn the sender a place on the sex offenders' register under changes to existing legislation that came into force today.
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Feb 2007

Tories attack ID card fingerprint plans

Shadow home secretary David Davis has criticised the government's plan to make people travel to interview centres to provide a biometric for the national identity card.
Kablenet, 20 Feb 2007

Snort bug is nothing to sniff at

Snort and Sourcefire users are urged to update their intrusion detection software following the discovery of a potentially serious security vulnerability.
John Leyden, 20 Feb 2007

Video game vets make better surgeons

A study into laparoscopy surgeons has shown a "strong correlation" between video game skills and the sawbones' ability to perform delicate, TV guided keyhole surgery.
Lester Haines, 20 Feb 2007

Cuba government to go open source

The Cuban government has found another way to thumb its nose at the US, its bullyboy neighbour - opt for open source and throw its Microsoft software in the dustbin.
Mark Ballard, 20 Feb 2007

An open API for networking technology?

FuturesAlthough I concentrate mainly on development these days, in previous lives I was involved in internal control and network management in a City financial institution and I like to keep up to date with networking and network security – especially as I believe that networking technology represents a long-neglected opportunity for developers.
David Norfolk, 20 Feb 2007

Laptop losses and phishing fruit salad

Dr Neal Krawetz takes a look at the numbers behind reports of laptop thefts and phishing attacks, showing inconsistent metrics and the difficulty in using numbers to determine the real level of threat.
Neal Krawetz, 20 Feb 2007
Toshiba Portege R400

Microsoft + Toshiba = Portégé R400

Toshiba has launched a new laptop specifically to run Windows Vista: the Portégé R400 is the result of a collaborative effort between Microsoft and the Japanese electronics manufacturer.
Dan Ilett, 20 Feb 2007
Nikon P5000 digital camera

New Nikon camera for new Nikon user

"If you're looking to take high-quality photos without the hassle of carrying an SLR..." Nikon has just launched a 10-megapixel "prosumer" camera it claims does just that.
Dan Ilett, 20 Feb 2007

Scotland to float 'world's biggest' wave farm

Scotland will enjoy the "world's biggest wave energy farm" after Scottish ministers agreed to fund a major installation at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney.
Lester Haines, 20 Feb 2007

Microsoft orders ROM removals

Microsoft has ordered the removal of ROM images from popular Windows Mobile development site XDA-Developers.
Bill Ray, 20 Feb 2007

Phish fighters floored by DDoS assault

Castlecops, the volunteer security community that runs a well-known phishing website investigation service, has been hit by a denial of service attack.
John Leyden, 20 Feb 2007

Logica offloads telecoms biz

LogicaCMG has sold its telecoms products division to a private equity consortium for £265m.
Mark Ballard, 20 Feb 2007

DDoS attacks deemed illegal in Sweden

Distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), where targets are deluged with requests for information, will be made a criminal offence in Sweden from 1 June.
Jan Libbenga, 20 Feb 2007

NHS barcodes cause daylight saving havoc

LettersWho would have thought that time would tick you off so much? Daylight saving - do we like it? No we don't!
Tracey Cooper, 20 Feb 2007

The phony economics of Second Life

AnalysisTwo weeks ago, business leaders at Davos gave their blessing to Linden Lab's Second Life. They hailed the spectacular growth of its virtual economy while politicians spoke of democracy itself moving into its online world.
Shaun Rolph, 20 Feb 2007

Windows Defender spyware-blocking under fire (again)

Microsoft's Windows Defender has once again come under criticism for alleged shortcomings in blocking invasive spyware applications.
John Leyden, 20 Feb 2007

Sirius, XM resort to FCC-baiting merger

As we predicted on Friday, subscription satellite radio providers Sirius and XM have announced a plan to merge in the face of rapidly propagating entertainment delivery platforms.
Christopher Williams, 20 Feb 2007

Vista security overview: too little too late

ReviewMicrosoft has gone out on a limb to promote Vista not merely as "the most secure version of Windows ever" (every recent version is marketed with that tired slogan), but for the first time as an adequately secure version of Windows. "We've got the message and we've done our homework", the company says. So let's see if the reality lives up to the marketing hype.
Thomas C Greene, 20 Feb 2007
Pound Sterling

When is a dollar not worth a dollar?

Microsoft's shameless assumption of a 1:1 exchange rate when re-pricing Vista for the UK market brought back memories of the bad old days when most IT companies simply swapped the dollar sign for a pound sign when preparing their UK price lists.
Bryan Betts, 20 Feb 2007

'Hoax' stuns classical music world

Gramophone magazine has unearthed what one sound recording expert describes as "the biggest attempt at recording theft ever."
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Feb 2007

Hacked eBay accounts give rise to conspiracy theories

Eagle-eyed conspiracy buffs have pounced on a recent rash of compromised eBay user accounts as proof of a mile-wide hole in the auctioneer's front lines, giving new life to a theory that could one day rival the intrigue surrounding Roswell UFO crashing and Kennedy assassinations.
Dan Goodin, 20 Feb 2007

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