20th February 2007 Archive

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  • Microsoft's dirty tricks archive vanishes

    What don't they want us to see?

    Law 20 02:34

  • Neteller waves goodbye to 250 staff

    Drops the hammer

    Media 20 03:06

  • SanDisk cuts 250 jobs on falling prices

    Memory problems

    Financial News 20 03:34

  • Carphone Warehouse in pr0n demo outrage

    Dial 8008135 4ABJ

    Bootnotes 20 09:40

  • BT Rakes in new chair

    Bye-bye Bland

    Financial News 20 09:53

  • Collar the lot of us! Blair adds whole UK to police suspect list

    You're on an identity parade. Forever.

    Government 20 09:53

  • Larry Page unweaves the rainbow his coloured balls


    Science 20 10:09

  • Police track 100mph urban joyrider

    YouTube biker questioned

    Bootnotes 20 10:14

  • Microsoft's WGA changes today

    Genuine Advantage not proven

    Software 20 10:42

  • Hampshire fights misguided HGV menace

    'Do not follow sat nav. Very narrow lane'

    Bootnotes 20 10:43

  • Sex offenders' register to include senders of indecent email

    You've got a SOPO

    Law 20 10:47

  • Tories attack ID card fingerprint plans

    'We will abolish this costly plastic poll tax'

    Government 20 10:59

  • Snort bug is nothing to sniff at

    Watching the detectives

    Security 20 11:03

  • Video game vets make better surgeons

    Laparoscopy skills linked to gameplay experience

    Science 20 11:07

  • Cuba government to go open source

    Red hat revolution

    Software 20 11:31

  • An open API for networking technology?

    Procurve's 'bold new security vision strategy'

    Developer 20 11:49

  • Born again Business Intelligence

    Are you ready to try it again?

    Reg Technology Panel 20 11:51

  • Laptop losses and phishing fruit salad

    The need for accurate risk assessment

    Security 20 11:54

  • iGo Boomtube portable speakers

    Less ghetto-blaster, more garden-groover

    Hardware 20 12:15

  • Microsoft + Toshiba = Portégé R400

    First of the Vista native Portégé range is a looker...

    Hardware 20 12:59

  • New Nikon camera for new Nikon user

    Manufacturer develops 'prosumer' demographic

    Hardware 20 13:35

  • Scotland to float 'world's biggest' wave farm

    £13m for Orkney green 'leccy plant

    Science 20 14:02

  • Microsoft orders ROM removals

    Not meant for mortal man

    Mobile 20 14:53

  • Phish fighters floored by DDoS assault

    Botnet hits CastleCops under the belt

    Security 20 14:57

  • Logica offloads telecoms biz

    Ditching products, beefing services

    The Channel 20 15:00

  • Samsung YP-K3 digital audio player

    Nice curves, but does it have anything worthwhile inside the casing?

    Hardware 20 15:37

  • DDoS attacks deemed illegal in Sweden

    Bots operators face jailtime

    Security 20 16:45

  • NHS barcodes cause daylight saving havoc

    And should 'solutions' be banned?

    Letters 20 16:59

  • The phony economics of Second Life

    What the business press didn't tell you

    Media 20 17:49

  • Windows Defender spyware-blocking under fire (again)

    Who tests the testers?

    Security 20 18:52

  • Sirius, XM resort to FCC-baiting merger

    Oprah and Howard Stern in 'merger of equals'

    Bootnotes 20 20:28

  • Vista security overview: too little too late

    But some progress has been made

    Security 20 20:30

  • When is a dollar not worth a dollar?

    When you're a UK company trying to buy US computer gear

    Storage 20 20:48

  • 'Hoax' stuns classical music world

    Joyce Hatto: the greatest pianist no-one has heard of

    Media 20 21:05

  • Hacked eBay accounts give rise to conspiracy theories

    Roswell, the Kennedys and a hacker named Vladuz

    Small Biz 20 22:38