19th February 2007 Archive

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  • Registerfly on the fly, ICANN on the run

    This domain will self-destruct in five seconds

    Small Biz 19 Feb 05:14

  • Blog: End-user experience with Citrix

    A service is measured by the end-user experience it delivers...

    Developer 19 Feb 05:16

  • Brit boys conquer Silicon Valley

    Brothers Murray sweep the leg

    Bootnotes 19 Feb 07:55

  • Swiss SOA firm puts modelling over programming

    Enterprise integration tool is run-time UML interpreter

    Developer 19 Feb 09:54

  • NHS patient bar codes slammed

    Patients are not 'boxes of bandages': NO2ID

    Government 19 Feb 10:01

  • Packeteer gets wide with WAN accelerators

    Supports bigger data pipes, and laptops too

    Data Networking 19 Feb 10:21

  • EqualLogic doubles up its enterprise SAS

    4.8TB in one array - but are these drives getting too big?

    Storage 19 Feb 10:28

  • FSA has power to order data breach disclosure

    But should all breaches be publicised?

    Security 19 Feb 10:29

  • Linux vendors gang up for enterprise

    Alliance formed

    Software 19 Feb 11:05

  • Imperfect Storm aids spammers

    Anti-spam sites under spam fire

    Security 19 Feb 11:18

  • Internet sex 'addict' sues IBM for $5m

    Sacked for chat room indiscretion

    Law 19 Feb 11:34

  • Cowon D2 premium digital media player

    Pretty, practical and pricey

    Hardware 19 Feb 12:02

  • T-Mobile signs Tech Data Europe

    Phone company delighted and excited

    The Channel 19 Feb 12:19

  • Google makes a play at ads in games

    Buys Adscape Media

    Software 19 Feb 12:24

  • Skiing tops bunny hopping in lunar races

    So says ex-astronaut

    Science 19 Feb 12:34

  • Vista security overhaul questioned

    User Account Control: insecure by design?

    Security 19 Feb 12:40

  • Could chocolate protect your brain?

    Boosting blood flow with a Mars bar

    Science 19 Feb 13:53

  • Regulators probe Richard and Judy quiz line furore

    ICSTIS investigates

    Broadband 19 Feb 14:08

  • Nokia spreads its love

    Ah, oui, oui...vous aimez?

    Phones 19 Feb 14:57

  • British forces auction old kit online

    Would Sir like that tank gift-wrapped?

    Bootnotes 19 Feb 15:27

  • Boffins develop RFID 'powder' chips

    Radio controlled dust devils

    Broadband 19 Feb 15:39

  • Traxdata jumps on Blu-ray bandwagon

    Re-record not fade away...

    Hardware 19 Feb 16:06

  • Letter bomb police make arrest

    Bombs may still be in system

    Security 19 Feb 16:39

  • Boffins announce a year of solar-physical fun

    International Heliophysical Year, no less

    Science 19 Feb 16:47

  • Bluetooth goes BOOM

    5.6kg 'portable' speaker proves weight is secondary to sharing ya sounds

    Hardware 19 Feb 17:18

  • Europeans fear data loss disaster

    Even more worried than Americans

    Security 19 Feb 19:20