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Keeping Bobbies ahead of the bunch

European Police CongressFor two days this week, the Congress Centre in downtown Berlin was one of the safest places on earth. The GDR-style building was packed with policemen, army officers, and private and public security experts.
Matthias Becker, 18 Feb 2007

Brit Murray stomps Roddick

SAP OpenAndy Murray almost threw up last year at the SAP Open on his way to defeating Andy Roddick. This year he thumped Roddick with a stomach full of calm.
Ashlee Vance, 18 Feb 2007

The danger of Daylight Saving Time

CommentIf the fuss currently being made about Dubbya's attempt to save energy by making the US go to Daylight Saving Time a fortnight early reminds me of anything, it's the hype we had to endure eight years ago about the Millennium Bug.
Bryan Betts, 18 Feb 2007

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