13th February 2007 Archive

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  • IE and Firefox cough up hard drive contents

    Floor by flaw

    Security 13 Feb 00:59

  • IBM's juiced Power6 stomps poor, old Power5+

    A 2x joint

    Servers 13 Feb 05:07

  • Are founder-driven SW vendors good for enterprise buyers?

    A safe bet?

    Applications 13 Feb 07:02

  • Intel owed depressed employee more than counselling

    Failure of management created the stresses

    Law 13 Feb 07:02

  • Orange takes the cloak off Super SIM

    Up, up and...

    Mobile 13 Feb 10:13

  • New copyright police to increase raids and seizures in UK

    Pirates beware

    Law 13 Feb 10:31

  • AMD licenses ATI phone GPU tech

    Own products to focus on audio, video?

    Hardware 13 Feb 10:38

  • EC to overhaul consumer law to boost e-commerce

    Making many laws one

    Law 13 Feb 10:58

  • HDMI pitches for PC vendor mind share

    Battle with DisplayPort begins

    Hardware 13 Feb 10:59

  • Amazon slapped with cockfighting lawsuit

    Bird-on-bird magazines ruffle feathers

    Law 13 Feb 11:07

  • InPhase begins shipping holographic storage

    $180 per 300GB disk

    Storage 13 Feb 11:12

  • North Korea to shut down nuclear reactor

    Disarms for hand-outs

    Science 13 Feb 11:19

  • MPs launch IT comp for primary children

    Kids pitch in to improve school ICT

    Policy 13 Feb 11:34

  • ESA boffins make Martian maps

    Not lost in space

    Science 13 Feb 11:36

  • HTC slides in slide-out-keyboard communicators

    You want form-factors? We got 'em

    Phones 13 Feb 11:39

  • Money transfers go mobile for migrant workers

    Wireless remittance scheme targets unbanked

    Mobile 13 Feb 11:44

  • Intel Tera – not firma, but coming

    Is parallel processing the step beyond?

    Developer 13 Feb 12:04

  • BP offices hit by mail bomb scare

    Testing nerves at surrounding tech firms

    Business 13 Feb 12:13

  • The Register - tuned to your every whim?

    Emails or feeds on the topics you love

    Site News 13 Feb 12:23

  • Nokia turns on N series TV phone

    Phones 13 Feb 12:28

  • Nokia 3GSM gallery

    Phones 13 Feb 12:40

  • Bank in hot water over BT's Plusnet deal

    Watchdog is not amused

    Financial News 13 Feb 12:48

  • IBM plants Linux on the desktop

    Open Client platform no longer closed off

    Applications 13 Feb 12:59

  • Mexican drug gangs slug it out on YouTube

    Blood-soaked videos fuel escalating violence

    Bootnotes 13 Feb 13:02

  • Free Nokia route-plan app arrives late, in need of shower, cocoa

    Call off the search

    Phones 13 Feb 13:23

  • UK bikers skate on sticky grit

    When rock salt and molasses don't mix

    Bootnotes 13 Feb 14:00

  • Belgium upholds anti-Google injunction

    Search firm has to be told twice

    Law 13 Feb 15:02

  • Princeton ESP lab shuttered in bad week for irrationality

    Unpredictable reasoned victories

    Science 13 Feb 15:04

  • ip.access opens Oyster femtocell to the world

    3G in the home

    Networks 13 Feb 15:08

  • Kingston offers multi-format SD card pack

    Hardware 13 Feb 15:26

  • Novell and Microsoft swing both ways

    Bidirectional virtualisation is virtually there

    Software 13 Feb 15:56

  • 'Fatal text' driver jailed for two years

    Sent SMS just before crash

    Law 13 Feb 16:21

  • AMD confirms RS690 will ship as 690G

    And as M690G for notebooks

    Hardware 13 Feb 16:47

  • Cameraphones focus on liquid lenses

    All it takes is a drop of water

    Mobile 13 Feb 16:57

  • Fujitsu man condemns NPfIT as failure

    A camel among racehorses

    Policy 13 Feb 16:59

  • US film critics slap Calcutta-born Welsh

    Movie accents more Bangalore than Bangor

    Bootnotes 13 Feb 17:01

  • EMC, FalconStor extend VTL contract

    NearTek buy: can anyone say leverage?

    Storage 13 Feb 17:20

  • Samsung 3GSM gallery

    Phones 13 Feb 18:03

  • Altobridge conjures up instant GSM networking

    Get me GSM in here: stat

    Mobile 13 Feb 18:06

  • Eight nabbed in China for Panda worm

    Cute, but was it virulent?

    Security 13 Feb 20:26

  • IBM scouts for more software acquisitions

    Updates Filenet

    Applications 13 Feb 21:59

  • The Java Phrasebook

    An aid for travellers in a foreign land

    Developer 13 Feb 22:28

  • Moto's banana beats Nokia's brick

    Gadget porn stand-off

    Phones 13 Feb 23:13

  • D-Wave qubits in the era of Quantum Computing

    Analog box in disguise?

    Servers 13 Feb 23:59