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Unlimited mobile music for £1.99 a week

In what may prove to be the most far-reaching digital music launch since iTunes, Omnifone today took the wraps off its MusicStation service.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Feb 2007
Plate spinning routine by Henrik Bothe

Non-Humans need not apply: choosing your Agile dream team

“That it is people who write software is terribly obvious . . . and ignored.” So quotes Alistair Cockburn, himself quoting Gerald Weinberg, in his book Agile Software Development. It’s easy to see the people in your project as mere commodities – not helped by MS Project’s insistence on labelling them as “resources” – hot-swappable units that may be switched in and out of different roles or different projects, with no loss in productivity, creativity or morale.
Matt Stephens, 12 Feb 2007

NHS appeals to Lords over leukaemia ruling

The House of Lords will clarify how data protection and freedom of information laws should work together if it hears an NHS appeal against an order to release clinical data. Any ruling would be a defining one for the two emerging areas of law.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Feb 2007

3Com is back: What next?

CommentHeroic comebacks are something of a rarity in the high technology industry. Companies that fall from grace disappear, either through bankruptcy or absorption into larger players. However, the switching market has a couple of interesting examples of long-established players that may be in a position to buck the trend.
Dave Perry, 12 Feb 2007

AMD slashes Athlon prices by up to 45%

AMD has followed up last week's Opteron price cuts with a round of reductions applied to its Athlon-brand processors. The latest cuts affect both single- and dual-core versions of the 64-bit CPU family.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2007

EU Directive removes copyright exceptions for schools

Vital copyright exemptions for universities, schools and hospitals do not apply when material is provided on demand, an EU researcher says. The long-standing exemptions are relied on by teachers and researchers but do not exist in on-demand media, he said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Feb 2007

ATI R600 to ship on foot-long board?

Some snippets have emerged regarding AMD's plan for its upcoming AT Radeon X2000-series graphics cards, better known by the codename R600. Not only that, but a leaked pic of an early version of one of the board shows it's a real biggy - it's over a foot long.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2007

Email insult sacking was unfair

A woman whose email insults about her boss caused her to be sacked was unfairly dismissed, an Employment Tribunal has ruled. But she will not be reinstated and will only receive compensation of 12.5 per cent of her losses because she was 75 per cent to blame.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Feb 2007
For Sale sign detail

Treasury group to monitor complicated procurements

The Treasury is forming a Major Projects Review Group (MPRG) to assist the most difficult procurements in central government.
Kablenet, 12 Feb 2007

Consumer demand will drive UWB regulation

3GSMThe European regulatory confusion surrounding Ultra Wide Band, and thus Wireless USB, will be solved by pressure from consumers once they see what the Americans, Chinese and Japanese can do with the technology, members of the consortium said today.
Bill Ray, 12 Feb 2007

RIM releases Pearl-esque BlackBerry 8800

Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2007

Vodafone bags Hutch Essar

Vodafone announced today it had finally netted a 67 per cent controlling interest in Indian operator Hutch Essar for $11.1bn cash.
Christopher Williams, 12 Feb 2007

HP talks up voice-centric iPaq smart phone

3GSMHP today brought its iPaq brand into phone territory, announcing a candybar-format smart phone pitched primarily at voice usage - including not only GSM but also VoIP. It's also the company's first Windows Mobile 6 device.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2007

Prediction: one day you will reduce total storage

I have sometimes asked what some see as a daft question concerning storage: “When is someone going to come up with a solution that will completely stop storage growth rather than just slowing it down a little?” Usually, the response is a deafening silence. But I predict: one day your organisation WILL reduce its total storage.
Peter Williams, 12 Feb 2007

3G gamers opt for simple gaming

3GSMPuzzles and card games are the most popular mobile phone games as users fill in time waiting for a bus or sitting on the tube, according to new research.
Bill Ray, 12 Feb 2007

Canadians lobby for iPod copyright tax - again

Canada's Private Copyright Collective (CPCC) is once again trying to find a way to force would-be iPod buyers to pay a copyright tax despite being told in 2004 such a levy is illegal.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2007

My ERP supplier has been acquired - now what?

Given the recent abundance of mergers and acquisitions among the mid-market ERP vendors, IT directors managing an ERP system may feel uncertain about the future of their incumbent system. Yet it is critical to be able to assure the board the product won't disappear - or at least warn them if it's time to switch vendors.
Sharon Crawford, 12 Feb 2007

Motorola launches 3G Q smart phone

3GSMAfter apparently canning a GSM version of its Q BlackBerry-like smart phone back in February 2006, Motorola has now said the handset will come to market during the second half of 2007. The 3G Q believed to have played a part in nixing the GSM model - and originally due Q4 2006 - will ship sooner, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2007

Vodafone adds Google Maps in web services blitz

In its fourth deal in a week to bring popular online services to mobile, Vodafone announced it would develop a downloadable Java application for accessing Google Maps.
Christopher Williams, 12 Feb 2007

Cow poo: the building material of the future?

Researchers at Michigan State University think they have come up with a new way of disposing of some of the millions of tons of cow manure produced in the US each year: use it to build with.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Feb 2007

Nokia predicts mainstream mobile TV

3GSMNokia president and CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo opened this year's 3GSM conference in Barcelona with a number of consumer announcements, including the prediction that four billion mobile phones would be sold in 2010, a billion more than current sales figures.
John Oates, 12 Feb 2007

MS India bids for worst corporate anthem title

Long-term readers may well remember 2005's titanic musical battle between Drupa's 2004 song, the Glaucoma Hymn and KPMG to secure the world's worst corporate anthem title.
Lester Haines, 12 Feb 2007

Motorola RIZR slider becomes 'fit-to-face' banana-phone

Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2007

Nokia revamps business range with added e

3GSMNokia said business use of mobile phones and internet access still has a long way to go as it unwrapped a slew of high-end business phones today at 3GSM.
John Oates, 12 Feb 2007

Samsung shows 'world's slimmest' handset

Hardware Widow @ 3GSMSamsung may have used this week's 3GSM show in Barcelona to re-announce a heap of handsets it launched around the world during the latter half of 2006, but it also showed off its Ultra Edition II line: two skinny sliders, an equally narrow-hipped clamshell and the thinnest phone in the world, Samsung claimed.
The Hardware Widow, 12 Feb 2007

Patent Office 'inventive step' report dances out the door

More research is needed to establish how consistently the test of inventiveness is applied in assessing patent applications from high tech fields.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Feb 2007

Million-busting road pricing petition draws UK.gov shrug

UpdatedTony Blair's latest online inclusion experiment may be in the process of backfiring*, with more than one million people signing onto his nascent petitions website to protest against the mooted introduction of road pricing.
Christopher Williams, 12 Feb 2007
vulture tv reporter

Nokia Siemens Networks backs IP everywhere

3GSMTechnology roadmaps for the future Nokia and Siemens Networks were laid out to delegates attending the 3GSM Conference on Monday.
John Leyden, 12 Feb 2007
fingers pointing at man

How to install a Vista upgrade on any PC

Microsoft is running an unadvertised sale on Windows Vista. For the price of an upgrade edition requiring an existing copy of Windows, anyone can have a stand-alone version of Vista that will run on any PC. Indeed, the upgrade editions are full versions, simply waiting to be told to install themselves regardless of what OS is currently on the system, if any. The trick is all in how you interact with the setup program.
Thomas C Greene, 12 Feb 2007
Nokia E90 Communicator

Nokia raves about new E-series phones

3GSMNokia today officially announced the E61i, E65 and E90 Communicator handsets, all aimed primarily at the business user but with some consumer-friendly features too. The launch confirmed images and speculation on features which began to appear on the web about a week ago, as we reported.
Scott Snowden, 12 Feb 2007

Can you Imagine 'a better education for all?'

OK students, off you go again. It's that time of the year when the wind-up starts to Microsoft's Imagine Cup – the annual worldwide competition to encourage comp-sci students.
Martin Banks, 12 Feb 2007
vulture tv reporter

Bigger small firms to benefit from new VAT rules

Small and medium sized tech firms will be among those to benefit from an extension to the government's Cash Accounting Scheme.
Team Register, 12 Feb 2007

Parents demand mobile restrictions for kids

3GSMParents are demanding more control over what their children are doing with their mobiles, but phone operators are lagging in providing such services.
John Oates, 12 Feb 2007

24x7 vehicle surveillance, and how road pricing helps it along

We said they'd be sorry when the Ten Downing Street e-petitions system first opened for business. And just a few months later we are confronted by the spectacle of a 'stop road pricing' petition soaring effortlessly past the million mark, and Transport Minister Douglas Alexander trudging round the media claiming that the signatories have been misled by "misplaced fears", "falsehoods" and "myths."
John Lettice, 12 Feb 2007

Users turn their noses up at mobile TV

3GSMIt's not just the slow uptake of video services that should worry network operators, it seems that more than half of European users who've tried TV on the move decided it wasn't worth the effort. This data comes from a survey of 22,000 European users, commissioned by Tellabs and carried out by M:Metrics.
Bill Ray, 12 Feb 2007

TV channels demand free-to-air future for HD on Freeview

Broadcasters the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five, along with manufacturers Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and Alba, and Dixons owner DSGI have begun lobbying UK regulator Ofcom to guarantee bandwidth on the Freeview digital TV system for HD broadcasts. And they want consumers to help.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2007

Nvidia rolls out lower-priced GeForce 8800 GTS

Nvidia has a launched the anticipated version of its GeForce 8800 GTS graphics chip capable of accessing no more than 320MB of memory. The debut comes just days after the first boards began appearing in retail.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2007

Free Nokia route-planning app fails to show

Nokia has clearly been so busy making multiple announcements at 3GSM, it forgot to upload this past weekend the free route-planning software and maps it promised us last week. Then, it said the code would be available to download on "Saturday, February 10th". Alas, it wasn't.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2007
graph up

Mobile malware menace hits high - McAfee

3GSMMalware attacks across mobile networks have reached an all-time high, if figures aired by McAfee today are anything to go by.
John Leyden, 12 Feb 2007

SanDisk readies 4GB MicroSD card

Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2007
Fujitsu Siemens

Channel-happy Fujitsu Siemens denounces direct Dell

Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) trumpeted its swollen channel muscle today, crowing how it will pump millions into indirect flogging of servers this year, and hinting that Dell is responsible for loss of business.
Christopher Williams, 12 Feb 2007

Zero-day vuln hits Solaris

UpdatedSolaris users who enable telnet are about as secure as a fortress with a screen door, according to reports that claim cyber crooks can use the protocol to easily gain root access.
Dan Goodin, 12 Feb 2007
Broken CD with wrench

TSMC threatens to conquer consumer electronics biz

ISSCCTSMC, the world's biggest chip foundry, rather unsurprisingly thinks it can boost the fortunes of the semiconductor industry by making customers more dependent on the services of - chip foundries.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Feb 2007

Congress pushes (again) for ISP data retention

Silicon JusticeThe US Congress is trying to land a one-two sucker punch on internet service providers (ISPs).
Kevin Fayle, 12 Feb 2007

MySpace to block unauthorized videos

MySpace will use software to monitor videos posted to the site in a bid to block unauthorised use of copyrighted content. The social networking giant will use technology to analyse videos' audio tracks to identify infringing posts.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Feb 2007

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