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Small biz cheapskates fail the Tech industry

Another day, another silly survey, this time claiming that nearly two million UK small businesses are "putting their data and productivity at risk by using old technology to run their business". Why? because they replace their PCs rarely or never, and miss out on all sorts of good things, such as happy staff, cheaper running costs, smaller "footprints" and lower repair bills.
Drew Cullen, 11 Feb 2007

Search me, guv...

CommentI'm always a little nervous about the idea of a search engine as the solution to the tide of "unstructured data" we're all drowning in. For a start, most of it isn't really unstructured - show me an unstructured email invoice and I'll show you something that is useless because you aren't sure who it came from and what it applies to. This means that by treating information which comes with structure and semantic metadata as “unstructured” we are increasing our business risk and making our business processing less efficient.
David Norfolk, 11 Feb 2007

The Fear biz is the computer security biz

CommentScott Granneman looks at the use of fear in computer security, from misleading media reports and gross exaggeration by industry leaders to the use of fear in order to sell new computers and software.
Scott Granneman, 11 Feb 2007

Mobile forensics turns up heat on suspects

The latest version of the top computer forensics package will be the first to include a mobile phone component. The move signals how vital mobile data has become to many prosecutions.
Christopher Williams, 11 Feb 2007

Blog: The meaning of the meaning of meaning

My recent piece on search engines provoked this email comment from Tom Welsh (Reg Dev contributor and Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium):
David Norfolk, 11 Feb 2007

Skype snoop agent reads mobo serial numbers

Skype has been spying on its Windows-based users since the middle of December by secretly accessing their system bios settings and recording the motherboard serial number.
Dan Goodin, 11 Feb 2007

AMD's 'Barcelona' cuts power one core at a time

AMD's elaborate and lengthy four-core processor striptease continues this week with some geeky revelations around power saving technology. At the ISSCC (International Solid State Circuits Conference) in San Francisco, AMD will talk up "Enhanced PowerNow!" – the latest iteration of its power tweaking technology due to appear in the four-core "Barcelona" version of the Opteron chip.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Feb 2007

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