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BetonSports gives DOJ one fingered salute one more time

The American Government’s $4.5 billion question - just where did all that BetonSports.com money go? - is no closer to any kind of answer, despite months of legal wrangling.
Burke Hansen, 09 Feb 2007

Anatomy sheds new light on Storm Worm

A deluge of Trojan-laced spam that slyly tricked recipients by promising information about winter storms ravaging Northern Europe last month was even more crafty than we thought.
Dan Goodin, 09 Feb 2007
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VeriSign builds $1bn internet security Titan

RSAVerisign will spend $1bn during the next three years beefing up its internet infrastructure following this week's high-profile root server attack.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Feb 2007

MySQL is the company's SQL now...

Let’s face it; MySQL is a fabulous database engine. Not only is it free, it’s small, powerful and easy to drive. It also runs happily on free operating systems and so it can be used to create incredibly cost-effective database servers.
Mark Whitehorn, 09 Feb 2007

UK PC disposal is rubbish

Large UK businesses are crap at securely disposing old PCs and mobile devices.
John Leyden, 09 Feb 2007

Nvidia preps sidekick for AMD's 'star' processors

It's no great surprise to anyone that Nvidia's preparing a chipset that will work with AMD's upcoming HyperTransport 3 processors and Socket AM2+ bus, but according to the latest leak the part's codenamed MCP72 and it's a single-chip part.
Tony Smith, 09 Feb 2007

US cyber chief talks tough on security

RSAThe US's latest chief of cyber security has pledged quick and determined action to protect the nation's critical infrastructure from attack.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Feb 2007

E-voting pilots don't make sense

CommentLast week, the Department of Constitutional Affairs (DCA) made public the list of local authorities that will be piloting both supervised and remote electronic voting schemes in the May 2007 local elections, despite concerns over unproven technologies and the lack of an audit trail.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Feb 2007

Apple apps not ready for Vista

How many of Apple's Windows-compatible applications are ready for Microsoft's latest operating system, Vista? According to the Mac maker's own tech support site... er... none of them are.
Tony Smith, 09 Feb 2007

Web mobilises to honour Anna Nicole Smith

The tragic news that the world is this morning poorer to the tune of one pair of 38DD breasts has moved netizens to honour Anna Nicole Smith in time-honoured web tradition.
Lester Haines, 09 Feb 2007

Minister praises community sites

Cabinet Office minister Hilary Armstrong has emphasised the potential of independent web forums in supporting public services.
Kablenet, 09 Feb 2007

Psychic museum closes due to unforeseen circumstances

York Psychic Museum has shut due to unforeseen circumstances, the York Press reports.
Lester Haines, 09 Feb 2007

UK goes green with gassy offshore wind farm

As the UK becomes only the seventh nation to have more than two GigaWatts of electricity generated by wind farms, the government has given the green (no pun intended) light to the world's first offshore combined wind and gas energy scheme.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Feb 2007

Cisco buys into social networking

Router behemoth Cisco has bought social networking provider Five Across.
John Oates, 09 Feb 2007

Asus debuts lacquer'n'leather luxury laptop

Asus has formally announced its anticipated U1F 11.1in compact notebook, a luxury laptop run up in carbon fibre and magnesium-aluminium alloy, decorated with piano lacquer, and mounted with a made-to-measure leather palm rest. It even has a Blu-ray Disc drive.
The Hardware Widow, 09 Feb 2007

Vista-effect credited with PC sales boost

It might have had a mixed response from critics but Vista is being credited with a big jump in US retail computer sales. The launch of Microsoft's latest operating system apparently helped PC sales jump 173 per cent compared to the week before.
John Oates, 09 Feb 2007

EMI set to drag majors into DRM-free future

EMI is close to removing rights management software from its digital music for good, in a move which would pile pressure on the rest of the recording industry to follow suit.
Christopher Williams, 09 Feb 2007

MS plans 'dirty dozen' patch release

Microsoft plans to release 12 patches next Tuesday (13 February) as part of its regular monthly security update cycle.
John Leyden, 09 Feb 2007

Abit launches 'pro' Fatal1ty mobo

Universal Abit this week rolled its latest Fatal1ty-branded mobo, this one based on Nvidia's Intel-oriented nForce 650i SLI chipset. It'll take an Core 2 desktop processor and run it on a 1,066MHz frontside bus speed.
Hard Reg, 09 Feb 2007

German model railways derailed by filth

NSFWYou know how it is: you've just spent five years lovingly crafting an HO-scale layout of Clapham Junction but can't help feeling there's a certain something missing which would lend your model railway an authentic urban edge.
Lester Haines, 09 Feb 2007

BOFH: The craptop

Episode 6
Simon Travaglia, 09 Feb 2007

Vodafone gets YouTube

Erstwhile business mobile provider Vodafone is getting down with the kids by doing a deal with YouTube.
John Oates, 09 Feb 2007

Richard Clarke: cyberczar, prophet, terror tech porn king...

Book ReviewRichard Clarke, the world's most famous security expert, has a new book entitled Breakpoint. A techno-thriller, it takes its place among its equivalents, romance fictions for American men, a genre for combining combat action porn with loving trademarked descriptions of weapons. The men in this story get hard over firearms, scotch and a chardonnay named Kistler.

eBay trashes English language in sex doll shocker

NSFWForeigners looking to offload products on eBay UK would do well to think twice before availing themselves of the tat bazaar's translation service.
Lester Haines, 09 Feb 2007

Dell saves nation from bird flu

It's been a difficult week in the UK - a letter bomber with no staying power, alleged terrorists arrested, strange white stuff falling from the sky and destroying rail and tube networks, and the arrival of the dreaded bird 'flu on a turkey farm in Suffolk.
John Oates, 09 Feb 2007

Space telescope mirrors ready for polishing

After a rather difficult week, some good news for NASA: its engineers have just finished making the mirror that will be the eye of its next space observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). All that remains is for it to be ground and polished.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Feb 2007

Nvidia's 320MB GeForce 8800 GTS goes on sale

UK resellers have begun to confirm that Nvidia is indeed preparing a 320MB version of the GeForce 8800 GTS graphics chip, as was rumoured early last month.
Tony Smith, 09 Feb 2007
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Acer gears up for SMB server push

Acer will pile into the SMB server business in Europe this year, but UK companies will have to wait until September before they see the benefit of the renewed drive.
Joe Fay, 09 Feb 2007

'World first' quantum computer set to debut next week

A Canadian start-up says it will demonstrate a working commercial quantum computer in Mountain View next week, years ahead of many experts' predictions.
Christopher Williams, 09 Feb 2007

EU to criminalise environmental badness

The EU is to refer environmental offences away from the civil courts and over to the criminal courts, according to the BBC.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Feb 2007

3 goes for small biz

Mobile network 3 is offering a range of bundled services to tempt more small businesses to sign up to its services.
John Oates, 09 Feb 2007

PlusNet forums blown wide open by a letter bomb

LettersIt's a full to bursting letters bag this week, set to explode like a letter bomb. And boy, oh boy, the UK government was certainly top of the hit-list - whether ID cards, IT systems, or fingerprinting kids, you had a LOT to say about our incumbents. Take cover. Low flying missiles to follow:
Tracey Cooper, 09 Feb 2007

Google - this internet won't scale

Google's TV chief has admitted the internet is crap for TV. Speaking to the Cable Europe Congress in Amsterdam, Vincent Dureau told attendees:
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Feb 2007

Carrots are not the only fruit

LettersBefore Steve Jobs indulged in a bit of halo-polishing this week, we noted how he'd personified his long and tedious feud with Bill Gates.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Feb 2007

The slow death of DRM

ColumnThe DRM walls are crumbling. Earlier this week, Steve Jobs called on the major record labels to allow online music sales unfettered by digital rights management restrictions.
Steve Gordon, 09 Feb 2007

Watford Electronics left debts of £3.5m

Watford Electronics’s stock remains in the hands of administrators, giving unsecured creditors hope of seeing some of the £3.5m they were owed when the firm collapsed earlier this week.
Mark Ballard, 09 Feb 2007
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Sophos changes tack with mobile anti-virus launch

Sophos, the UK anti-virus developer, launched an anti-virus product for Windows mobiles yesterday. After years of saying the threat of viruses infecting mobile devices is over-hyped, Sophos now maintains the protection against a "growing number of malware attacks" aimed at Windows Mobile is necessary.
John Leyden, 09 Feb 2007

The age of the femtocell?

ColumnThere's nothing quite as hard for a venture capitalist as not gloating. When they "execute" on their exit strategy (sell off a company they launched) it seems they just can't help telling someone how clever they were - and from such a boast, it seems, comes the strong rumour that a new technology has hit centre stage.
Guy Kewney, 09 Feb 2007
eBay teaser 75

HMRC guides UK eBay traders on income tax

A new guide has been released which tells occasional online sellers if they should be paying income tax on their profits. The guide is designed to differentiate between online traders and people who "are just clearing low value items from the attic".
OUT-LAW.COM, 09 Feb 2007

SIPphone community goes bananas over Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0

3GSMWindows Mobile 6.0 is out! Well, at the least, the secret of WM 6 is out. Microsoft was today frantically trying to deny its heroic efforts to keep the next generation Windows smartphone hidden from NewsWireless - but the cat was out of the bag even before the Tribune newspaper blew the embargo, because of the enthusiasm in VoIP circles for the new OS.
Guy Kewney, 09 Feb 2007

Cisco lets slip NAC code to open source

Cisco is to release the source code of its networks access control (NAC) client to the open source community.
John Leyden, 09 Feb 2007

Remembering Anna Nicole Smith and her impact on the American Dream

And ninthlyI once thought about spawning with Anna Nicole Smith. Offers were made. But, in the end, a $400m baby seemed like too much of a burden for such a simple man with such simple tastes. Decency - that's what I'm all about. That's what I preach - Tales of Lord Astor and other Great Valentine's Day Gifts, Julio Stantore
Otto Z. Stern, 09 Feb 2007

Fear and Loafing at RSA

CommentIt's the end of yet another RSA security conference, and we're tempted to trade our PCs for an abacus and hole up in the basement while the nightmarish robot invasion on mankind plays out. Malware, we were repeatedly told over the past five days, is lurking everywhere - in PCs, phones and online bazaars - and is waiting for the opportune moment to slip into our toasters and refrigerators.
Dan Goodin, 09 Feb 2007

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