2nd February 2007 Archive

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  • Scottish NHS in cervical smear security blunder

    Launch put on ice

    Policy 02 00:02

  • Romania: Software piracy made us what we are today

    Thank-you, Mr Gates

    Software 02 00:08

  • Officials sued for $3m for disciplining MySpace spoofers

    Bloodied principal, muzzled students

    Media 02 00:12

  • Mooninite terrorists brought to justice

    Bostonians can sleep safely in their beds

    Law 02 05:38

  • A PC to call your own...

    Now Old Grumpy goes for a (Micro)soft target

    Developer 02 07:02

  • Yorkshire takes schools web filtering open source

    Thinking of the children

    Policy 02 09:46

  • Web campaign secures Iranian teen's release

    Online donations do the trick for Nazanin Fatehi

    Law 02 09:49

  • Intel won't launch 45nm desktop CPUs until 2008?

    Fabbed in 2007, out the following year, roadmap leak suggests

    Hardware 02 10:37

  • Academic turns up volume on CCTV Bill proposal

    Dragging the cameras out of the data shadows

    Law 02 10:42

  • Blogs, wikis and the 'long tail'

    Channeling the wisdom of the crowd

    Management 02 10:42

  • Vista encryption 'no threat' to computer forensics

    Who needs a backdoor when users leave the Windows open?

    Security 02 10:59

  • AMD 690 chipset family 'to launch this month'

    Moles forecast

    Hardware 02 11:08

  • Internet users play tag with online content: study


    Management 02 11:44

  • Sling seeks SlingPlayer Palm testers

    Hardware 02 11:48

  • Tech Data goes mobile

    Joint venture for Euro mobile market

    The Channel 02 11:48

  • US investigators tool up as pressure on Siemens grows

    Two new investigations

    Law 02 11:55

  • Intel unzips Java jeans

    Intel-brand Indonesian trousers off the shelves

    Law 02 12:00

  • Valentine's Day Gadget Gift Round-up... for her

    Reg Hardware's second round-up of cool kit. This time, prezzies for the lady in your life...

    Hardware 02 12:25

  • Blu-ray media sales set to shoot past HD DVD purchases

    PlayStation 3 driving demand?

    Hardware 02 12:40

  • Vista: did you miss it?

    A whole week of Vista, right here, right now

    Software 02 13:13

  • IPCC report: no surprises, not much hope either

    The climate is a-changin'

    Science 02 14:10

  • Oiled up Joker crashes Vista party

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    Business 02 14:23

  • Torex Retail fraud investigation stool pigeon sings

    Suspended chief exec reported own firm

    Law 02 14:34

  • Channel 4 pulls 'wank week'

    Loses wood over Celebrity Big Brother cock-up

    Media 02 15:07

  • A tribute to Ada's Jean Ichbiah

    Programming pioneer

    Developer 02 15:44

  • Shuttle shouts up Vista-friendly SFF PCs

    Hardware 02 16:15

  • Florida chucks touch-screen balloting

    Learns that technology is no panacea

    Government 02 16:23

  • Giant babies kill the floppy disk

    And rocket-powered cars

    Letters 02 16:23

  • Broadcom squeezes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM onto one-die phone chip

    Phones 02 16:38

  • Vista and music still chums

    PR spin starts FUD about FUD

    Operating Systems 02 16:59

  • School fingerprinter repents

    "We should address parents' concerns"

    Policy 02 17:01

  • Wikipedia defends Reality

    Let's have a show of hands

    Media 02 17:03

  • Michael Robertson on VoIP wars and Net Neutrality

    Backpackers rejoice

    VoIP 02 17:12

  • Dutch botnet herder fined €75K for sending 9bn spams

    X marks the pest

    Security 02 17:20

  • Investors hammer Rackable back near IPO level

    All yesterday's parties

    Servers 02 17:52

  • Bull lets out NovaForge

    Users get a DIY option

    Developer 02 18:28

  • Congressmen flaunt Los Alamos Lab bashing comedy routines

    Why did the classified paper cross the road?

    Science 02 19:15

  • The Bastard guide to work from work

    Like working from home, but different

    BOFH 02 21:29