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Scottish NHS in cervical smear security blunder

The Scottish National Health Service has postponed the launch of a new cervical smear screening system, after concerns were raised about the security of the service during a trial of the system.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Feb 2007

Romania: Software piracy made us what we are today

Romania's president delivered an encomium to software piracy during Bill Gates' world tour promoting Windows Vista.
Gavin Clarke, 02 Feb 2007

Officials sued for $3m for disciplining MySpace spoofers

The parents of three teens who impersonated their assistant principal in a MySpace profile filed a $3m suit that alleges school officials' disciplinary actions went too far.
Dan Goodin, 02 Feb 2007

Mooninite terrorists brought to justice

CommentNeon beer sign enthusiasts beware: you're next. Two men have been arrested and arraigned for hanging the signs that started Wednesday's bomb scare in Boston.
Chris Nelson, 02 Feb 2007

A PC to call your own...

ColumnI’m a fan of shell extensions – those plug-ins for Windows Explorer which provide easy right-click access to all manner of context sensitive actions. For example, my favourite ZIP compressor is WinZip: simply right-click on a folder and you can instantly create an archive containing everything within that folder. Magic! But having said that, shell extensions, like other things, should be used in moderation; they can seriously impact system performance if you invite too many of ’em to the party.
Uncle Mac, 02 Feb 2007

Yorkshire takes schools web filtering open source

The Yorkshire and Humberside Grid for Learning (YHGfL) has rolled out open source web filtering to 700 schools in the region. Financial details have not been released.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Feb 2007

Web campaign secures Iranian teen's release

Well done to all those Reg readers who donated cash to the campaign to release Iranian teenager Nazanin Fatehi, who secured her freedom on Wednesday.
Lester Haines, 02 Feb 2007

Intel won't launch 45nm desktop CPUs until 2008?

Intel may claim its 45nm processors will be in production in H2, but it appears desktop chips may not actually launch until Q1 2008, if the latest roadmap to leak out of the chip giant is to be believed.
Tony Smith, 02 Feb 2007

Academic turns up volume on CCTV Bill proposal

AnalysisWhile British bobbies and Blakeys have installed more CCTV cameras than any other country in the world, the people have been "sorely lacking" regulation that watches the watchers, according to an academic paper that proposes the outline of a CCTV bill.
Mark Ballard, 02 Feb 2007

Blogs, wikis and the 'long tail'

CommentThe social networking phenomenon is upon us, and it seems that half the world (in reality, less than one sixth) is instant messaging, blogging, wiki-ing and generally collaborating and communicating in new and exciting ways.
Clive Longbottom, 02 Feb 2007
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Vista encryption 'no threat' to computer forensics

Security advances in Windows Vista are unlikely to frustrate cybercrime investigation, according to a leading computer forensics firm.
John Leyden, 02 Feb 2007

AMD 690 chipset family 'to launch this month'

AMD's long-awaited 690 chipset family should ship by the end of the month, Taiwanese mobo-maker moles have claimed. The 690 members will be the first chipsets to be released under the AMD brand and not simply rebranded ATI product.
Tony Smith, 02 Feb 2007

Internet users play tag with online content: study

Web 2.0 pioneers are taking personal control of how online content is organised, according to new research.
Emmet Ryan, 02 Feb 2007

Sling seeks SlingPlayer Palm testers

Slingbox maker Sling Media has begun inviting members of the public to sign up to test pre-release versions of the Palm OS incarnation of its SlingPlayer Mobile remote TV viewing application. The scheme is aimed at owners of the Palm Treo 700p.
Tony Smith, 02 Feb 2007

Tech Data goes mobile

Distie Tech Data is setting up a joint venture with Brightstar Corp to sell mobile and wireless devices across Europe.
John Oates, 02 Feb 2007

US investigators tool up as pressure on Siemens grows

Siemens has revealed that it is under investigation by the US Department of Justice over allegations that it paid out some €420m in bribes to help it secure telecoms contracts outside of Germany.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Feb 2007

Intel unzips Java jeans

Intel Corp has won a legal victory over a jeans maker in Indonesia selling trousers under the Intel brand.
John Oates, 02 Feb 2007

Blu-ray media sales set to shoot past HD DVD purchases

Blu-ray Disc is catching up with HD DVD, at least in terms of US pre-recorded media retail sales, the most recently published figures from sell-through video sales tracker Nielsen VideoScan show. In the first two weeks of January, BD media outsold HD DVD.
Tony Smith, 02 Feb 2007
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Vista: did you miss it?

If you were asleep this week, or on a nuclear sub, or trapped at the bottom on an icy crevasse, you may have missed the launch of Vista. And, more importantly the inevitable backdraft. So, for easy reference, here is a quick run down of the Week in Vista. Enjoy:
Team Register, 02 Feb 2007

IPCC report: no surprises, not much hope either

Humanity is "very likely" to blame for global warming and, regardless of what action is taken now, recent increases in atmospheric carbon will have a profound effect on the planet.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Feb 2007
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Torex Retail fraud investigation stool pigeon sings

The identity of the whistleblower in the Serious Fraud Office's (SFO) investigation of software firm Torex Retail was revealed on Friday as its suspended chief executive.
Christopher Williams, 02 Feb 2007

Channel 4 pulls 'wank week'

Aficionados of the kind of quality programming for which Channel 4 is rightly reknowned will be disappointed to learn it has pulled its planned "wank week" - a series of three late-night programmes dedicated to bashing the bishop and petting the beaver.
Lester Haines, 02 Feb 2007
black and white head and shoulders shot of Jean Ichbiah

A tribute to Ada's Jean Ichbiah

Obituary Second acts are rare in the computer industry but Jean Ichbiah, who died this week, managed it. Not only did he revolutionise software development for military computer systems with the Ada programming language, but he also devised a widely-used fast text-entry system for handheld computers.
Phil Manchester, 02 Feb 2007

Shuttle shouts up Vista-friendly SFF PCs

Small form-factor PC specialist Shuttle hopped on the Windows Vista bandwagon with a trio of pre-configured systems that bundle Microsoft's latest offering. Shuttle said all three are compatible with Vista's Aero UI.
Tony Smith, 02 Feb 2007

Florida chucks touch-screen balloting

Florida, the epicentre of hopelessly confused US elections, is chucking touch-screen ballot machines in favour of optical scanners, the Associated Press reports.
Thomas C Greene, 02 Feb 2007

Giant babies kill the floppy disk

LettersSad news this week as California coastguards were forced to call off the search for Microsoft researcher Jim Gray who has been missing since setting out in his yacht last Sunday. A respected IT personality and database developer, Google chipped in with an offer to use its high resolution satellite imagery to aid the search:
Tracey Cooper, 02 Feb 2007

Broadcom squeezes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM onto one-die phone chip

Broadcom has begun sampling what it claims is the first ever mobile phone chip to cram not only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but also an FM tuner onto a single die. The part is fabbed at 65nm.
Tony Smith, 02 Feb 2007

Vista and music still chums

Buried deep in the bumf for Microsoft's new Vista release is a line that says it handles sound very differently. This kind of jolly PR spin is enough to chill the blood of those who rely on Windows running their audio production software reliably.
Brian Heywood, 02 Feb 2007

School fingerprinter repents

The managing director of one of the firms supplying fingerprint scanners to British schools has vowed to come clean to parents about the arguments against the use of such biometric technology on children.
Mark Ballard, 02 Feb 2007

Wikipedia defends Reality

TV wit Stephen Colbert has had more fun at the expense of Wikipedia with another deeply ironic prank.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Feb 2007

Michael Robertson on VoIP wars and Net Neutrality

Serial entrepreneur Michael Robertson extended his Gizmo Project this week with a Flash-based browser plug-in. This means no installation is required, and the service offers five-minutes free calls to anyone in the world, or 10 if you register with an email address.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Feb 2007
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Dutch botnet herder fined €75K for sending 9bn spams

A Dutch spammer who used compromised PCs to spamvertise web sites has been fined €75,000 ($97,000) by Opta, the Netherlands telecoms regulator.
John Leyden, 02 Feb 2007
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Investors hammer Rackable back near IPO level

Super-volatile shares of Rackable Systems dived more than 18 per cent during Friday's trading after the company disappointed investors with its fourth quarter results.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Feb 2007

Bull lets out NovaForge

It might sound like a heavy metal band but NovaForge is actually European IT company Bull's internally-developed solution to manage distributed software development – and it’s now available to customers. As the self-styled 'architect of an open world', Bull has brought together a set of tried-and-tested open source tools under the umbrella of NovaForge to create what it sees as an industrial-strength development and project management tool.
Phil Manchester, 02 Feb 2007

Congressmen flaunt Los Alamos Lab bashing comedy routines

New Congress - same old spanking of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).
Ashlee Vance, 02 Feb 2007

The Bastard guide to work from work

Episode 5 "What's your opinion of this?" The Boss asks, handing over a brochure for a laptop.
Simon Travaglia, 02 Feb 2007

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