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Finger-wielding aliens invade Boston

A marketing campaign that planted electronic devices throughout Boston was so successful it brought parts of the city to a virtual standstill after authorities mistook them for terrorist bombs.
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Microsoft dabbles in Office rental

Days after foisting another generously priced version of Office on users, Microsoft is reportedly flirting with a pay-as-you go version of its desktop productivity suite.
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Dell's CEO Rollins evicted from brass box

Comment Dell's siamese twin management experiment has ended with only the brand name baby surviving the surgeon's slice.

IE ripe for attack, despite Microsoft claims

Windows Vista may be "dramatically more secure" than Windows XP but Internet Explorer is destined to remain Windows' Achilles' heel.
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Making sense of Ruby

Hands on We were six months into the project before we even realised we had a problem. Until that point, we had assumed IntelliSense was a trivial matter that could doubtless be wrapped up in an afternoon’s coding. After all, how hard can it be to program some lists of names that drop down when someone types a dot?
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Vodafone sees 200 million mobile punters soon

Vodafone has published its key performance indicators for the last year, and things are looking good for the world's second largest mobile phone operator.
Bill Ray, 01 2007

Why Vista will take a back seat for a few years

Comment Vista is a step forward in security, but many businesses will be stuck with Windows XP for years to come, due to the cost of upgrading, the value of existing assets, and compatibility issues that trump security features.

Apple deal drives Creative income, revenues skyward

You can see now why Creative Technology's now so pro-iPod - last month it announced a range of 'Made for iPod'-branded accessories. Its latest financial results, posted last night, show a massive upswing in revenues thanks, we'd say, to Apple's move to license Creative's key MP3 player patent.
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A way around WiMAX?

Column A very large comms corporation is kissing babies, preparatory to launching something new next week. Details are under embargo, but my chat with them this week provoked an enthusiastic discussion about whether 802.16e really is useful in mobile telephony.
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Broadcom batters Qualcomm in IPR court

Broadcom has now won its second patent spat with Qualcomm in court, this time through a jury trial that lasted nine days, and had at its heart, patents associated with H.264, the new standard codec which comes out of the telecommunications community and the MPEG standards body.
Faultline, 01 2007
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WTO raps US over online gambling law

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has ruled against the US in an online gambling dispute with the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda. The US is breaking international trade rules, it is expected to say.

Intel quietly ships low-voltage Core 2 Duos

Intel appears to have launched a pair of low-voltage Core 2 Duo processors. The two CPUs, the L7200 and L7400, both appear on the chip maker's website, though not on its official public price list as yet.
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London police can't cope with cybercrime

London's Metropolitan Police Service is unable to cope with cybercrime, according to a report written by a Met boss, which recommended setting up a new dedicated unit for cybercrime.

Rock rolls out three-year, pan-Europe warranty

UK notebook specialist Rock has extended its warranty period to three years and broaden the guarantee's reach across the European Union. Current owners of Rock hardware need not feel left out: anyone who bought a machine on or after 1 February 2006 can also take advantage of the extended cover.
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iPhone boosts Ajax and fluid UIs

Comment It was predictable, given Apple's history, that the iPhone would be a fairly closed environment, but there has still been consternation in some quarters that it will be so tough for mobile developers to create applications for the device - at a time when most phonemakers are finally opening up their platforms, and recognizing that developer support is key to a product's success.
Faultline, 01 2007

Dell developing handheld games console

Dell is gearing up to take on Nintendo's DS and Sony's PSP with a gaming-oriented handheld console of its own, the company has admitted. That said, it's keeping mum about the details.
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Coastguard calls off search for Jim Gray

Coastguards in northern California are planning to call off the search for missing Microsoft researcher Jim Gray early on Thursday. He went missing on a sailing trip off San Francisco Bay on Sunday.
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Sony Ericsson ultra-slim Walkman spied on web

Remember last year's rumour that Sony Ericsson is developing a super-slim Walkman-branded handset, codenamed 'Ai'? Well, here it is, in all its 9.4mm-thick glory, thanks to a Swede who's got his hands on the device.
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Microsoft prepares to shoot geek into space

Vanishing Point, the Microsoft puzzle challenge which offers the winner a trip into space, is over - all that remains is to draw the winner's name from a hat.
Bill Ray, 01 2007
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Giant baby born in Mexico

Updated A Mexican woman has given birth to an unusually large baby. Dubbed "Super Tonio", the baby weighed in at a massive 6.6kg when he was delivered by staff at the Jesus Kumate Rodriguez hospital in Cancun, Mexico.

Dopod UMPC launch lifts HTC Athena's skirt

HTC subsidiary Dopod has launched its parent's UMPC-like PDA phone, Athena, as forecast. Crucially, the launch provides a wealth of extra details missing from discussions of the device to date. For instance, Athena integrates a dedicated AMD graphics chip.
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Bio-fuels trigger tortilla price bubble

Demand for eco-friendly bio-fuels in the US is being blamed for a massive rise in the price of corn in Mexico. The recent 400 per cent increase in the price of a tortilla has driven thousands of Mexico's poorest people onto the streets in protest.
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Vulture eats his way along a trail of Spam

Analysis Last December we received a spam email, which appeared to come from T-Mobile, advertising "exclusive offers and great phone deals". We also heard from some readers who were equally surprised to have received spam from a generally well-reputed company.
Bill Ray, 01 2007

MIS buys i-Sentral

MIS Corporate Defence Solutions (CDS) Ltd is buying i-Sentral Security Ltd.
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Easynet sorry for email problems

Easynet has had intermittent email problems for over nine days and is still struggling to fix them.
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'Contact us' attack takes out mail servers

The "contact us" feature on many websites is often insecure and makes it easy to launch denial of service attacks on corporate mail servers, according to UK-based security consultancy SecureTest.

Samsung chip tweak to 'boost LCD TV reliability'

Samsung has developed new chip-on-film display driver circuitry which, it claims, could yield longer-lasting large-size LCD TVs. The new circuit package is much better at ridding itself of heat than current chip-on-film devices are, the company said.
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BT buys Calif. computer services firm

BT has broadened its US footprint by tying up a deal for International Network Services.
Joe Fay, 01 2007
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World+dog awaits 'definitive' report on climate change

The definitive report of the state of our climate is due to be published tomorrow. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (the IPCC) fourth Assesment Report, some six years in the making, will be released in Paris.
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Valentine's Day Gadget Gift Round-up... for him

Yes, it’s that time of year again when your relationship hangs in the balance dependent purely on how good the prezzie you buy your better half really is. Well worry not, you romantic fools - we've done the hard work for you. Disclaimer: if he/she thinks it's rubbish, we accept no responsibility for relationships dissolved...

Skype woos sysadmins with FaceTime software

Skype is to integrate's FaceTime security management tools into its software, giving system administrators easier access to, and control of, corporate users.
Bill Ray, 01 2007

The Joker flies to London

More details have emerged about the Dutchman who, dressed as The Joker from Batman, recently managed to get himself a national ID card.

Dutch botnet duo sentenced

Two young Dutch hackers who built a large botnet were sentenced to prison earlier this week. The main suspect, now 20, was handed a two-year sentence and a €9,000 f($11,800) fine, while his 28-year-old partner was given 18 months and ordered to pay €4,000 0 ($5,200). As they had both already served jail time, they were released this week.
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ECB blamed (again) for SWIFT privacy debacle

Privacy authorities are holding the European Central Bank (ECB) to account for its failure to protect European interests from an invasion of privacy when US agents were searching for terrorist financiers.

Simon says: let me hack your Vista PC

Microsoft is playing down the possibility that the speech recognition system in Windows Vista could be hijacked to delete files or perform other unauthorised actions.
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Microsoft nixes stripper ban for Vista launch

The old Microsoft used to ban strippers from interrupting its product launch events.
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SF Mayor's aide fakes net postings

A spokesman for the San Francisco mayor admitted he faked his identity when posting comments favorable to his boss on a blog covering local politics.
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UK to regulate online gambling advertisers

Online gambling operators outside Europe will have to seek Government permission to advertise in the UK. The British government's reform of gambling law mandates the seeking of permission in an attempt to crack down on rogue operators.
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Irish govt slammed over MIT Media Lab Europe fiasco

Ireland's Public Accounts Committee's report on the Media Lab Europe collapse proves the country's government is 'unfit' to spend taxpayers' money, an Opposition spokesman claims.
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Court protects firms from employees' noxious emails

Silicon Justice Some companies in California don't have to worry about their employees' online activity as much as they used to - at least for the time being.
Pirates ahoy!

California man busted for software piracy

A Southern California man was arrested for allegedly producing and selling thousands of dollars worth of pirated software from Microsoft and Adobe, according to the Riverside County Sheriff's department.
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IBM eighty-sixes server chief

Exclusive IBM and x86 server chief Susan Whitney have parted ways, The Register can reveal.