1st February 2007 Archive

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  • Finger-wielding aliens invade Boston

    Marketing campaign bombs, prompts terror alert

    Bootnotes 01 00:55

  • Microsoft dabbles in Office rental

    Not a real estate deal

    Applications 01 01:09

  • Dell's CEO Rollins evicted from brass box

    Dell 2.0 - 'Now shipping with less brain'

    Servers 01 02:44

  • IE ripe for attack, despite Microsoft claims

    Year of living dangerously

    Security 01 04:24

  • Making sense of Ruby

    An IntelliSense Cure for Method Madness?

    Developer 01 07:02

  • Vodafone sees 200 million mobile punters soon

    KPIs show network is performing

    Mobile 01 07:02

  • Why Vista will take a back seat for a few years

    The new waiting game

    Operating Systems 01 10:25

  • Apple deal drives Creative income, revenues skyward

    Made more money licensing MP3 player patent than selling MP3 players

    Hardware 01 10:28

  • A way around WiMAX?

    Dodge planning permission: go to Africa

    Broadband 01 10:44

  • Broadcom batters Qualcomm in IPR court

    Qualcomm forced to lower high patent royalties

    Broadband 01 10:48

  • WTO raps US over online gambling law

    You're just not 'trying hard enough' to stick to the law

    Law 01 10:56

  • Intel quietly ships low-voltage Core 2 Duos

    No fanfare for 'fan-free' processors

    Hardware 01 11:02

  • London police can't cope with cybercrime

    Met boss calls for dedicated cybercrime unit

    Security 01 11:10

  • Rock rolls out three-year, pan-Europe warranty

    Year-old notebooks covered too

    Hardware 01 11:26

  • iPhone boosts Ajax and fluid UIs

    But Nokia will take them mainstream

    Mobile 01 11:40

  • Dell developing handheld games console

    Gunning for Nintendo, Sony

    Games 01 11:58

  • Coastguard calls off search for Jim Gray

    Computing pioneer lost

    Software 01 12:24

  • Sony Ericsson ultra-slim Walkman spied on web

    Won't be playing heavy metal?

    Phones 01 12:24

  • Microsoft prepares to shoot geek into space

    But what happened to the Codemasters?

    Software 01 12:41

  • Giant baby born in Mexico


    Science 01 12:49

  • Dopod UMPC launch lifts HTC Athena's skirt

    Phones 01 12:58

  • Bio-fuels trigger tortilla price bubble

    Flatbread prices rising in Mexico

    Bootnotes 01 13:24

  • Vulture eats his way along a trail of Spam

    From T-Mobile to eBay

    Mobile 01 14:32

  • MIS buys i-Sentral

    Cash buyout

    The Channel 01 14:34

  • Easynet sorry for email problems

    Nine days and counting

    Broadband 01 15:07

  • 'Contact us' attack takes out mail servers

    Ticking mail bomb threat overlooked

    Security 01 15:16

  • Samsung chip tweak to 'boost LCD TV reliability'

    Hardware 01 15:31

  • BT buys Calif. computer services firm


    The Channel 01 15:59

  • World+dog awaits 'definitive' report on climate change

    IPCC unveils climate crystal ball tomorrow

    Science 01 16:09

  • Valentine's Day Gadget Gift Round-up... for him

    Reg Hardware's first round-up of cool kit. This time, stuff for the man in your life...

    Hardware 01 16:22

  • Skype woos sysadmins with FaceTime software

    Corporate control

    VoIP 01 17:24

  • The Joker flies to London

    Ha! Ha! Said The Clown

    Security 01 17:26

  • Dutch botnet duo sentenced

    Four more face trial

    Security 01 17:48

  • ECB blamed (again) for SWIFT privacy debacle

    Bank tries to pass the buck

    Government 01 18:47

  • Simon says: let me hack your Vista PC

    Voice recognition attack

    Security 01 19:01

  • Microsoft nixes stripper ban for Vista launch

    Show 'em if you got 'em. And El Reg does

    Bootnotes 01 19:07

  • SF Mayor's aide fakes net postings

    Jumps on online Astroturf craze

    Media 01 19:27

  • UK to regulate online gambling advertisers

    Filtering out rogue operators

    Media 01 19:40

  • Irish govt slammed over MIT Media Lab Europe fiasco

    'Unfit to spend taxpayers' money'

    Government 01 20:14

  • Court protects firms from employees' noxious emails

    Agilent couldn't agree more

    Law 01 21:37

  • California man busted for software piracy

    Dissatisfied customers led to his demise

    Security 01 21:48

  • IBM eighty-sixes server chief

    Er, make that 'Whitney retires'

    Servers 01 23:06