30th January 2007 Archive

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  • ICO approves council tax data share

    And issues disclosure 'guidance'

    Policy 30 10:10

  • BeOS: the Mac OS X might-have-been

    The multimedia OS that debuted years before Vista

    Vintage 30 10:12

  • Boffins boot up shoe database

    Footwear archive to track crims

    Policy 30 10:22

  • Paris: 'stop exposing me'

    Looks to pull website displaying her personal bits

    Bootnotes 30 10:45

  • AMD Fusion to target laptops at first

    Performance-per-Watt pitch

    Hardware 30 10:52

  • Tech industry most trusted in Ireland: survey

    Government doesn't fare so well

    Management 30 10:54

  • Outsourcing won't save you money

    Demand for cheap labour is driving salaries up

    Business 30 11:20

  • EU Parliament votes today on new IP laws

    Will downloaders go to jail?

    Law 30 11:50

  • Hubble's main camera dies a death

    Advanced camera shall survey no more

    Science 30 11:52

  • Firefox 2.0: happier browsing, but secure?

    The jury's still out

    Applications 30 11:59

  • 'Hobbit' islanders given species claim boost

    Brain strain

    Science 30 12:08

  • Verizon turned down iPhone's advances

    We're just not meant for each other

    Mobile 30 12:36

  • Intel to take axe to Core 2 Quad pricing on 22 April?

    Core 2 Duo line-up adjustment due then too, it's claimed

    Hardware 30 12:53

  • Sapphire unveils AMD's unannounced X1950 GT

    Underclocked X1950 Pro arrives

    Hardware 30 13:21

  • Intel said to have Extreme-brand laptop CPU in the pipeline

    Targeting gaming notebooks

    Hardware 30 13:28

  • Swedes to open embassy in Second Life

    Virtual 'House of Sweden'

    Bootnotes 30 14:34

  • Apple colours iPod Shuffle line-up

    Blue, green, pink and orange models added

    Hardware 30 14:37

  • Evesham Solar Storm Windows Vista PC

    Evesham ships its latest Core 2 Duo rig. Guess what, it runs Vista

    Hardware 30 14:38

  • Microsoft researcher Jim Gray lost at sea

    Pacific search

    Software 30 14:52

  • My big, fat, lily-white Second Life

    Would any black resident please stand up?

    Media 30 15:11

  • Apple posts $2 802.11n Wi-Fi patch

    Update free with upcoming base-station box

    Broadband 30 15:13

  • Acquiring Code Craft

    How to be crafty, and good, at coding

    Developer 30 15:13

  • Vista launches to muted applause

    MS says the 'Wow' starts now - audience says ssshhh...

    Software 30 15:29

  • South Korea collars 'spam' duo

    No dog puns, please

    Security 30 15:31

  • UK procurement contract review drags on

    Still none the wiser

    Policy 30 15:53

  • Smut, trademarks and Orville's lament

    And just quis custardies Destiny Welles?

    Letters 30 16:11

  • Vista and British Library put da Vinci online

    Digitised notebooks freely available for six months

    Applications 30 16:15

  • Surfcontrol finding channel waters choppy

    Especially on the western side of the Atlantic

    The Channel 30 16:29

  • Samsung unveils spin-screen camera-cum-media player

    Hardware 30 16:30

  • Getronics hands apps development to India

    MindTree gears for expansion

    The Channel 30 17:22

  • You'll have SCO to kick around for another year

    Survival code

    Servers 30 19:58

  • MySQL bites Oracle before Oracle bites it

    Gets your retaliation in first

    Applications 30 21:29