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Feds charge pump and dump hacker

Federal authorities brought securities fraud charges against a man they allege made more than $82,000 in a six-week scheme that used compromised trading accounts to drive up the price of thinly-traded stocks.
Dan Goodin, 26 Jan 2007
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It's Jaw-Jaw and War-War for Java and NetBeans

It's business as usual between Eclipse and NetBeans, despite Eclipse's decision this month to join the Java Community Process (JCP).
Gavin Clarke, 26 Jan 2007
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EnterpriseDB goes after Oracle's European users

Oracle's European customers fed up with handing over huge wads of cash to purchase and support their databases will get some relief starting from next week.
Gavin Clarke, 26 Jan 2007

OLAP and the need for SPEED

Database myths and legends (Part 7)In this series we're looking at the myths and legends of the database world; some turn out to be true, others false. This myth is about why we use OLAP.
Mark Whitehorn, 26 Jan 2007

UK police 'not prioritising cybercrime', Microsoft says

The Home Office is not taking cybercrime and related fraud seriously enough, Microsoft says.
John Leyden, 26 Jan 2007

3 X-Series not unlimited for some

Customers expecting to be charged a fiver a month for unlimited data, under 3's X-Series Silver plan, have found themselves in receipt of bills topping a hundred quid for exceeding their quota - due to a billing error at 3.
Bill Ray, 26 Jan 2007

Sony's video metadata invention could be patentable in part

The Patent Office has rejected Sony's appeal to patent a video recording system because it was computer software, but has said that a claim structured differently could qualify for patenting.
OUT-LAW.COM, 26 Jan 2007
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Vista and Office 2007 spin tales from the Underground

CommentMicrosoft launched Vista and Office 2007 at the end of last week to a gathering of developers in its UK headquarters in Thames Valley Park, Reading, and a couple of us from Freeform Dynamics were there to hear what the Redmond software giant had to say.
Dale Vile, 26 Jan 2007

AMD: quad-core Opterons 40% faster than four-core Xeons

AMD's 'Barcelona' 65nm quad-core server processors will lick Intel's four-core Xeon 5300 series, out-performing its rival by up to 40 per cent, the chip maker claimed this week, according to a variety of websites briefed by the company.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2007
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Let the battle for the mid-market commence

Enterprise software vendors have traditionally targeted large Global 3000/FTSE 250 companies with revenues of $1bn+. However, as the competitive pressures in corporates intensify and customers consolidate their suppliers, the "mid-market" is becoming an increasingly attractive target for vendors, especially as it fits well with the emerging SaaS (Software as a Service) business model.
Gerry Brown, 26 Jan 2007

Downing Street denies secret email network

10 Downing Street has denied allegations that it ran a second, secret email system which contained evidence of taking cash in exchange for honours.
John Oates, 26 Jan 2007
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Siemens' profits dented by fine

Siemens has posted revenues of €19.1bn for its first quarter of 2007, a rise of six per cent on the same three-month period last year.
Charlie Taylor, 26 Jan 2007

School fingerprinters say they don't grab teaching cash

Firms supplying fingerprint scanners to UK schools have put the national procurement authority in the right over whether their biometric components are being bought using funding set aside for teaching software.
Mark Ballard, 26 Jan 2007

T-Mobile announces Ameo UMPC-like PDA

Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2007
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HMRC splurges on IT consultants

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is spending about £130,000 a day on IT consultancy fees because of internal skills shortages, a Treasury sub-committee has heard.
Kablenet, 26 Jan 2007

Immigrant ID card to recruit employers as UK border police

Immigration minister Liam Byrne has taken the wraps off the long-predicted (in these parts, at least) plan to hit immigrants in the first wave of ID cards, and to force employers to police the system. David Blunkett first trailed this scheme in November 2004, while an IPPR report last year recommended hitting immigrants with ID cards by 2008.
John Lettice, 26 Jan 2007

Moto sees red with Ferrari phone

Ferrari fans will next week be able to get their merchandise-mad mitts on Motorola's latest limited edition handset: a RAZRmaxx V6 dedicated to the sign of the prancing pony.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2007

BOFH: Immortalised in print

Episode 4
Simon Travaglia, 26 Jan 2007

Online conferencing - an opportunity for resellers?

Quocirca's changing channelsOne technology fits the software as a service (SaaS) model so neatly that even Microsoft – according to some, the devil incarnate of on-premise software delivery – only provides its product as an on-demand service. That technology is online conferencing.
Bob Tarzey, 26 Jan 2007
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Botnet 'pandemic' threatens to strangle the net

Networks of of compromised PCs are threatening the smooth operation of the internet, the World Economic Forum was told this week.
John Leyden, 26 Jan 2007

Texas Chainsaw Massacre hacks into Doctor Who DVD

Fans settling down to enjoy a Doctor Who US rental DVD were treated to scenes from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, UK tabloid The Sun reports.
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2007

Brando comes clean with Soap media player details

It's called Soap. It looks like a bar of soap. Sort of. It's an iPod Nano wannabe. It's Hong Kong gadget maker Brando's latest media player. There's 2GB of song and video storage on board, an FM tuner, a bright 1.8in, 65,535-colour OLED screen and a clickwheel-like controller.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2007

WTF has my Wi-Fi network gone?

Hardware HeadachesI own a Linksys WRT54G wireless router, and in the four years I've had it, I've connected it to two Macs, two PCs, a Nintendo Wii and a host of handhelds. It's been a joy to use, more so than the Proxim box I used to own. Until now. Over the last month or so, it's begun to drop connections randomly and without warning. Parts of my home once in reach of its transmitter have mysteriously become dead zones...
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2007

China net purification efforts shot down by Silent Guardian

LettersWe all love to complain about the state of the railways, so when last week's weather chaos brought services to a standstill, we all had a bit of a moan. Things got even worse in the aftermath when one rail bigwig came out and said packed commuter trains are safer. Cue outrage. You lot were very vocal on this issue (see here), but one reader, incidentally a rail worker, has been in touch since to set the record straight:
Tracey Cooper, 26 Jan 2007

Davos leaders face education challenge

AnalysisOne of the themes at this year's World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, was social media. Business types and politicians struggle to get a handle on whether they should employ another special advisor to get to the mission critical task of Twittering their activities into the ether.
Christopher Williams, 26 Jan 2007
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Diebold disclosed e-voting key on website

Electronic voting machine firm Diebold is once again the subject of an embarrassing security gaffe after hackers created keys capable of opening voting machines from pictures posted on its website.
John Leyden, 26 Jan 2007

Samsung skinny smart phone to ship February

Samsung's BlackBerry-like SGH-i600 Ultra Edition 'super 3G' slimline smart phone is coming to the UK at the end of February, handset retailers suggest.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2007
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Satellites enable GSM anywhere

Two wireless networking companies have banded together to develop a private GSM network backhauled over satellite.
Bryan Betts, 26 Jan 2007

O2 punters in Humberside back in touch

O2 has fixed the problem which meant customers in Hull and Humberside were struggling to make or receive mobile calls.
John Oates, 26 Jan 2007

Carphone Warehouse courts iPhone

Charles Dunstone, CEO of Carphone Warehouse, Europe's largest retailer of mobile phones with 2,070 stores, wants an iPhone - lots of them - under his Christmas tree, and his alone, this year.
Faultline, 26 Jan 2007

XM and Sirius dance towards a merged US satellite monopoly

CommentFirst it's on, then it's off. The potential merger of the two US satellite radio companies XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio, has been the talk of the US digital media community this week, with the FCC pointing out that it would breach both sets of existing licenses, and then hinting that perhaps that's not too much of an obstacle.
Faultline, 26 Jan 2007

LiMo arrives for mobile Linux

The duopoly of Windows Mobile and Symbian is to face its biggest challenge yet, with six big names in mobile telephony backing the development of a new Linux-based software platform for mobile phones.
Bryan Betts, 26 Jan 2007
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MS fast-tracks Vista service pack

The consumer version of Windows Vista ships next week but the firm is already planning a schedule for its first major update.
John Leyden, 26 Jan 2007

EU antitrust welcome for Vista

Microsoft will launch Vista on Tuesday to a fresh wave of antitrust concern. The Brussels-based pro-interoperability group ECIS issued a statement today which condemned the new release of Windows for embodying bad practices.
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jan 2007

Intel clock blocks IBM, HP, Dell and Sun with Google win

Super-secretive Google had its insides exposed this week by Intel's amateur blogger and server chief Pat Gelsinger. The executive claims that Intel's server division has won back Google's business from AMD. IBM, HP, Dell, Sun Microsystems and Rackable must find this revelation curious.
Ashlee Vance, 26 Jan 2007

SF Wi-Fi 'elephant' tramples Google, mayor

San Francisco's showcase Wi-Fi project is turning into a quagmire for both city mayor Gavin Newsom, and Google.
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jan 2007

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