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26th January 2007 Archive

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  • Feds charge pump and dump hacker

    Funds spree with compromised accounts

    Security 26 00:35

  • It's Jaw-Jaw and War-War for Java and NetBeans

    New membership, old rules

    Developer 26 00:57

  • EnterpriseDB goes after Oracle's European users

    Promises you'll be happy as Larry

    Applications 26 01:02

  • OLAP and the need for SPEED

    In another dimension

    Developer 26 07:02

  • UK police 'not prioritising cybercrime', Microsoft says

    'Inadequate' reporting structure

    Security 26 07:02

  • 3 X-Series not unlimited for some

    Customers complain of unexpected bills

    Mobile 26 07:02

  • Sony's video metadata invention could be patentable in part

    Restructure and reapply

    Law 26 10:17

  • Vista and Office 2007 spin tales from the Underground

    Vision versus practicality

    Applications 26 10:30

  • AMD: quad-core Opterons 40% faster than four-core Xeons

    Jam tomorrow

    Servers 26 10:44

  • Let the battle for the mid-market commence

    We're attractive and we know it

    Software 26 10:47

  • Downing Street denies secret email network

    You've got Lordship

    Policy 26 10:51

  • Siemens' profits dented by fine

    But performance still strong

    Financial News 26 10:54

  • School fingerprinters say they don't grab teaching cash

    Put their hands up over 80/20 rule

    Policy 26 10:55

  • T-Mobile announces Ameo UMPC-like PDA

    HTC developing 7in-display version too?

    Phones 26 11:10

  • HMRC splurges on IT consultants

    Skills shortage costs £130,000 a day

    Policy 26 11:16

  • Nokia N800 internet tablet

    It's a phone... but not as we know it...

    Phones 26 11:16

  • Immigrant ID card to recruit employers as UK border police

    Home Office preps UK pass laws

    Government 26 11:44

  • Moto sees red with Ferrari phone

    Phones 26 12:00

  • BOFH: Immortalised in print

    A little white lie never hurt anyone...

    BOFH 26 12:02

  • Online conferencing - an opportunity for resellers?

    Meet and greet from the comfort of your desk

    The Channel 26 12:15

  • Botnet 'pandemic' threatens to strangle the net

    We're all MyDoomed

    Security 26 12:22

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre hacks into Doctor Who DVD

    'Manufacturing problem'

    Bootnotes 26 12:22

  • Brando comes clean with Soap media player details

    Hardware 26 12:28

  • WTF has my Wi-Fi network gone?

    WLAN standard reaching its limits?

    Hardware 26 14:13

  • Jokers, roamers, and the human sardine can

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    Business 26 15:20

  • China net purification efforts shot down by Silent Guardian

    Dressed in a tinfoil suit

    Letters 26 15:48

  • Davos leaders face education challenge

    Can audio blogging change the world?

    Media 26 15:58

  • Diebold disclosed e-voting key on website

    Security by diesign

    Security 26 16:00

  • Samsung skinny smart phone to ship February

    Phones 26 16:08

  • Satellites enable GSM anywhere


    Data Networking 26 16:09

  • O2 punters in Humberside back in touch

    And O2 staff get a grand bonus

    Mobile 26 16:12

  • Carphone Warehouse courts iPhone

    Wanted: exclusive relationship

    Mobile 26 17:51

  • XM and Sirius dance towards a merged US satellite monopoly

    Let's get together and feel all right

    Media 26 17:58

  • LiMo arrives for mobile Linux

    Third time lucky for Linux on phones?

    Mobile 26 18:12

  • MS fast-tracks Vista service pack

    Redmond hunts for crash test dummies

    Operating Systems 26 18:25

  • EU antitrust welcome for Vista

    XAML lacks interop information, critics says

    Operating Systems 26 18:29

  • Intel clock blocks IBM, HP, Dell and Sun with Google win

    Oh, and AMD

    Servers 26 20:22

  • SF Wi-Fi 'elephant' tramples Google, mayor

    Faster than a speeding sloth - but only just

    Broadband 26 21:44