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HP demos touchy-feely, finger-friendly Vista media PC

Will Head, 11 2007
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eBay scalps StubHub

eBay is buying StubHub, the San Francisco sports, music and theater tickets reseller for $310m. It gets a rebate though - StubHub brings with it a dowry of $25m in net cash.
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Cisco goes to war over the iPhone

Cisco Systems wasted no time flexing its trademark claim to the iPhone moniker. The networking giant today revealed that it has sued Apple for "infringing upon and deliberately copying" the iPhone name with the announcement of its flashy new handset at Macworld.

Intel fires back at Transmeta

Three months after being accused by Transmeta of patent infringement, Intel struck back, alleging the maker of the Caruso processor is infringing more than a half-dozen of Intel's own patents and alleging the lawsuit is barred by a host of legal defenses.

Fluidata punts 'enterprise-ready' 40Mbps DSL

Aggregating an ADSL2 line with an SDSL can provide higher performance and resilience than a leased line, and at lower cost, claims British channel-bonding specialist Fluidata.
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IBM tops gay-friendly employer poll

Gay lobby group Stonewall has rated IBM top of a poll of gay-friendly employers in Britain.
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HP investigator charged

One of the private investigators hired to snoop on HP's board of directors and journalists has been charged with federal crimes.

New restrictions on opposing trade mark applications

The UK Trade Marks Registry will no longer object to applications because a third party has existing rights in a mark, it has said. The only person who can object on those grounds is the person who actually owns those rights.
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Human error suspected in loss of Mars surveyor

The disappearance last year of the Mars Global Surveyor may have been caused by human error. NASA says it is now checking to see whether the shutdown was triggered by someone back at mission control sending the craft the wrong message.
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1RT Group fined £5,000 for fax spam

A company has been fined more than £5,000 over the sending of fax spam. The company, 1RT Group Ltd, claimed not to be ultimately responsible for the faxes but regulator ICSTIS found that it was.
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LTO hits level 4

The industry collaboration Linear Tape Open (LTO) Program has released a new version of its Ultrium standard for tape storage.

US warns on spooky Canadian coins

The US Defence Department is warning contractors of the danger of Canadian coins containing tiny radio transmitters being used to follow their movements.

Blade innovations highlight energy efficiency opportunities

Pressures are growing for greater energy efficiency on the back of increasing concerns over the effects of global warming and likely energy shortages. Data centres are big energy users of course, drawing on lots of power not just to run the servers and systems but also to cool down the environment as they generate heat by the megawatt. So herein is a major opportunity.

Belkin PureAV HDMI Interface 3-to-1 Video Switch

Review This is a classic 'it does what it says on the tin' product. As the name indicates, it has three HDMI inputs and one output, and it allows you to switch signals between them so you can connect multiple devices to a single display. It's completely plug-and-play: just hook the HDMI sources into the inputs, plug the output into the screen and select which input to show...
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Skype not ready for mobility

Skype's head of mobile access has said that until network operators stop charging by the quantity of data transmitted then Skype won't be available on mobile phones.
Bill Ray, 11 2007
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Virtualization and ILM 2006: Looking Back

One of the hottest topics in computing in 2006 was virtualization. Like many other trends before it, it had many definitions, many disguises, and the FUD factor was significant. Some advances were made, much confusion was added to the system by companies jumping on bandwagons or squandering precious marketing time wandering about the weeds of technical details, but some valuable ground was gained as well. This piece is not meant to be a detailed analysis of the year that was, but a way to look at how we got to today and what we expect for the coming year.

IT volunteers rack up £2m in projects

IT professionals have donated £2m in time to the charity sector helping small organisations with a wide variety of technology projects.

Rush job MI5 security alert service wide open to snoopers

MI5 new e-mail alert service sends web subscription forms to the US without encryption, according to an investigation by Spyblog.
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UK airport iris biometric system flunks its exams

An evaluation of the Home Office scheme to operate border controls via iris recognition "pretty much fails" Project Iris, according to Tory MP Ben Wallace. Wallace has been doggedly pursuing the results of the evaluation since autumn 2005, and these were quietly placed in the House of Commons library in late December. They reveal, according to Wallace, that Project Iris "failed half its assessments."
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101 uses for a dead iPhone

NSFW It's official: paradigms were shifted, technologies redefined and, if the Macheads are to be believed, the world momentarily stopped turning on its axis this week at the unveiling of the long-awaited Apple iPhone™®©.

PHP apps: security's low-hanging fruit

PHP has become the most popular application language on the web, but common security mistakes by developers are giving PHP a bad name. Here's how PHP coding errors have become the new low-hanging fruit for attackers, contributing to the phishing problems on the web.
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How to roll back and replicate a Windows server

Best known for its data replication technology, Double-Take Software has jumped into the snapshot business by adding the ability to replicate system state as well. It said that its Server Recovery Option allows it to recover an entire Windows server either to a real-time image or to a snapshot of its state at any time in the past.

Jobs triggers new appliance genre with Apple TV

Apple announced a 40GB digital video player this week, but it also told us about a radical upgrade to its Wi-Fi product line, taking early adoption of the as yet incomplete 802.11n standard and offering it with MIMO (using multiple dynamic antennas) which can stream video wirelessly through the home without the risk of major interruptions.
Faultline, 11 2007
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Stem cells face second Bush veto

President Bush faces a congressional challenge to his veto on the use of human embryos in stem cell research on Thursday.
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Adobe Reader update lances multiple bugs

Adobe has fixed a security vulnerability in its Reader software that created a mechanism for hackers to commandeer vulnerable systems.

Titan makes earthly debut for Microsoft partners

Selected Microsoft partners have been given access to the next major edition of Microsoft's customer relationship management (CRM) software, taking it into hosted territory for the first time.
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NCR cuts 650 Scottish jobs

NCR has slashed 650 jobs at its manufacturing plant in Dundee so it can move production of its cash points and registers to cheaper overseas factories.
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Linux Live CDs

I can still remember the wow factor when first seeing a copy of Knoppix booting up on a Windows machine. It was many moons again and the idea of a bootable Linux CD seemed strangely miraculous.
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German child porn ring busted

German police have arrested over 300 people in ten different states after detectives analysed credit card transactions from 22m customers.
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Sony develops little'n'large OLED TV panels

CES 2007 Sony this week used the Consumer Electronics Show to demo a pair of large-format widescreen OLED panels it's developing for future TVs. The two displays, bevels included, were just 5mm thick.
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India stamps claim on space with satellite launch

India has made its space-going intentions clear early in 2007, with the launch of four satellites atop a single rocket.

VeriSign offer bounty on Vista and IE7 bugs

VeriSign's iDefense unit is offering an $8,000 bounty to researchers who discover previously undocumented vulnerabilities in either Windows Vista or IE7.
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Skinny W particle offers thinspiration for US physicists

It seems even elementary particles resolve to lose weight* in the new year. A new calculation of the mass of the W particle (instrumental in radioactive decay) suggests that it is lighter than scientists had thought up until now.

Shure readies three-driver in-the-ear 'phones

CES 2007 Shure has launched its latest line of pro-quality in-the-ear noise isolation earphones, pitching the range's superior sound reproduction and lower prices than its current E series line-up.
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IBM beats patents record

IBM surpassed itself by winning more patents last year than anyone else. Announcing the record haul, it called today for "sensible" patent reform.
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'Spyware' teacher found guilty of exposing kids to smut

A teacher whose classroom PC displayed pornographic images to school children faces up to 40 years imprisonment.

SGI gives Microsoft the squeeze

SGI's rebirth won't be a Linux-only affair. The hardware maker today revealed plans to ship Microsoft's fancy cluster operating system with its servers.
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The Screwpole Emails - Project Types

By following his demonic uncle Screwpole’s advice, devil initiate Mugwort has had much success in eroding the quality of his victim’s payment engine project and has written an excited e-mail to his uncle. Here is Screwpole’s reply…
Phil Rice, 11 2007
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ICT dawdlers teach schools a lesson

The UK government has eased the pressure on children to learn IT skills and considered using them as an example for other subjects, including Maths and English.

Creative rolls out X-Fi audio booster kit for iPod

CES 2007 Creative is set to bring its iPod-friendly wireless music and dock accessories to the UK this spring, the company told Reg Hardware after launching the line-up in the US at the Consumer Electronics Show.
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Seamless shows fold-up wireless communicator

CES 20076 The Leatherman Tool of the mobile device world, Seamless Interet's S-XGen handheld communicator was demo'd at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.
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Honda unleashes stair-climbing 'droid

Will Head, 11 2007
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Almost 300 of SAS Institute's European staff are to be disbanded this quarter, as the business intelligence and analytics company closes its EMEA HQ.
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Jobs's Extreme Makeover plans for mansion rebuffed again

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has suffered another setback in his five-year attempt to raze his 17,000-square-foot mansion so he can build something smaller.
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Teens charged with breaking into school computer

Two New Jersey teens have been accused by police of illegally tapping in to a school computer to change grades.
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Apple swipes Visual Voicemail from Citrix

Exclusive Apple appears unable to "think different" on the cell phone front. First the computer maker nicked the iPhone name for the actual device from Cisco, and now we find it's grabbed an application name from poor old Citrix.