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Flash firm campaigns to connect USB keys to TVs

CES 2007 SanDisk this week used the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to launch up its latest industry consortium chartered with furthering demand for USB Flash disks. A couple of years ago, it was the U3 takeway-apps technology. This time it's the USB TV Forum, a body whose goal is to persuade TV makers to equip their products with USB ports and the ability to display content stored thereupon.
Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2007

Alice in Business

ColumnI'm a developer. I spend my time sitting at a computer, working on our IT infrastructure. Contrary to stereotype, I have just a cheapo computer and no fancy gizmos. I take pride in the Apache hat I wear to write this column. But sometimes we need to take a step back, and look at the why of it. As we enter a new year, let's share a glimpse into that question.
Nick Kew, 09 Jan 2007
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Fujitsu UK workers prepare strike banners

IT union Amicus expects up to 300 members working for Fujitsu in Central Park, Manchester to strike on Thursday and Friday this week, following a protracted dispute over pay and conditions.
Mark Ballard, 09 Jan 2007

Brocade captures Silverback

Storage switch vendor Brocade has bought privately-held network accelerator chip start-up Silverback Systems for an undisclosed sum.
Christopher Williams, 09 Jan 2007

EnterpriseDB: standing out from the crowd

OpinionEnterpriseDB (which is the name of both the company and the product) is normally thought of, by those who have merely heard of it, as being yet another of the open source database vendors. However, this is not the case. As its name suggests, the company is focused on providing an enterprise-class relational database and it charges for its product and it charges for support and it charges for all the other things that you would expect an enterprise software vendor to charge for. Where it differs from the mainstream database vendors is that it a) charges a lot less and b) is based on open source database technology.
Philip Howard, 09 Jan 2007

Record sentence for VAT fraudster

The man behind a £54m VAT fraud gang has been sentenced to 15 years in prison - the longest ever UK sentence for such a crime.
John Oates, 09 Jan 2007
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Systems Solutions acquires Medicom

Systems Solutions and Medicom are set to merge and form Ireland's largest indigenous provider of IT services to the healthcare industry.
Emmet Ryan, 09 Jan 2007

Nokia updates tablet, adds Skype support

Nokia have announced an update to its internet tablet - the N770, and have equipped the newly-announced N800 with Skype support.
Bill Ray, 09 Jan 2007

Government drops iris scan plan

Iris scans will not form part of the UK Government's planned identity card system the National Identity Register (NIR). The only biometric information to be held on ID cards will now be fingerprints, in contrast to previously stated plans.
OUT-LAW.COM, 09 Jan 2007
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Security vendors talk up VoIP threats

Security vendors are talking up the potential for attacks on IP telephony systems, reckoned to be the next major market for security defences.
John Leyden, 09 Jan 2007
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Second Life dips a toe in open source

Linden Lab is to make some of the code which powers its online game Second Life available under the GPL.
Christopher Williams, 09 Jan 2007

Mysterious drop in fraud and spam

Spam levels suddenly dropped 30 per cent last week, according to managed security firm SoftScan, which attributes the let-up to a "broken" botnet.
John Leyden, 09 Jan 2007

Dell's secret Linux fling

Dell's love affair with Linux is a clandestine affair these days, conducted in secret, away from disapproving eyes. But now the pair have been spotted in China.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Jan 2007

Qualcomm and Nokia to seek relationship guidance

Cross-licensing negotiations between Qualcomm and Nokia have broken down to the point that arbitration might be necessary to get the parties together before their current agreement expires in April.
Bill Ray, 09 Jan 2007

China porks up for New Year

The Chinese postal service is releasing a special edition of sweet and sour pork flavoured stamps to celebrate the year of the pig, which begins February 18.
Christopher Williams, 09 Jan 2007

419ers check into Priory of Sion

It's good to see that, after a temporary lull in which the Lads from Lagos seems to have been suffering a creativity crisis, the inventive 419 email is back with a bang. Try this strange offering, courtesy of John Dudmesh:
Lester Haines, 09 Jan 2007

Taser plugs in the stun gun for everyone

CES 2007Stun gun manufacturer Taser International has electrified CES with a new "consumer friendly" version of its crippling high voltage weapon at the low, low price of $299.
Christopher Williams, 09 Jan 2007

ICANN looking at porn again

It may have been abandoned last year, but plans for the adult-only dot-xxx domain could be staging a comeback in 2007.
Ciara O'Brien, 09 Jan 2007

The ins and outs of a Second sex Life

ColumnOne of my girlfriends is so funny. She says to me, "I joined Second Life to admire the architecture, but I started cybering within twenty minutes of arriving. That was months ago, and I still haven't seen more than a handful of the buildings".
Destiny Welles, 09 Jan 2007

Fasthosts says sorry

Hosting firm Fasthosts has apologized to customers who lost web servers held by the company because a denial of service attack.
John Oates, 09 Jan 2007

Newton preps ExpressCard-sized mouse

Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2007

Readers pluto petulant Parisians

LettersAs is traditional whenever I'm forced at gunpoint into the Vulture Central letters cupboard ("Don't come out until you've condensed readers' thoughts on matters of international import into 500 words or less"), today's insightful round-up contains at least one derisive attack on El Reg's ongoing and shameless destruction of the English language.
Lester Haines, 09 Jan 2007

HD DVD, Blu-ray backers trumpet formats' victory

CES 2007 It's probably unwise for the companies behind the HD DVD next-generation optical disc format to talk to loudly about numbers. Last night, the HD DVD Promotion Group proudly claimed some 175,000 HD DVD players were sold in the US by 5 January this year. An impressive number for a totally new format, but one eclipsed by the 475,000 Blu-ray ready PlayStation 3s Sony sold in the period between the console's 17 November launch and Christmas Day.
Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2007

French firm seduces DatingDirect

DatingDirect, the Brummie-based dating service, has been sold to French dating company Meetic for £27.3m.
John Oates, 09 Jan 2007

Car snoop fear dominates PM petitions

British car lovers have told Prime Minister Tony Blair just how dearly they cling to the romantic idea that they can find freedom on an open road.
Mark Ballard, 09 Jan 2007

MS and Ford team on in-car software

Microsoft is to work with Ford to supply voice-activated software that will allow drivers to make mobile calls or play songs stored on digital music players without taking their hands off the wheel.
John Leyden, 09 Jan 2007

iPhone a smash - because everyone else is stupid!

LettersBill Ray's analysis of the economics of the handset market, and Apple's prospects of success, drew quite a crowd.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Jan 2007

CES' top ten weirdest gadgets

CES 2007 This year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has been quiet, very quiet. However the absence of mega announcements from Microsoft, Sony et al has left space open for some of the smaller, quirkier manufacturers to grab their share of their limelight. Here then, much more fun than an LG Blu-ray/HD DVD player, are the ten best things we have seen at Vegas so far...
Tech Digest, 09 Jan 2007

Post-mortem Saddam video hits the web

An Iraqi news site has posted a 27-second clip of a post-execution Saddam Hussein apparently lying on a hospital stretcher, news agencies report.
Lester Haines, 09 Jan 2007

Brazil's ISPs stuff YouTube

A Brazilian judge has lifted an order which caused the country's ISPs to block access to YouTube following a ruling last week over a sex-romp video of footballer Ronaldo's former missus Daniela Cicarelli.
Lester Haines, 09 Jan 2007

Nokia revamps Internet Tablet as 'multimedia computer'

Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2007
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Microsoft and AMD club together for space-flight ticket

Microsoft really wants to put a rocket up its users.
Bill Ray, 09 Jan 2007

Photojournalism is dying - readers rejoice

LettersRecently, we invited top UK photojournalist Sion Touhig to describe the grim economics facing photo journalists. His passionate essay prompted dozens of emails over the holidays.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Jan 2007

US admits privacy breach on airline data

The US Government has admitted that it broke privacy laws in its domestic airline passenger data scheme. The Homeland Security Department has admitted that it gathered more information than it had said it would.
OUT-LAW.COM, 09 Jan 2007

AMD launches PC sticker programme

CES 2007 AMD today launched its latest promotional programme, Better by Design, which, it said, will highlight "outstanding performance and superior technologies in desktop and notebook PCs designed by leading global OEMs". No explicit connection there to AMD products, you'll note, but we'll give the company the benefit of the doubt.
Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2007

Microsoft previews Halo 3 at CES

Will Head, 09 Jan 2007

Xbox 360 to become internet TV

Will Head, 09 Jan 2007

Griffin Evolves wireless speakers

Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2007

Jobs unveils iPhone to 4,000 drooling fans

MacworldEnding months of rampant speculation and anticipation, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled plans for the iPhone, a svelte and sexy device that melds the features of an iPod, a smart phone and an internet communicator.
Dan Goodin, 09 Jan 2007

Apple iTunes Music Store sells 2bn songs

AnalysisIt's nice to be right once in a while. Apple today announced it has sold more than 2bn songs through its online iTunes music store - just as Reg Hardware forecast almost a year ago.
Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2007
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NSA field-tests Windows Vista for security

National Security Agency (NSA) spooks have taken time out from eavesdropping on US citizens to field-test Microsoft's latest operating system.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Jan 2007

Hey big spender! Waste your R&D on me

Microsoft out-gunned Google on R&D in 2005 in dollar terms but was out-innovated by its rival and got less value for its money, according to a new study.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Jan 2007

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