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Samsung preps ultra-slim music player

Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2007

Sony to bring Flash-only UMPC to US

CES 2007 Sony will bring its Flash-based Vaio UX ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) out of Japan next month when it ships the UX Premium Micro PC in the US. Premium by name, premium by nature - the handheld wireless computer will retail for a whopping $2,500.
Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2007

Samsung unveils second-gen Blu-ray Disc player

Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2007

Flying wang survivor threatens DMCA action

CommentHas Linden Labs gone mad and started attacking the very journos who satisfy its dependence on hype? A couple of recent headlines would suggest so, but readers needn't be alarmed.
Thomas C Greene, 08 Jan 2007

Test, test and test again

Almost no-one disagrees with the idea of testing, writes David Norfolk. but many people fail to follow an uncompromising test-centric process. Recently, I had the chance to ask Richard Collins, Development Strategist at a specialist software vendor, why he believes that test-driven development is the way to build better software. Interestingly, most of Richard's ideas probably feature in Comp Sci courses, or did when I did one, which isn't to say Comp Sci grads remember those parts. However, it is good to have it confirmed that "good practice" isn't just dull theory used to pass exams, but actually helps to keep a real software company in business.
Richard Collins, 08 Jan 2007

Sonos adds Windows Media DRM to multi-room music system

CES 2007 High-end multi-room digital audio player maker Sonos today added support for Microsoft's Plays for Sure DRM-protected music technology to its hardware via a system software update.
Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2007

Women are Ireland's top e-shoppers

Online shopping in Ireland is a woman's world according to a new study by researchers from Dublin City University (DCU).
Emmet Ryan, 08 Jan 2007

UK domain name dispute rules could change

The rulebook used in most disputes over .uk domain names is out of date, according to Nominet, the .uk domain name registry. Its suggestions for revision include the introduction of a financial deterrent against cybersquatting.
OUT-LAW.COM, 08 Jan 2007

Fancy a free car? Try Maplin

Those readers who need a new set of wheels but are short of cash should pop down to UK electronics outft Maplin and try this search which makes you an offer you certainly can't refuse:
Lester Haines, 08 Jan 2007

Scots dump 40m poo in Edinburgh field

We Brits are an unfriendly bunch, and no mistake. While visiting aliens who touch down in the US of A might be greeted by hysterical crowds of skywatchers bearing "Welcome to our planet" banners, any extraterrestrial sweeping the skies above the UK is likely to get an eyeful of this:
Lester Haines, 08 Jan 2007

Mankind saved from OpenOffice bugs

Users of the popular alternative office suites, OpenOffice and StarOffice, need to upgrade following the discovery of a trio of potentially serious security bugs.
John Leyden, 08 Jan 2007
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Gates talks up Vista

CES 20067Bill Gates opened the Consumer Electronics Show by talking up the consumer attraction of Vista - something he hasn't done since last year's Consumer Electronics Show.
John Oates, 08 Jan 2007

Cocaine found on 99.9% of UK banknotes

Pretty well every banknote in the UK shows traces of cocaine, forensic scientists have claimed. According to a report in the Sunday Telegraph, 99.9 per cent of the two billion notes currently in circulation have come into contact with Bolivian marching powder.
Lester Haines, 08 Jan 2007

Brits offered lessons in French rudeness

It's a well-known fact that to successfully blend into an alien environment you have to adopt local customs. In the case of Newcastle, for example, this might involve downing 20 Bacardi Breezers in a nightclub and then fighting the police at 3am. When it comes to Paris, however, you just need to be bloody rude.
Lester Haines, 08 Jan 2007
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Phoenix tears Stafford from BT

Phoenix IT Group has appointed Jeremy Stafford as Chief Operating Officer. He will take up his position and join the Phoenix board by 1 July 2007.
Robin Lettice, 08 Jan 2007

HM Revenue phish surfaces

Phishing fraudsters are targeting UK taxpayers in the latest attempt to dupe the gullible into handing over sensitive financial details.
John Leyden, 08 Jan 2007

'Plutoed' is 2006 word of the year

The American Dialect Society (ADS) has voted "plutoed" its 2006 word of the year. The verb, meaning " to demote or devalue someone or something", beat "climate canary" (an organism or species whose poor health or declining numbers hint at a larger environmental catastrophe on the horizon) in a run-off vote to secure the crown, although the latter did win the "most useful" word category.
Lester Haines, 08 Jan 2007

VoIP-powered model car racing is go

A version of Scalextrix has been developed with the slot cars controlled by shouting down a VoIP line.
Christopher Williams, 08 Jan 2007

BT Fusion goes Wi-Fi

BT has unleashed a second wave of consumer handsets for its as yet unspectacular performing Fusion converged VoIP/mobile telephone service. The new kit will let individual punters take advantage of BT's Openzone hotspots for the first time to get cheaper VoIP calls when out and about.
Christopher Williams, 08 Jan 2007

MI5 offers fear by email

The Security Service MI5 will announce tomorrow that subscribers to its website can sign up for email notification of changes to the current threat level.
John Oates, 08 Jan 2007

Becta's schools software scheme reported to EC

An advisor to Becta, the education technology quango, has complained to the European Commission about its procurement process for firms to provide online learning platforms and content to British schools.
Mark Ballard, 08 Jan 2007

PlusNet email goes adrift

Gaffe-prone ISP PlusNet has done it again - email services disappeared on Friday and customers are still struggling to get missing messages back.
John Oates, 08 Jan 2007

TDK touts compact Blu-ray Disc format

CES 2007 TDK today demo'd what it's calling 'Mini Blu-ray Discs' - single-layer recordable and re-writeable discs that are 8cm in diameter and capable of holding 16.5GB of data. The company also launched inkjet-printable standard-size BD-R media.
Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2007

Internet video patent suit hits Google and Apple

Google, Apple and Napster are being sued over their online video businesses by a company that stopped offering internet video years ago. Intertainer holds a patent that it says is being infringed by some of the tech world's biggest names.
OUT-LAW.COM, 08 Jan 2007
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MS culls Patch Tuesday litter

Microsoft has scaled back the number of patches it plans to release on Tuesday as part of its regular monthly security updates cycle. Instead of releasing eight patches (as previously planned) Redmond will only release four.
John Leyden, 08 Jan 2007

Intel releases workstation-friendly quad-core Xeons

CES 2007 Intel today rolled out a pair of four-core Xeon server chips for single-socket systems. The two CPUs, the Xeon X3210 and X3220, are effectively Core 2 Quads rebranded. Both combine two dual-core processors in a single chip package.
Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2007

Ukrainian drunk escapes dolphin gang drowning attempt

RZSLUkrainian emergency workers saved a drunken swimmer in the Black Sea from an attack by a pod of killer dolphins who were trying to drown him.
Christopher Williams, 08 Jan 2007

Belkin readies iPod music recorder, mixer

Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2007

The billion dollar ringtones war

ColumnRingtones are a huge business. According to Jupiter Research, ringtones generated $6.6bn dollars in global revenue in 2006. They are also one of the most contested areas of the music business with a fierce battle being fought between major record labels and music publishers. The labels have argued for years that music publishers charge too much money for the use of their songs, and in some cases arbitrarily deny consent altogether.
Steve Gordon, 08 Jan 2007

Matrox upgrades multi-monitor dongle with DVI ports

CES 2007 Matrox will this quarter ship the DualHead2Go Digital Edition, an enhanced version of its notebook-oriented multi-monitor driver dongle which now sports a pair of DVI digital monitor connectors in place of the original version's VGA outputs.
Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2007

Sling shows SlingPlayer-for-TV gadget

Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2007

Microsoft bans Scroogle

UpdatedMicrosoft's MSN Messenger service doesn't want you talking dirty - and its definition of dirty talk is quite peculiar.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Jan 2007

SanDisk readies Wi-Fi music, widescreen video players

CES 2007 SanDisk today introduced its take on Microsoft's Zune music player: a compact Flash-based unit with a 2.2in LCD and Wi-Fi. Called the Sansa Connect, the player is ready to receive internet radio and connect to Plays for Sure music download stores over the air.
Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2007
homeless man with sign

NCR hopes to cash in on Teradata spinout

NCR has kicked out one of its "pillars" by setting its Teradata division free as a separate company.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Jan 2007

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