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Chasing the holy grail: the algorithmic arms race

Column Investment banks and major brokerage firms may or may not be leading the innovation in algorithms for securities trading purposes, but they take the lead in publicising their innovations in this field.
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Web stalkers to get face search plug-in

Opinion If privacy campaigners think the internet has given them stomach ulcers, they ain't seen the latest in facial recognition web search yet.
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IT slave workers moan some more

Letters Since the new boss of the British Computer Society warned that the economy would wither if it didn't train some more IT bods, Register readers have started to recount the sad stories of their underpaid, unappreciated, insignificant lives.
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Netgear brings media player into HD era

CES 2007 Netgear has announced the HD-ready successor to its EVA700 networked digital media player, beefing up that product's feature set with pre-standard 802.11n wireless networking and an HDMI port for easy connection to an HD TV. It also has built-in YouTube support.
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LG unwraps slick Blu-ray, HD DVD player

CES 2007 LG today unveiled the dual-format HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc player that garnered it so many headlines last week. Dubbed the Super Multi Blue Player - aka the BH100 - it's due to go on sale later this quarter, the company said. So will a version for PCs.

Toshiba expands HD DVD player line-up

CES 2007 Toshiba today extended its HD DVD player line-up with an intermediate model that combines the feature set of the entry-level HD-A2 with 1080p-resolution output.