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Broadcom, Bluetooth and that patent lawsuit

AnalysisWhat do these companies have in common: Matsushita and its Panasonic unit, Samsung, and Nokia? Two answers: they are all companies named in a patent lawsuit over Bluetooth. And (say wireless engineers) they are also companies where Broadcom would very much like to sell more Bluetooth technology.
Guy Kewney, 06 Jan 2007

BOFH plays Pass the Password

Episode 1
Simon Travaglia, 06 Jan 2007

A Brief History of Information

Part 2In the centuries of use before its modern redefinition, as we've seen in Part 1, "information" had already toted up a formidable list of ambiguities. For example, it's an action in some usages and a thing in others, it's both singular and plural, and it's both an informal assertion of fact as well as a procedure for making a formal statement.
Ted Byfield, 06 Jan 2007

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