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Computer 2000 fills board of directors

Computer 2000, the UK arm of Tech Data, has appointed Andrew Shepperd as Director of Azlan UK and of Alice Smitheman as Product Marketing Director. It is also today announcing a number of internal appointments which will complete its board of directors.
Robin Lettice, 05 Jan 2007
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Phishing fraudsters get flashy

Fraudsters are starting to use Flash-based content instead of regular HTML on phishing websites.
John Leyden, 05 Jan 2007

Month of Apple Bugs scheme yields first fixes

A former Apple engineer is leading efforts to produce unofficial fixes unearthed by the Month of Apple Bugs project, resulting in the first three solutions.
John Leyden, 05 Jan 2007

Lack of cash claims email pioneer

Lack of funding and the pressure of keeping up with the big boys has killed a free email pioneer, used by millions of users, after 17 years.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Jan 2007

ISPA hunts heroes and villains of 2006

The self-appointed guardians of the UK internet business, the Internet Service Providers Association, have announced their nominations for Heroes and Villains for 2006.
Bill Ray, 05 Jan 2007

Hitachi hails 'industry first' 1TB desktop hard drive

Hitachi has announced what it claims is the world's first 1TB desktop hard drive, pledging to ship the beast later this quarter, with enterprise- and consumer electronics-oriented versions to follow in Q2.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2007

Analyst: Google to hit $630 a share in 07

A year after people wondered whether Wall St had taken leave of its senses by over-valuing Google, the analysts are back with more fantastic predictions.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Jan 2007

MP3 player maker sues Apple, demands $100m

Apple has failed to convince the Taiwanese court that local manufacturer Luxpro's white digital music player is a rip off of its own first-generation iPod Shuffle. The Shihlin District Court instead ruled that the two products are clearly different.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2007

AMD readies ATI Radeon X1950 GT?

AMD will extend its ATI Radeon X1950 product line this quarter with the X1950 GT, Far Eastern graphics card maker moles have alleged. They point to an early February release for the part, which will sit just below the current X1950 Pro.
Hard Reg, 05 Jan 2007

Working in the COBOL mine

The most common applications sector where the integration of long-standing legacy applications is a still vital requirement is, of course, the broad reaches of the financial services community. When such an application has established itself and proved not just its capabilities but its reliability and overall efficiency to the business those businesses are loath to change it. In the finance market, "if it ain’t broke don’t fix it" is still a good maxim where changing an application, let alone conducting a rip and replace exercise just because there is a newer alternative, carries with it the significant risks that any change can induce.
David Norfolk, 05 Jan 2007

Intel adds 'Wolfdale', 'Yorkfield' to desktop roadmap

Intel's 45nm desktop dual-core processor will be codenamed 'Wolfdale' and appear in Q4, the latest roadmap slide to leak out of the chip giant has revealed. The part is based on 'Penryn', the 45nm incarnation of the Core 2 Duo architecture and the first platform to support SSE 4.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2007

French critics roast Crowe

The French have rather taken exception to Ridley Scott's A Good Year - a major movie flop recently listed by Variety as one of 2006's notable turkeys.
Lester Haines, 05 Jan 2007

Game Boy child electrocuted in Thai hotel

A seven-year-old British boy has been killed in Thailand after being electrocuted during an attempt to plug the mains-charger for his Nintendo Game Boy into a hotel power socket.
Register Hardware, 05 Jan 2007

16-year-old Norwegian filesharer charged

A 16-year-old from Stavanger in Norway who shared thousands of movies and songs through the P2P program Direct Connect, has been charged with illegal file-sharing, Norwegian Aftenposten reports.
Jan Libbenga, 05 Jan 2007
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Hacked Chip and PIN terminal plays Tetris

UK researchers have hacked a supposedly tamper-proof Chip and PIN terminal to allow it to play Tetris. Steven Murdoch and Saar Drimer of the University of Cambridge managed to get a playable version of the classic game working on the tiny screen.
John Leyden, 05 Jan 2007

Toshiba unveils PC-friendly HD DVD drive

Register Hardware, 05 Jan 2007
iTablet Mac tablet

Reseller readies custom-made tablet Mac

US Mac supplier Other World Computing (OWC) has had enough of waiting for Apple to ship a tablet form-factor Mac and plans to launch one of its own next week. Dubbed the ModBook, the unit's appears to be a standard MacBook disassembled and put back together again as a pen-computing platform.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2007

90 Degree looks to corner BI with Radius

OpinionBack in April, I reported on 90 Degree Software which was at that time developing its product (called Radius), which has now been released. This is an update to that previous article.
Philip Howard, 05 Jan 2007
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Northgate wins lucrative public sector contract

Northgate Information Solutions has won a £4m contract with the London Borough of Hillingdon to provide hosting arrangements for its financial systems.
Charlie Taylor, 05 Jan 2007

Moto earnings shockr

Motorola revised its earnings forecast downwards yesterday, sending ripples of concern washing over rivals.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jan 2007

E-vote systems certifier de-certified

The leading certifier of US electronic voting systems, Colorado outfit Ciber, Inc., is no longer permitted to issue certifications, after federal investigators discovered appallingly haphazard testing regimes, the New York Times reports.
Thomas C Greene, 05 Jan 2007

New fraud concerns over Dutch ballot computers

A Dutch plan to use e-voting computers by manufacturer Sdu for the coming provincial elections in March has met with fierce criticism.
Jan Libbenga, 05 Jan 2007

Taiwan quakes cost Chinese 10,000 domain names

The 26 December earthquakes off Taiwan - which cut undersea telecoms cables and severely disrupted internet connections across Asia - also cost the Chinese 10,000 domain names, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 05 Jan 2007

Google space weapon obliterates 50m insect

Those among you who think that Google is nothing more than a force for international evil masquerading as an internet ad-punting outfit will have to think again. We have just received news that messrs Brin and Page are using their vast wealth not to enslave millions to the Google brand, but rather to protect mankind from rampaging 50m insects.
Lester Haines, 05 Jan 2007
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IE 'unsafe' for 284 days last year

Using IE6 was "unsafe" 284 days last year even for users who patched their systems as soon as Microsoft released fixes. An analysis by the Washington Post's Brian Krebs revealed that exploit code for critical unpatched flaws in IE6 was available for three-quarters of the time last year.
John Leyden, 05 Jan 2007

Green satnav finds eco-friendly routes

Swedish researchers have come up with a cunning way of using a satnav system to cut vehicle greenhouse gas emissions, The Guardian reports.
Lester Haines, 05 Jan 2007

Tales from the Google interview room

LettersWe've heard quite a few anecdotes of bizarre interview practices from Google over the years, so when we asked if you had some of your own, you didn't disappoint.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jan 2007

Extreme Programmers! Meet up in Leeds

eXtreme Programmers are nothing if not clubbable, but the eXtreme Tuesday Club (XtC) is a City thing, as in the City of London, and I'd hate for Reg Dev to seem London-centric. So, as there are also plenty of eXtreme Programmers up North, I was interested to hear of one of them (with some sponsorship from Erudine) trying to get another XP club going....
David Norfolk, 05 Jan 2007

Cellular network used as backhaul for in-car Wi-Fi hotspot

Two 3G (sort of) cellular networks, provided by Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel, jointly cover most of continental USA. Now, find a way of using those networks to provide in-car internet.
Guy Kewney, 05 Jan 2007

Sony Vaio laptop to star in blue move

The Hardware Widow, 05 Jan 2007

Bandwidth bottlenecks are Flushed Away

Aardman Animation, the British studio which co-produced Flushed Away with US-based DreamWorks, has decided it needs more transatlantic bandwidth to support ever larger file tranfers. It has upgraded its Internet connection from 4Mbit/s to 10Mbit/s, and also upped the links between its sites in Bristol to 10Mbit/s.
Bryan Betts, 05 Jan 2007

On-the-fly disk defragmenter claims a first

Diskeeper claims the 2007 version of its disk defragmenter is the first to run automatically and in the background - most defragmenters, such as the one built into Windows, have to be manually activated or set up as a scheduled job, and run when the system is quiet.
Bryan Betts, 05 Jan 2007

Our Saddam picture - too shocking?

LettersSome heads of state lie around dead for decades. But when we ran a picture of a very-recently-deceased Saddam Hussein, readers emailed - and even phoned in - to complain.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jan 2007

Google blacklist sheds light on phishing tactics

An analysis of Google's blacklist of suspected phishing sites found that eBay, PayPal and Bank of America together account for almost two in three (63 per cent) of suspected scam sites.
John Leyden, 05 Jan 2007

Gigabit audio to run on Ethernet

Cirrus Logic is developing Gigabit Ethernet audio chips, with the aim of sending hundreds of uncompressed audio streams over the wire at the same time.
Bryan Betts, 05 Jan 2007

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