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Global chip sales smash record - again

World chip sales hit $22.7bn in November 2006, the US-centric Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) said yesterday. The figure marks an 11.3 per cent increase over November 2005's $20.4bn total and is 3.1 per cent higher than the previous month yielded.

HP leads laptop league

HP is leading the way in the laptops league, with 17.7 per cent of the world notebook market, new figures have revealed.
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Orange converges Wednesdays

Orange is expanding its popular Orange Wednesdays service to their broadband customers, who will be able to access the same 2-for-1-cinema-ticket offer through the Orange web site.
Bill Ray, 03 2007

Hitachi touts 1.8in HDD energy saving tech

Hitachi's Global Storage Technologies (HGST) division today said it has begun shipping its latest 1.8in hard drives, a line offering unformatted storage capacities of up to 80GB and based on the company's "second generation" perpendicular recording technology.
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Prisoners to get email access

British prisoners could get email access if a limited Home Office trial proves successful.

HP leads laptop league

HP is leading the way in the laptops league, with 17.7 per cent of the world notebook market, new figures have revealed. According to market research firm DisplaySearch, HP exceeded its nearest rival Dell's shipments by 50,000 units in Q3 2006, reclaiming the top title. This is the first time the company has been at the top of the table since Q3 2005, with a quarter-on-quarter growth of 36 per cent ensuring its lead.
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Swedes develop fireproof goat

The good burghers of Gavle in Sweden are celebrating the survival of their traditional Xmas straw goat - habitually targeted by arsonists.
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Cambridge company raises $100m

A company spun out of Cambridge University has raised $100m to start commercial production of its "plastic electronics".
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Come try our job, say London's armed cops

Scotland Yard's specialist firearms unit is offering the public the chance to check out just how difficult its job can be, the BBC reports.

Sony to sell '75m PS3s by 2010'

Sony's PlayStation 3 may have lost the battle for pre-Christmas sales, but the machine is forecast to win the next-generation console war, beating Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii hands down by 2010.
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LED cat's eyes may provoke epileptic fits

The UK's Highways Agency is investigating the possibility that a new breed of LED cat's eye might provoke epileptic fits, the BBC reports.
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Card-thin MP3 player planned

World's slimmest MP3 player, anyone? Wallet-friendly Flash disk maker Walletex is preparing to launch a version of its slimline storage product, this time with music playback, website Krunker.com claims, a fact (tacitly at least) confirmed by the company when it sent over some pics of the product. There's no screen, but the …
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New Year's resolution: get certified

Site offer Christmas is over, New Year has come and gone (we think! Rather too much of the merry juice to remember exactly - hic!) and now you’re facing up to the prospect of a long, cold winter with nothing in sight to ease the pain.
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Dutch clamps down on Segways

Dutch police have banned Segways from all "public roads, bike paths and walkways", AP reports.

HTC 2007 roadmap revealed on web

Details of smart-phone maker HTC's 2007 roadmap published on the web point to a year of improvements to the company's current line-up rather than a new range of radically redesigned products.
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Venice Project would break many users' ISP conditions

Internet television system The Venice Project could break users' monthly internet bandwith limits in hours, according to the team behind it.

Samsung readies Vista-friendly double-speed Flash chip

Samsung will put the first 50nm 16Gb NAND Flash chip into mass production later this quarter, the South Korean giant said today, having just begun sending samples to its customers.
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Unpatched bug bites QuickTime

Security researchers have uncovered a buffer overflow flaw in Apple's QuickTime media player software that creates a means for hackers to load malware onto vulnerable systems.
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UK's celebs offered science lessons

A UK charity is offering free support to celelebrities who back "scientific research and campaigns" - often to the detriment of good, solid fact.

Fayrewood shuffles board

Computer products distributor Fayrewood plc completed the sale of UMD, part of its Niche Distribution division, to Esprinet for €53.5m on 22 December.
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Fatal helium balloon prank secures 2006 Darwin Award

Two Florida adventurers who died after deciding it was a bright idea to climb inside a helium balloon have secured the 2006 Darwin Award - the ultimate accolade for those who have contributed to the "improvement of the human genome by accidentally removing themselves from it".

Shuttle launches second-gen mini PC

Updated Small form-factor PC specialist Shuttle has launched the successor to its XPC Mini X100 slimline media centre-oriented computer chassis. The box takes up no more desk space than a sheet of A4 paper and is a mere 5cm high.
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Channel 4 goes on-demand

Channel 4 has announced two new services; one providing access to current and old TV shows for downloading onto a PC, the other providing 4Radio content over The Cloud’s Wi-Fi network.
Bill Ray, 03 2007

Compel appoints managing director

Compel has announced the appointment of David Clive Kirby as managing director of its business solutions division and as a main board director with effect from 2 January.
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Toyota develops drunk-busting car

Car manufacturer Toyota is developing a drunk-busting car system which will, in the event of excess consumption on the part of the driver, shut down the vehicle.
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Was that the 2007 that was?

Two article formats inevitably get rolled out at this time of year: the list of predictions for the next twelve months, and the answers to the seasonal topical quiz (which was printed in late December as a filler in the absence of any news and to enable us journalists to spend a few precious Yuletide days in the environs of the Rat and Rootkit).
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Man held over Saddam execution video

A spokesman for Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki confirmed today that "an official who supervised the hanging" of Saddam Hussein was being held over a graphic execution video, shot on a mobile phone and later released onto the internet.

AMD to ship 65nm single-core Athlons this month?

AMD will this month ship 'Lima', the 65nm version of its single-core Athlon 64 processor, it has been claimed by motherboard-maker moles. They allege recent AMD roadmaps show the 65nm Athlon 64 3500+ and 3800+ will appear "mid-January".

Sky goes VoD after shipping 2m Sky+ boxes

Satellite broadcaster Sky is intending to add video-on-demand capabilities to its Sky+ boxes over the next year, allowing subscribers to pay more to record shows they failed to record first time round.
Bill Ray, 03 2007
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Happy Beavers, Dead Saddam

Letters Re:
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UK comedian plans Second Life gig

UK stand-up comedian Jimmy Carr will next month appear on stage in Second Life, the BBC reports.

Apple faces US iTunes lawsuit

A US class-action lawsuit has been launched against Apple over links between its iTunes music store and iPod music players. The action follows similar charges in Europe, brought by a French consumer rights group.
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Borland names new sales chief

Borland Software has placed its vice president for the Americas and Asia Pacific region in charge of sales as incumbent Matthew Thompson quits for Adobe Systems.
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Adopt and adapt better than rip and replace...

If the internet has done nothing else, it has made the parochial world of proprietary systems appear outdated. Software architecture "A" now had better interoperate with software architecture "B", or risk rejection as now being unfit for purpose. And all of them need to interoperate with language "X" and application "Z". But in practice, this is also the case when the languages and applications are ancient and venerable, because they are still running tasks critical to the survival of the business.
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Google's job robot weeds out puny humans

The Church of the Algorithm, Google, is employing a robot to select the faithful.

CSR slams US Bluetooth patent case

A US University has filed a patent suit against Nokia, Samsung and Matsushita over the Bluetooth chips in their mobile phones. CSR, the Cambridge, UK supplier of the Bluetooth chips used in the phones, promised to defend its products "vigorously", slamming the legal suit as "without merit in relation to CSR's Bluetooth chips".