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IWF reforms could pave way for UK net censorship

Analysis By the end of 2007, the Home Office intends that all ISPs "offering broadband internet connectivity to the UK public" will have implemented systems for content blocking, primarily intended to block access to pornographic images of children, which are illegal to view or possess in the UK.
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Crossing final frontiers in space

2006 in review When the powers that be here at Vulture Central asked for a round up of the events in space exploration and discovery over the last year, frankly we were overwhelmed by the enormity of the task.
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When Google sneezes, the internet gets flu

Much of the web-based new economy hinges on the behaviour of how one company deals with two mammoth challenges next year. Both are potentially lethal, and a poor response to either will have dire consequences for many operations doing business on the internet.
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Capra classic 'commie propaganda'

The all-American film classic It's a Wonderful Life was slammed as communist propaganda by US government officials in the 1940s.
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Vintage Databases

To save time and bandwidth, can I just point out in one place that we are, of course, aware of Adabas, IMS, IDMS, Pick, Mumps, Nomad, Teradata, UniVerse, Foxpro and many other very fine vintage and not-so-vintage database technologies. Some of us were around when they appeared, some of us have actually used some of them - and we’re well aware that most, probably all, of them are still in use somewhere, probably in business-critical applications.
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Uncle Mac takes A Cup of Cold Cocoa...

'Twas the night after Christmas. The left-over turkey had been stuffed into the freezer, the surplus mince pies stuffed into the dog, and my thoughts turned once more to programming – Mac programming. Seduced, as ever, by the Aqua interface, I decided it was time to write that killer Mac utility, the proceeds from which would magically transport me to balmier climes, somewhere where the air was redolent with spices rather than day-old sage & onion stuffing…
Uncle Mac, 29 2006
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BenQ Mobile files for insolvency

Taiwanese mobile firm BenQ Mobile has filed for insolvency. Parent company BenQ said in September it would stop funding the mobile business.
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How the anti-copyright lobby makes big business richer

Comment We're continually being told the Internet empowers the individual. But speaking as an individual creative worker myself, I'd argue that all this Utopian revolution has achieved so far in my sector is to disempower individuals, strengthen the hand of multinational businesses, and decrease the pool of information available to audiences. All things that the technology utopians say they wanted to avoid.
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PartyGaming buys two

PartyGaming is buying Empire Online's gaming business and all of Intercontinental Online Gaming's business and assets.
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NZ cancer doc stages smoking protest

A New Zealand cancer doctor has decided to take up smoking "as a protest against radiation therapists who are harming his patients with a series of strikes seeking pay hikes", Playfuls.com reports.
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Chinese fire up glow-in-the-dark pig

There's some good news today for those of you who concerned about how to find your sausages in the event of a power cut: Chinese scientists have announced the successful production of "partially green fluorescent pigs".
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Gambling sites play double or quits

House of Cards A recovery in the online gaming economy act is gaining traction, according to several reports. The passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act by the US left a swath of economic misery in its wake, but efforts by the major players in the industry to refocus their energies on Europe and Asia are starting to pay dividends.
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Ryanair loses bitch site name-grab claim

Ryanair has lost its claim against a website which helps customers of the airline complain about the service they receive.
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China deploys head-banging snakes for earthquake prediction

The bizarre behaviour of snakes is being used as an earthquake sensor in China. The serpents, a winter delicacy in the south of the country, apparently freak out up to five days before a tremor.
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Bristol kids trip out for joint rolling mobile video

A user-generated mobile content provider has apologised after north Somerset secondary school students seized on a YouTube-style instructional video on "how to roll the perfect joint".
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US.gov looks to crypto to plug data leak holes

Information security disclosure flaps resulting from lost laptops have prompted US Federal authorities to mandate the use of full disc encryption on government-owned computers.
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Google overtakes Technorati

Ailing weblog search engine Techorati has been overtaken by Google, according to research company HitWise Inc.

Apple exonerates Apple

An internal investigation by Apple has cleared its own current management of wrongdoing, but finds "serious concerns" with the accounting actions of two former executives, the company said today.