29th December 2006 Archive

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  • IWF reforms could pave way for UK net censorship

    Who is watching the watchers?

    Networks 29 07:02

  • Crossing final frontiers in space

    What did we learn in 2006, then?

    Science 29 08:02

  • When Google sneezes, the internet gets flu

    Algorithms don't help solve the net's biggest problems

    Media 29 10:07

  • Capra classic 'commie propaganda'

    FBI saw red over It's a Wonderful Life

    Bootnotes 29 10:10

  • Vintage Databases

    Just because it's old, don't think it doesn't work; nor that it's unpopular....

    Developer 29 10:12

  • Uncle Mac takes A Cup of Cold Cocoa...

    A first diatribe from the Grumpy Old Man

    Developer 29 10:14

  • BenQ Mobile files for insolvency

    Auf Wiedersehen?

    Financial News 29 10:19

  • How the anti-copyright lobby makes big business richer

    A Photo Journalist explains how

    Media 29 10:24

  • PartyGaming buys two

    Don't bet against consolidation

    Financial News 29 11:19

  • NZ cancer doc stages smoking protest

    Nicotine-fuelled indignation

    Science 29 11:20

  • Chinese fire up glow-in-the-dark pig

    Fluorescent porker

    Science 29 11:21

  • Gambling sites play double or quits

    Non-Americans like poker, too

    Financial News 29 12:01

  • Ryanair loses bitch site name-grab claim

    Fair criticism is fair criticism

    Media 29 12:07

  • China deploys head-banging snakes for earthquake prediction

    Richter scales

    Science 29 12:08

  • Bristol kids trip out for joint rolling mobile video

    'Yeah but no but yeah but...anyone got any crisps?'

    Mobile 29 12:11

  • US.gov looks to crypto to plug data leak holes

    Scrambling for safety

    Security 29 14:28

  • Google overtakes Technorati

    It's a bloggy shame

    Financial News 29 14:32

  • Apple exonerates Apple

    That's OK, then

    Financial News 29 14:39