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Mobile network operators roll over and die

2006 in review2006 saw the death of the UK mobile network operator. The wireless industry seemed to realise that it had come of age and it was time to get serious with a round of consolidations and expansions which turned mere operators into "communications companies" able to operate over any kind of connectivity.
Bill Ray, 28 Dec 2006

How the net changed the ancient art of the con

CommentIt's called a confidence game. Why? Because you give me your confidence? No. Because I give you mine, House of Games
John Leyden, 28 Dec 2006

Stock scammer gets coal for the holidays

The US Securities and Exchange Commission put a suspected Russian brokerage-account thief's money on ice last week, after he allegedly used illicit access to people's online portfolios to drive up stock prices.
Robert Lemos, 28 Dec 2006

The Vulture's Mobile Awards 2006

Andrew Orlowski, 28 Dec 2006

TomTom wins (or loses) Garmin US lawsuit

TomTom, the Dutch maker of GPS navigation devices, says it has emerged victorious in the latest round of the acrimonious patent dispute with Garmin, its American rival. Or did it? Garmin says it is the winner.
Jan Libbenga, 28 Dec 2006

Intel to intro Core 2 Quad at CES?

Intel will formally launch its already announced four-core Core 2 Quad processor at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in less than two week's time, it has been claimed.
Tony Smith, 28 Dec 2006

Sony preps video store to fill hole in PSP film revenues

CommentAccording to recent headlines, Sony is somehow going to challenge Apple iTunes with a film download service straight for the PSP. Instead those headlines should have asked why it has taken so long.
Faultline, 28 Dec 2006

The Bastard's guide to airport security

Episode 44
Simon Travaglia, 28 Dec 2006

HD DVD anti-rip encryption cracked

Has the HD DVD next-generation optical disc format's anti-rip technology been cracked? That's certainly what's being claimed by a programmer going by the name muslix64 who has posted a Java-based app he maintains will free the video on a disc from its encryption shackles.
Tony Smith, 28 Dec 2006

Mastering Regular Expressions

Book reviewLike SQL and XML, regular expressions are an essential tool in every developers’ toolbox. Processing text, which is pretty much what most programs do when you think about it, is so central a concern that even without regular expressions most developers quickly build up a library of functions and idioms for text matching, replacement, parsing, token extraction etc.
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 28 Dec 2006

Wireless chess cheat banned for 10 years

An Indian chess player has been banned from competing for 10 years after seeking the assistance of a computer via a bluetooth headset.
Lester Haines, 28 Dec 2006

US to approve cloned meat

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will declare today that meat from cloned animals is safe to eat.
Christopher Williams, 28 Dec 2006

Europe's planet-seeking satellite blasts off

Europe's "Convection Rotation and planetary Transits" (COROT) satellite yesterday successfully blasted off from Baikonur in Kazakhstan on its mission to seek out strange new exoplanets and "probe the mysteries of stellar interiors".
Lester Haines, 28 Dec 2006
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Congressional aide fired after trying to hire hackers

The press attaché of a Montana Congressman has been left red faced after "hackers" he was trying to hire to change his lowly college grades published his email exchanges instead.
John Leyden, 28 Dec 2006

Apple 'falsified' share documents

Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs was given share options on the basis of falsified documents which claimed to show the board of directors had approved the stock grant, the FT has claimed.
John Oates, 28 Dec 2006

Cloaking device makes invisible progress

Mathematicians have proposed improvements to cloaking technology to hide objects which emit their own electromagnetic radiation.
Christopher Williams, 28 Dec 2006

Building a data warehouse on parallel lines

Never look a gift horse in the mouth, especially if there are many of them running in parallel…
Mark Whitehorn, 28 Dec 2006

Tories spin Web 2.0 to out-Fox Ofcom

CommentThe internet has always offered a stage for dramatic reinvention. Corporate lobbyists have found it a suitable theatre for AstroTurfing, given the willingness of a net audience to suspend its disbelief. Now, internet television lets professional politicians play the role of citizen-reporter.
Shaun Rolph, 28 Dec 2006

MS sees out year with another Vista attack

Hackers have posted an exploit which might be used by local users to gain admin privileges on Windows boxes, including machines running Vista. However the bug is not as serious as it might be because initial analysis suggests it can only be exploited locally and not remotely across the internet.
John Leyden, 28 Dec 2006

Frankenstein's cure for ageing - botulism

Chemical AlleyHow easy was it to buy an eye-popping 3,081 vials of research botulinum toxin, the deadly neurotoxin produced by Clostridium botulinum, always found on jihadist terror wish lists? Very easy in 2003 - unlike so many other things alleged to be simple to do by designated evil-doers in the war on terror. Two Arizona scammers in pursuit of profit in the anti-aging industry found it elementary to order the most poisonous substance known fresh from List Labs in Campbell, CA, a purifier of biochemicals and toxins used in counter-terror research.

Vista's Suicide Bomb: who gets hurt?

AnalysisSo have fun fighting the battle against CPRM and alike but please do not be surprised when you fail, after all the war has been lost, long live the new world order: proprietary devices, proprietary interfaces, copy protection, limited functionality, and prepare you credit card accounts for all those monthly rental and service charges you will be paying for every "computer controller consumer electronics device" you use.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Dec 2006

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