22nd December 2006 Archive

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  • Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD player

    High definition for less

    Games 22 Dec 08:02

  • El Reg presents the great End of Year Quiz

    Test your memory while you've still got one

    Bootnotes 22 Dec 09:02

  • Online criminals threatened with sex offenders' register

    Web of offences widened

    Security 22 Dec 09:32

  • ORDB bids a long goodbye

    Spam fighter calls it a day

    Security 22 Dec 09:34

  • VMware opens Mac virtual machine tech to public

    Parallels updates VM code too

    Hardware 22 Dec 09:34

  • Glu Mobile files for $92m IPO

    Eyes up European expansion

    Mobile 22 Dec 09:36

  • The Screwpole emails

    It's hell in the world of project management

    Developer 22 Dec 09:42

  • Revenues up for loss-making 3Com

    H3C venture spurs reversal of fortunes

    Financial News 22 Dec 09:48

  • Venice Project nears liftoff

    While BBC's iPlayer ambles into another trial

    Broadband 22 Dec 09:57

  • AMD opens next-gen chip tech think-tank

    Do we know anyone else based in Redmond, Washington?

    Hardware 22 Dec 10:07

  • 2006: The year of broadband, PSP and PS3

    Were we on the money?

    Broadband 22 Dec 10:21

  • US town bans Santa

    'Zero tolerance' for illegal worker

    Media 22 Dec 10:33

  • Intel anticipates Vista-led IGP sales boost

    965 shipments to jump ahead of 'Bearlake' debut?

    Hardware 22 Dec 11:01

  • Nintendo denounces Wii Remote lawsuit

    'Without merit,' claims videogames pioneer

    Games 22 Dec 11:03

  • IPTV/VoD: Fast forward to Christmas future

    A day in digital heaven

    Data Networking 22 Dec 11:07

  • Access isn’t a relational database

    We're all related somehow

    Developer 22 Dec 11:37

  • Websites fog up as office passions rise

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    Business 22 Dec 11:59

  • BOFH: Looting Christmas treasure


    BOFH 22 Dec 12:02

  • Red Hat drops profits

    They'll need every penny

    Financial News 22 Dec 12:05

  • Dear Santa...

    Hardware 22 Dec 12:26

  • Germany jails €12m porn Trojan scam duo

    Mucky business

    Security 22 Dec 13:09

  • Japanese boffins hook giant squid

    Kraken snared

    Science 22 Dec 13:15

  • Partying Miss Nevada stripped of title

    Wild net snaps undo Katie Rees

    Bootnotes 22 Dec 13:20

  • BMA may seek NHS records system boycott

    DoH 'unlawful'

    Government 22 Dec 14:07

  • Self abusing operators fail to offset emissions

    Sort of NSFW, if you try hard

    Letters 22 Dec 14:16

  • Enraged locals drive blogger from Barrow-in-Furness

    'S***-hole' residents turn on chocolate shop manager

    Media 22 Dec 15:41

  • YouTube clip leads to arrest in Canadian murder hunt

    Mounties get their man

    Security 22 Dec 15:48

  • Lost laptops, zero-day vulns and RFID chips

    The year in information security

    Security 22 Dec 15:55

  • CafePress wilts under DDoS assault

    Hackers play grinch

    Security 22 Dec 16:15

  • Reg vulture collides with flying reindeer

    Christmas message

    Site News 22 Dec 16:19

  • Merry Christmas to all our readers


    Hardware 22 Dec 18:38