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Ofcom reserves spectrum for future inventions

Technologies that have yet to be invented may be reserved their own piece of spectrum when analogue television is switched off. Regulator Ofcom has said it could reserve spectrum specifically for as-yet-unimagined services.
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Astronomers spot weirdo gamma ray burst

NASA boffins have spotted a new type of explosion which they are calling a hybrid gamma ray burst. The explosion was detected by the Swift satellite in June this year (2006).
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Mobile entertainment market will hit $38.1bn by 2011

The mobile phone entertainment market will double over the next five years reaching $38.1bn in 2011, according to a report from Informa Telecoms and Media.
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Companies to update websites and email footers before 2007

Companies in the UK must include certain regulatory information on their websites and in their email footers before 1 January 2007 or they will breach the Companies Act and risk a fine.
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NHS 'filth peddler' fights back

NSFW It seems Andy Lawler, the man responsible for the Worcestershire Health Authority's Sexual Health Online minge outrage...
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Lufthansa shuts down internet access

Lufthansa will start the New Year without internet access on its flights. The German company had equipped 66 of its 80 long-range jets with a fast Internet connection that even worked over the Atlantic. However, Lufthansa took the service from Connexion by Boeing, which will end the business on December 30.

Intel to drive down Core 2 Quad price in Q2 07?

Intel may be set to drive down the price of its Core 2 Quad Q6600 four-core processor in Q2 2007, reducing what it charges volume buyers for the chip by up to 37.7 per cent, industry moles have claimed.

Spamty Claus is coming to town

Spammers are set for a Christmas bonanza this year as they take advantage of the holiday season to send out more nuisance email.
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Time to denationalise the software monopolies

Analysis As PR stunts go, Sun Microsystems' Blackbox trailer park computing launch this autumn wasn't bad. Sun pumped up some rather dull AMD Sun servers by unveiling a black, spray-painted, branded shipping container that could be crammed with Sun storage and server devices.
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Escape from Access DB

Do you like Microsoft Access? Well, thanks to an intuitive and powerful user interface and being bundled as part of Office, it has established a niche for itself in many organisations, sometimes unofficially.

AMD reportedly revising CPU performance ratings

Is AMD about to ditch or radically revise its relative-performance related processor number schemes? That's what some sources cited by a Far Eastern website claim, stating the chip maker will move to an alternative approach when it ships its 65nm quad-core chips mid-2007.
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Global PC market growing

Growth in the worldwide PC market has increased by 9.1 per cent in the third quarter of 2006 despite stagnant growth in the US.

PHP security under scrutiny

A week after a prominent bug finder and developer left the PHP Group, data from the National Vulnerability Database has underscored the need for better security in PHP-based web applications.

Sapphire preps 'quad-CrossFire capable' dual-GPU board

Graphics card maker Sapphire is preparing to launch a board built around two CrossFire-connected AMD ATI Radeon X1950 Pro graphics chips. Called The Godfather, the board needs two power feeds and, as you'd expect, takes up two PCI Express slots but only one connector.

HTC UMPC revealed on web

HTC's eagerly anticipated entry into the ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) market has made an early, unscheduled appearance on the web, adding weight to the company's own admission that it could release a UMPC-like product as early as 2007.
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Creative ships stylish wireless earphones

Already bought the one you love an iPod, Zune, Zen or somesuch? Want to know what to get 'em next? Ask Creative, and it'll suggest a pair of its new Bluetooth 'phones, among the least bulky wireless cans we've seen.

Financial firms back Microsoft Linux deal

Three big financial firms have come out of the closet and confirmed they have taken delivery of SUSE Linux subscriptions from Microsoft.
Joe Fay, 21 2006
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Vodafone weighs up Indian acquisition

The Vodafone board is to consider launching a $13bn bid for Hutchison Essar, India's fourth largest mobile operator, at a meeting next week, the Financial Times reports.
Bill Ray, 21 2006
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Fender bender crooks swipe $190K in chips

Crooks in California stole $190,000 in chips after staging what investigators reckon was a planned car collision.
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BAA website grounded by fog

BAA's website earlier today crashed and burned under the weight of anxious flyers attempting to get info on whether their flight had been cancelled due to fog.
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Verisign signs on to movie download business

SSL certificate flogging firm Verisign will provide the technology behind a new family friendly movie download service launching in the new year.
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Firefox update guards against critical flaws

Firefox users need to upgrade their browsers following the discovery of multiple security vulnerabilities.
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UK government puts kybosh on NHS monkeys plan

Someone in Downing Street has a sense of humour - and we have proof.

No admin rights? No Wi-Fi, says D-Link

The mysteries of wireless networking are many and arcane - ask anyone who's tried to type in a WPA key from memory - so much so that D-Link has taken the decision to restrict Wi-Fi usage to admins only.
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WHSmith defuses Xmas crackers

WHSmith has decided to clamp down on the unauthorised ownership of explosives by banning anyone under 16 from buying Christmas crackers, The Sun reports.
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BT Yahoo! customers stuck with old passwords

BT broadband customers are unable to change their password if they've upgraded to the latest web browser versions. The browsers refuse to connect to what they consider to be an insecure version of SSL which the site is using.
Bill Ray, 21 2006
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US record labels file suit against Allofmp3.com

Controversial music website Allofmp3.com is being sued by a collection of record labels. The suit has been filed in a New York court against the Moscow firm, which claims that it abides by Russian law.
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Ofcom to get tough in 2007

Newly minted Ofcom boss Ed Richards laid out a tougher approach to UK media and telecommunications regulation in an interview with the Financial Times yesterday.
Bill Ray, 21 2006

HP grabs Bitfone

Hewlett Packard has acquired mobile device management software vendor Bitfone for an undisclosed sum.

Seagate takes EVault

In a last minute spot of Christmas shopping, Seagate has bagged online backup provider EVault for $185m in a bid to expand its services effort.
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Blue vanishes into yonder and takes Telewest with it

Blueyonder, the broadband service provided by NTL Telewest, suffered a country-wide failure this afternoon between 14.30 and 16.00. Customer were unable to connect, and both blueyonder.co.uk and telewest.co.uk web sites ceased to exist for a little over an hour.
Bill Ray, 21 2006

Japanese scientists cage light

Scientists have used silicon crystals to trap light and slow it down to the lowest speed ever recorded in the material. The breakthrough is a step towards light-based storage for quantum computers.
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Open sourcing Second Life

Comment The panic that broke out in Second Life last month over a copybot raised many questions about the security of property in the virtual universe.
Ben King, 21 2006
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Novell's Allison quits in protest

Jeremy Allison, best known as co-lead of the Samba project, has quit Novell in protest at the company's recent partnership with Microsoft.