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Reg embeds hack in Second Life

NSFWWe welcome freelancer Destiny Welles to Vulture Central. She will contribute an occasional column from within Second Life: thus we join our colleagues CNET and Reuters with a correspondent embedded in the popular online universe. As a budding young journo, Destiny has already earned a remarkable reputation for hard-thrusting investigative work - Ed.
Destiny Welles, 20 Dec 2006

The Top 20 Weirdest gadgets of 2006

It's been one of those years when technology came on in leaps and bounds. Around the world, thousands of pointy-headed scientists and product designers beavered away in high-security laboratories, investing time, money and effort to create... more silly USB gadgets.
Tech Digest, 20 Dec 2006

Nintendo faces Wii Remote wrist-strap class action lawsuit

US law firm Green Welling (GW) has filed a class action lawsuit against Nintendo, alleging the videogames pioneer breached its own product warranty by shipping its Wii games console with a Remote wrist-strap that breaks even when used as directed.
Tony Smith, 20 Dec 2006

CMDB implementation? What do you think

Reg Technology PanelIf you've had any encounters recently with vendors who sell service management solutions, you'll undoubtedly have had the acronyms "ITIL" and "CMDB" thrown at you on quite a few occasions. ITIL is the best practice framework that basically tells you how to deliver IT services effectively and efficiently, and one of the basic principles behind it is if you don't know what's in your IT infrastructure and how all the pieces hang together, you stand a snowflake in Hell's chance of extending it, maintaining it and supporting it successfully.
Dale Vile, 20 Dec 2006

Thinktank kicks off robotic civil rights debate

A wide-ranging government-sponsored futurology effort has fingered a campaign for robots' rights as a policy headache for 2056.
Christopher Williams, 20 Dec 2006

Virgin foxes Firefox?

Anyone planning to collect a picture message sent by a Virgin Mobile subscriber will need to have a range of web browsers available, as the operator's site compatibility seems to be changing daily.
Bill Ray, 20 Dec 2006

Do you have a mature testing process?

How mature is your testing? Do you slip in a few tests if you have time after the final compile, or are your requirements each defined by a set of tests before you start? Do you review the quality of what you delivered afterwards with a view to doing better next time – or avoid such post-mortems, in case they provide a further opportunity for promoting the guilty and sacking the innocent?
David Norfolk, 20 Dec 2006
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Ericsson buys Redback to challenge Cisco

Ericsson has agreed to buy multi-service router firm Redback Networks for around $1.9bn in cash.
John Leyden, 20 Dec 2006

Swiss roll over for mobile music service

Social networking service Phling has published usage figures from the first 30 days since the launch of its service on Swisscom's mobile network.
Bill Ray, 20 Dec 2006

All I want for Christmas...

Mark Rasch takes a step back and offers his holiday and New Year's wish list of all things security - items that should exist, be made available and be easy to use for everyone over the coming year.
Mark Rasch, 20 Dec 2006

Irish company aims to free eBay's flow

Irish firm Freeflow has teamed up with eBay in a deal that will see it offer pre and post-auction business services to the e-commerce site.
Ciara O'Brien, 20 Dec 2006

Home Office to register biometrics of foreign nationals in UK

The Home Office is considering the possibility of compelling foreign nationals in the UK to register their biometrics.
Kablenet, 20 Dec 2006

Christmas comes early for IT supplier

Profits from its contract with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are providing Capgemini with an early Christmas present, according to a member of the Committee of Public Accounts
Kablenet, 20 Dec 2006

How fat is my DRM?

Some CD buyers in Texas and California can claim up to $175 each from record company Sony BMG as a result of a legal settlement this week.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Dec 2006
vulture tv reporter

Hackers call on Skype to spread Trojan

Malware authors are using Skype to help spread a pair of Trojan packages.
John Leyden, 20 Dec 2006

Parcelforce: we'll deliver before Christmas

Parcelforce has put a stop to ad-hoc collections in the face of unprecedented demand in the run-up to Christmas. The Royal Mail's package courier has pledged to honour all existing collection arrangements and have them delivered by the big day.
Christopher Williams, 20 Dec 2006

Citrix gets Ardence

Citrix is snaffling up provisioning vendor Ardence Inc for an undisclosed amount.
Joe Fay, 20 Dec 2006

Wikipedia semen shortage filled by User Generated Content

NSFWWho can fail to love the can-do spirit and have-a-go enthusiasm of Wikipedia? When the site found itself in need of copyright-free illustrations, one user simply generated his own.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Dec 2006

Palm's earnings slide

Palm this week reported revenue and profits lower than a year ago. The smartphone and PDA manufacturer grossed $392.9m in Q2 2007, down from $446.3m a year ago.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Dec 2006

Ireland overrun with HSDPA networks

3 Ireland's recent announcement that it would be deploying the country's first HSDPA network next year was met with a swift and curt response from Vodafone, pointing out that it's had the technology deployed for over a month and just because no-one is using it doesn't mean it's not there.
Bill Ray, 20 Dec 2006

Outsourcing Scrooges consolidate Christmas

If you're staring blankly at your monitor reliving recent Christmas party-induced humiliation in an atmosphere of ambient contempt, spare a thought for the poor souls of Atos Origin. The French outsourcing firm's UK staff didn't get a festive knees-up at all.
Christopher Williams, 20 Dec 2006

Samsung SGH-Z560 'super 3G' phone

ReviewHSDPA can deliver broadband to your mobile phone, and Samsung's SGH Z560 – enabled by T-Mobile's Web'n'Walk service – is leading the way. A two megapixel camera and some thoughtful features make the Z560 a one-stop-shop mobile multimedia prospect. But is the experience any good?
Sean Ashcroft, 20 Dec 2006
vulture tv reporter

Month of Apple bugs planned for January

Security researchers plan to release details of previously undisclosed Mac OS X or Apple application security bugs every day in January. The Month of Apple Bugs project is the brainchild of Kevin Finisterre and the folks behind November's Month of Kernel Bugs (MoKB) project.
John Leyden, 20 Dec 2006

CNET interviewer assaulted by flying wang

Airborne penises this week attacked CNET reporter and Second Life publicist Daniel Sadville, causing an unprecedented although not insurmountable interview interruption.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Dec 2006
Broken CD with wrench

Cable to bind US and China closer

Verizon Business has joined with China Telecom and China Netcom to build a next-generation fibre optic link between China and the US.
Bill Ray, 20 Dec 2006
fingers pointing at man

Sysadmin 'tried to boobytrap' drug firm database

A former sys admin at Medco Health Solutions, one of the US's prescription drug management firms, has been charged over a failed attempt to to destroy its systems using a "logic bomb" computer virus.
John Leyden, 20 Dec 2006
hands waving dollar bills in the air

'Unprecedented' Rackable makes sense - CEO

InterviewConventional wisdom would lead you to believe that Rackable Systems should have flopped.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Dec 2006

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