19th December 2006 Archive

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  • Ain't testing finished yet, Ma?

    Making the most of seminar breaks

    Developer 19 00:28

  • Oracle's Q2 leaves Wall Street wanting more

    Close those deals

    Financial News 19 01:19

  • Los Alamos 'is still the Titanic' - politico

    Repetitive sinking syndrome

    Policy 19 02:19

  • DoH sticks to 'opt out' for patient e-records

    Patients have a 'realistic' period to opt out

    Policy 19 05:02

  • Irish IT licensing investment falling short

    Five per cent just ain't enough

    Small Biz 19 06:02

  • Marijuana is US's biggest cash crop

    $35.8bn pot bonanza

    Science 19 07:51

  • HSBC's anti-phishing dept takes 44-year holiday

    'I will be out of the office starting...'

    Security 19 07:52

  • El Reg terminates filth-peddling NHS website

    Kiddies protected, society saved

    Media 19 07:53

  • Captain Cyborg pays homage to El Reg

    The mind boggles

    Science 19 07:54

  • Net Vikings pillage Hamleys website

    Voucher scheme error provokes festive carnage

    Financial News 19 07:55

  • Currys price promise refusal backed by High Court

    Identical kit not identical

    Financial News 19 09:42

  • Vista's accessible attitude

    Ease of Access Centre gets thumbs up

    Management 19 09:58

  • Information Risk Management MD in cartwheel crash-and-burn

    Little risk management evident in YouTube vid

    Media 19 10:00

  • Astronauts fix ISS solar panel on spacewalk four

    Home for Christmas?

    Science 19 10:31

  • Intel expects small quad-core desktop sales until Q4 07?

    Core 2 Duo to dominate through Q3 2007

    Hardware 19 10:55

  • Man boots Mac OS X on Asus UMPC, shoots video

    Too slow to be a tablet Mac?

    Hardware 19 11:26

  • Sharp boosts blue-laser diode production

    Blu-ray, HD DVD component dearth coming to an end?

    Hardware 19 11:55

  • Sony posts movie playback patch for Blu-ray burner

    Hardware 19 12:08

  • NASA shares space with Google

    Planet information

    Storage 19 12:13

  • Planning to eBay those unwanted Xmas gifts? Think again

    Angry Brits take offence to present on-selling

    Media 19 12:17

  • Ingram reaches for the Startech


    The Channel 19 12:39

  • Google axes search API

    And nobody notices

    Applications 19 12:42

  • Opera adds tech to foil phishers

    Thar she blows

    Security 19 13:02

  • Microsoft settles counterfeiting suit

    ...against its own disk replicator

    The Channel 19 13:05

  • IT maintenance burden stifles innovation

    Am I BOHFered?

    Management 19 13:15

  • Brits are gadget addicts, says green think-tank

    Sod the planet, I must have a juicer...

    Hardware 19 13:17

  • Want to sound like Madonna?

    Sing Tones won't do miracles, but it'll give it a go

    Mobile 19 16:04

  • Second time lucky, Check Point marries intrusion prevention firm

    Feds raise no objection to second bride

    Security 19 16:20

  • Amazon set to flood digital music market

    DRM-free at last?

    Bootnotes 19 16:45

  • The CSC Grinch who stole Christmas

    UK staff feel the squeeeeze

    Management 19 16:52

  • HP battens down HP-UX

    Securing the Itanic

    The Channel 19 18:34

  • UK ditches single ID database

    Swaps Big Brother for fraternal triumvirate

    Security 19 19:09