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Seagate founder Al Shugart is dead

Al Shugart, co-founder of the hard disk maker Seagate, has died at the age of 76.
Drew Cullen, 14 Dec 2006

Agile Software Development

Book reviewAlistair Cockburn is one of the most prominent and influential of the Agile development gurus. As well as being one of the original authors of the Agile Manifesto, he is also the developer of the Crystal family of agile methodologies and a pivotal figure in the evolution of the Use Case. He is also an articulate and passionate advocate for Agile as a philosophy over and above a set of prescriptive development practices.
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 14 Dec 2006

Apple iPhone to ship H1 2007, analyst claims

Industry moles have told Morgan Stanley analyst Rebecca Runkle enough to convince her that Apple will launch the eagerly awaited iPhone in the first half of 2007 after an announcement at Macworld Expo early next year.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2006

Information Commissioner names and shames newspapers

The Information Commissioner will today name and shame the newspapers he says are breaking the law in their pursuit of stories. Richard Thomas has published a report to Parliament on information theft which contains a league table of alleged offenders.
OUT-LAW.COM, 14 Dec 2006

Samsung fusion memory to make phones '500% faster'

Samsung yesterday said it expects gadget makers to incorporate its newly announced 'fusion' memory chip, branded OneDRAM, into handsets, portable games consoles and media players by H2 2007. They'll do it because the technology "sharply increases" data throughput speeds, the company claimed.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2006

Monster admits monstrous error

Monster.com - the online recruitment site - has told the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it has been over-stating its profits since the late 90s.
John Oates, 14 Dec 2006

Government asked to investigate Christmas music torture

Christmas music in shops is "torture", the "forgotten pollutant" which shop workers must be able to silence for the sake of their sanity, according to activists, trade unions and a peer. The government is being asked to investigate the problem.
OUT-LAW.COM, 14 Dec 2006

AMD posts Catalyst patch

AMD has posted fresh versions of its Windows and Linux Catalyst graphics driver package. The update takes the code to release 6.12. The Windows incarnation introduces the ability to accelerate DirectX video playback across multiple GPUs in CrossFire configuration.
Register Hardware, 14 Dec 2006
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Tagging firm Yougetitback to open US office

A Cork-based lost and found company, Yougetitback.com, is to open an office in San Francisco in the New Year as part of a significant expansion.
Aoife Carr, 14 Dec 2006

Gamers offered six-speaker 5.1 headset

We always thought headphones only had two speakers on board, one for each ear, but accessory maker Terratec this week laughed at the conventional configuration with a pair of cans that contains six cones, three for each ear, to deliver "true 5.1 surround sound". It's also got a mic.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2006

Sony sticks by PS3 sales forecast

Sony's plan to ship 2m PlayStation 3 consoles worldwide by the end of the year and a further 4m PS3s by the end of March 2007 is still "within our reach", company President Ryoji Chubachi told reporters this week.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2006

BT extends Fusion to small businesses

Small businesses can now roam from their Wi-Fi networks onto GSM and back again, thanks to BT Fusion Wi-Fi for Business which was announced this morning.
Bill Ray, 14 Dec 2006

OGCbs could double savings

OGCbuying.solutions has provided a big increase in savings in the last two financial years, but could do even better according to a National Audit Office (NAO) report
Kablenet, 14 Dec 2006

Dell offers hush-hush overclockable mobile Core 2 Duo

ExclusiveIntel has quietly begun shipping a clock-unlocked version of its mobile Core 2 Duo T7600 processor, but tracking one down may prove tricky. Not all PC makers are likely to offer the part - and those that do may not let slip the chip can be overclocked.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2006

AOL Europe spins executive merry-go-round again

AOL Europe CEO Carlo d'Asaro Biondo has resigned after less than two months in the job.
Christopher Williams, 14 Dec 2006

Phishing scams thrive in the UK

UK incidents of phishing scams have grown 8,000 per cent over the last two years, according to the government's financial watchdog authority. Although losses remain modest compared to other forms of financial fraud, banking security experts speaking before the House of Lords science and technology committee are concerned about the growing prevalence of scams designed to trick consumers into handing over online banking credentials.
John Leyden, 14 Dec 2006

Motorola not interested in 3G for All

Mobile Handset Analyst (PDF) is reporting that Motorola has decided not to compete in the GSMA-sponsored extension to the Emerging Market Handset: 3G for All.
Bill Ray, 14 Dec 2006

LG bags Prada for luxury phone fling

LG is to launch an "avant garde" Prada-branded mobile phone early next year, the company has revealed. LG's not saying much about the handset, beyond the fact it will incorporate an "advanced touch interface" to "eliminate the conventional keypad".
The Hardware Widow, 14 Dec 2006

Symantec plugs vulnerabilities in NetBackup

Symantec says it has fixed vulnerabilities in its NetBackup storage software identified by TippingPoint.
Christopher Williams, 14 Dec 2006

B3ta man makes silly singing website

Joel Veitch, one of the geniuses behind B3ta.com, has made an animated special song and short film for Christmas and for charity.
John Oates, 14 Dec 2006

PC Card slotable Bluetooth mouse ships in UK

MoGo the slimline tail-less mouse that can scurry away into a notebook's PC Card slot when it's not needed will go on sale in the UK this month, creator Newton Peripherals said today.
Register Hardware, 14 Dec 2006

Barclaycard adds Oyster to credit cards

Barclaycard plans to release a credit card that incorporates a London Transport Oyster card.
John Leyden, 14 Dec 2006

US broadcasters hatch plot to undermine YouTube

CommentContent monopolies like the major US broadcasters, will always want to maintain their monopolistic control of a market, but in every round of content innovation they are pretty much doomed to fail.
Faultline, 14 Dec 2006

BT Retail makes money hand over fist

BT Retail told the City today that it's making lots more cash than it expected.
John Oates, 14 Dec 2006

Save Earth from asteroidal doom

American scientists are offering a $50,000 prize to the person who designs a system for tagging and tracking the potentially Earth-threatening asteroid, Apophis.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 Dec 2006

China Mobile swoops on "3"

UpdatedBy end of Friday, Hutchison Whampoa will have announced the sale of its European 3G franchises - both in the UK and in Italy - to China Mobile; thus confounding the hopes of European operators like TIM and Vodafone of picking up some cheap spectrum.
Guy Kewney, 14 Dec 2006

Microsoft may pay Zune tax twice

Microsoft's private deal with Universal Music to pay the record label a voluntary royalty of $1 for every Zune player it sells has raised eyebrows across both the technology and music industries. But it might not be the last payment Redmond owes from Zune, we've discovered.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Dec 2006

Dumpy Senate clears pretexting bill after show trial

Silicon JusticeThe most lackadaisical US Congress in modern history actually got off its keister and passed some legislation before it waddled off last week.
Kevin Fayle, 14 Dec 2006

'You'd have to be nuts' to think AMD can match our tick – Intel

Intel has confirmed plans to "tick" and "tock" AMD into submission.
Ashlee Vance, 14 Dec 2006

Japan convicts P2P author

A Kyoto district court has convicted and fined Isamu Kaneko, author of the Winny P2P file sharing program.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Dec 2006

Gambling impresario pushes fanciful Palestinian fund

Online casino impresario Avi Shaked, founder of gambling website 888.com, has confirmed today in a wide ranging interview with the Jerusalem Post that he has proposed a $1bn private equity fund for economic investment in the occupied Palestinian territories.
Burke Hansen, 14 Dec 2006
homeless man with sign

HP and Microsoft in $300m love-in

Microsoft and Hewlett Packard are spending $300m over three years to bring new software to the 20,000 enterprise customers they share.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Dec 2006

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